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HappyMommy2's Avatar HappyMommy2 11:38 AM 06-20-2011

What were the first foods you fed your baby, and how old was s/he? 



Dot-to-Dot's Avatar Dot-to-Dot 02:52 PM 06-20-2011

Our first was avocado mixed with breastmilk.  Then banana, then sweet potato.  Then various mixtures of those together.  I'd always planned on doing soft boiled egg yolks in the beginning, but, when it came down to it, it was a hassle to boil eggs and discard the whites - much easier to just mash a fresh avocado or banana or bake a sweet potato ahead of time.

QuestionGal's Avatar QuestionGal 03:15 PM 06-20-2011

first food with DS was fortified rice cereal.....BIG FAT CONSTIPATING MISTAKE.  He ended up getting prunes as his second food. 


After THAT... he got baked sweet potato thinned with breast milk.


Bananas never mashed that well, they just got slimy



Then I made a bunch of purees

apples, peas, carrots, etc


before long he was just eating off our plates, whatever was mashable. vegetable soup was a huge hit. 


DD gets jarred food until I can find the time to gather up the ingredients and time to make homemade. 

macandcheese's Avatar macandcheese 03:57 PM 06-20-2011

We're doing BLW and started solids at about 5.5 months. Jude hit all the readiness markers (sitting up, etc.) and was stealing kale and lettuce every time we let him near the garden, so ...


We first gave him some large chunks of mango cut into sticks big enough for him to get in his fist. He's also had strawberries, watermelon, some mushroom, and overcooked pasta. Tonight he'll be dining on boiled sweet potatoes cut into sticks eat.gif


Here is a photo of the mango experience. I don't know if I'd let him loose with food so readily if it wasn't warm out!



HappyMommy2's Avatar HappyMommy2 04:03 PM 06-20-2011


ProtoLawyer's Avatar ProtoLawyer 04:44 PM 06-20-2011


Some banana, yogurt, butternut squash...meh...


Pulled pork got stolen from my plate and happily consumed. Pretty much since then (7.5 months--he's 11 months now) he's been eating what we've been eating, so long as what we've been eating isn't too salty, otherwise junky, or honey-containing.

Monarchgrrl's Avatar Monarchgrrl 04:49 PM 06-20-2011

We also do BLW. DD started at 6.5 months with a slice of avocado. Here's a pic.




Then we introduced banana. Just gave her a chunk to naw on. She wouldn't eat these foods after the initial taste, though. It took a while to figure out she doesn't like mushy texture (yet, anyway). So we tried veggies and she loves them. She also loves whole pieces of chicken, blueberries, green beans, carrots, cheese, and cooked spinach. We're going to try eggs this weekend. Here she is with broccoli.



Monkey Keeper's Avatar Monkey Keeper 04:53 PM 06-20-2011

We BLW too. 


His first taste of "food" was at ~5m when he gnawed on an apple slice. First consumed food was a pancake (homemade) then avocado, banana, and homemade bread. He also loved ww pasta early on.

katelove's Avatar katelove 05:45 PM 06-20-2011

We did BLW too. First food was mango at just over 6 months. Then baby spinach leaves, then watermelon. After that there were some roasted veges.

osker's Avatar osker 08:13 PM 06-20-2011

We didn't do BLW to start, we did purposeful purees so as to offer a greater variety than we eat (sadly enough).  Now that we feel that E has had so many foods that there are few left that she hasn't tried.. she eats off our plates most of the time.

She had sweet potatoes at 5.9 months (nearly six months, we were going to wait til 6mos but she grabbed DW's sandwich one day and tried to chow down!)


She eats EVERYTHING we offer her now.  We're not doing wheat, meat, eggs, citrus and honey still, but that's it.

MrsBone's Avatar MrsBone 09:06 PM 06-20-2011

at 6 months, avocado was DS first food, then banana, then egg yolks. I think I made him baby food twice, but he really just went straight to solids at 6 months. I just fed him when I was eating, nothing consistent until about 7.5 months. I never gave him cereal. Oh, and he had 4 teeth at 6 months old, so he was able to eat table food really well from the beginning.

CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 11:07 PM 06-20-2011

Sweet potato


coconut oil



I made purees of green beans, sweet potato, and soaked brown rice. I'd mix a couple of those, season with salt and butter. He seemed to do better with that than solid pieces at first.


DS, now 26 mo, still eats coconut oil from a spoon!   Hates bananas. He also never had rice cereal, and my new infant won't have any either when she gets to that stage. With her, I'll do a similar approach as DS but probably offer more small chunks more often, repeatedly. DS seemed to struggle with the texture for a while (and we didn't really start till 7.5 mo, and it wasn't until 10mo that he really started eating a good bit of solid food). It'll be interesting to see how my daughter is (only 11 weeks now).  Not much soft ripe fruit will be in season this winter, but I may try pears too that are good and ripe.


Such a cute photo of the broccoli baby!

expat-mama's Avatar expat-mama 11:22 PM 06-20-2011

BLW didn't work for us at all. DS wanted to eat but couldn't mash foods in his mouth and gagged and choked! So we started with purees and mashed foods and he loved them!

We started at 6 months with banana, sweet potato, and all sorts of veggie and fruit purees. Started mixing some brown rice cereal in for the iron at around 8 months. Then DS started eating oatmeal and barley and quinoa. We moved up to chunkier foods a couple of months ago- lentils etc. Now DS eats almost everything. We still cut things into small chunks for him. I know some babies can handle big pieces of food but mine still can't- we've had some scary almost choking episodes. So we'll wait till he's ready. 


Lots of people on MDC are anti-purees or very pro-BLW- but lots of babies want to eat, are ready to eat and can only eat purees or mashes. Do what you think is safest and best for YOUR little one! 

Have fun! It's so great when they are enjoying experimenting with food!

mommy212's Avatar mommy212 12:03 AM 06-21-2011

sweet potatoe.. and blueberies. Loved cantaloupe at 8months. Pears, spinach... the usual :)

Terrilein's Avatar Terrilein 03:40 AM 06-21-2011

Gosh, we did start with cereal for some reason. I don't remember, but I didn't do the whole trial period thing, so he got avocado, sweet potato, banana, mashed potato, etc. all really quick. We wanted to do BLW, but his gros motor skills just weren't developed enough at 4 months. Once his coordination was good enough to actually get things to his mouth, we switched and he did a really good job eating despite not having any teeth. For a while I still fed him cereal in the evenings because he was such a hungry little baby. Now he's slowed down on his solids and we haven't fed cereal in months. He eats what we eat for the most part and he still nurses on demand.

somegirl99's Avatar somegirl99 08:56 AM 06-21-2011

We started offering foods around 6 months but he wasn't really interested until about 8 months.  He still does not eat very much at 11 months.


He can't stand anything mushy or slimy and will not eat anything off a spoon, finger, or out of a mesh feeder.  He doesn't yet drink out of a sippy cup although he has fun playing with it.


We offered and failed with sweet potato, potato, avocado, squash, banana, quinoa, lentils, watermelon, etc.


His first food was purple cabbage, he mostly just eats apple, carrot, sometimes pear (prefers asian pears), sometimes cucumber, sometimes broccoli, and roasted plantain chip (I brush the salt off). 


Magali's Avatar Magali 04:59 PM 06-21-2011

well since we are sharing is my dd at 7 months with watermelon.  That was just for fun since she grabbed aunties plate of watermelon.  I started offering her solids on a regular basis at 8 months.  I did strict BLW with her big bro, but am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more relaxed this time around.  I had a huge hangup with spoonfeeding him lol.  So I tried to spoonfeed her just for fun....and nope.  She has to do it herself.  Our dog is really happy she's started solids.  Me, not so much...what a mess!!!   She doesn't really "like" anything (aside from that watermelon) but I've given her avocado, corn, carrots.. as the a pp said, the usual.

..niaggara 128.JPG

RojoBoho's Avatar RojoBoho 05:17 PM 06-21-2011

I love how many of you do BLW! Most people thought I was strange for that! DD first food was peas at 7 months because she could pick them up easily and mash them with her gums. We then moved on to blueberries and watermelon. From there I forget because she really didn't eat much until after a year old. It was mostly just tastes off our plate for a long, long time.

illuci's Avatar illuci 06:16 PM 06-21-2011

Forgive me...but what is BLW?


I'm new to all these acronyms. But my daughter is 5.5 months and seems to enjoy the bites of egg yolk I've given her. Mostly just enjoys chewing on the plastic spoon, though.


It's great to read all these suggestions.

marie33's Avatar marie33 07:40 PM 06-21-2011

Oooh!  I know this one!   BLW is Baby Led Weaning.  I'm pretty new here, too.  I just read about this yesterday and have been trying to find out about it today.  It's a book that basically says to skip the purees and just let them eat food like you eat. I'm really glad I came across this, too.  My DS is 4 1/2 months old, so I 'm starting to think about how I'm going to feed him when the time comes  I think this is the route I'm going to go this time around.  =)

Terrilein's Avatar Terrilein 01:16 AM 06-22-2011

Enjoy BLW with your baby, but beware of other family members and friends who will insist that you're trying to kill your child or worse treat you like an idiot who doesn't know she's endangering her child by offering a cucumber stick.

P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 06:20 AM 06-22-2011

Originally Posted by Terrilein View Post

Enjoy BLW with your baby, but beware of other family members and friends who will insist that you're trying to kill your child or worse treat you like an idiot who doesn't know she's endangering her child by offering a cucumber stick.

Well I think that depends on who your friends and family are. This didn't happen to me at all. I guess I got lucky, but no one in my family even questioned what we were doing. The only person who I had to brief on BLW was the daycare woman, who had no problem with it but was simply unfamiliar with letting the baby take the lead with food.


MJB's Avatar MJB 10:29 AM 06-22-2011

My oldest son's first foods were avocado and banana (in 2003!) I mashed them with a fork. He was 5.5 mos.

My middle son's first foods were sweet potato fries and blueberries. He was 6 mos. We did strict BLW.

I can't even remember what my daughter's first food was and she's only 11 mos. old. How terrible is that! She started at 4 mos. and by 6 mos. was eating pretty much everything, with a mix of self-feeding (meat, eggs, fruit, veggies) and some spoon-feeding (yogurt, oatmeal, homemade meat/veg purees).

Megan73's Avatar Megan73 06:22 PM 06-22-2011
I'm surprised to hear that other people are starting solids at four months. I thought it was six months AND sitting alone AND showing interest in food?
DS2's first food will likely be some kind of meat because (according to my LLL leader and a dietician who's a member of our group), it's really important that babies get some good sources of iron.
After that, I find a blend of some spoonfeeding and letting the babe explore with family tablefoods and soft chunks of banana or avocado works well for us.
Terrilein's Avatar Terrilein 04:52 AM 06-23-2011


Originally Posted by Megan73 View Post

I'm surprised to hear that other people are starting solids at four months. I thought it was six months AND sitting alone AND showing interest in food?
DS2's first food will likely be some kind of meat because (according to my LLL leader and a dietician who's a member of our group), it's really important that babies get some good sources of iron.
After that, I find a blend of some spoonfeeding and letting the babe explore with family tablefoods and soft chunks of banana or avocado works well for us.

Apparently it's not quite decided whether 4 or 6 months is best. The recommended ebf length was switched down to 4 - 6 months here in Germany after studies showed that the allergy risk did not improve by waiting. So seen in that light, my baby was 4 months AND sitting AND showing interest in food. He was par for the course. At 11 months he's still mostly bf'd and shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

BirthIsAwesome's Avatar BirthIsAwesome 06:36 AM 06-23-2011

Well, his first taste was a strawberry. I was at the farmers market with him in the Moby, had just bought strawberries, and he snatched one right out of my hand after I took a bite and started sucking on it! lol That was at 5 months, 2 weeks. The first food he actually consumed was a bit of mashed avocado two weeks later on his six month birthday. He much prefers feeding himself avocado (a slice with the skin on), but will take a spoon for other things like yogurt or egg yolk mashed with breastmilk. We do a mix of BLW and spoons, whatever feels right at the time. This boy loves and devours steamed broccoli, asparagus, carrots, peas, and squash, mushy beans and lentils, goat yogurt, egg yolk mashed with breastmilk, tiny bits of cooked chicken or beef off our plates, and raw cucumbers, sweet pepper, spinach, avocado, zucchini, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and kiwi. He much prefers his cooked veggies to be seasoned so I add some garlic, herbs, and spices pretty often and he loves it! 

nstewart's Avatar nstewart 07:09 AM 06-23-2011

DS's first foods were avocado and banana as well.  We also did/do BLW.  Now at 11 mos DS just eats whatever we are eating (unless it's salty or processed, which we don't eat much of!).  Other good first foods were toast fingers with spreads (avocado, hummus, bean dip, molasses, etc.), mango, mashed potato, mashed yam, home made yam "fries", steamed brocolli...really anything soft enough for him to chew with his gums.  By about 8 mos or so he was eating what we were most of the time. For proteins, we found chicken thighs easier for him to eat than the breast, he loves salmon, and scrambled eggs are great too.  Cheese is an easy snack and I've frozen cubes of yogurt to give him in one of those mesh feeders for a good teething reliever and snack. Don't be afraid of flavours or spices (unless they are truly hot, then proceed with caution at first).  DS loves tandoori and curry spices.  He loves cinnamon (this was a good one, steaming apples or pears sprinkled with cinnamon for a treat), LOVES garlic, etc.

LoveMyThirsties's Avatar LoveMyThirsties 08:08 AM 06-28-2011

This is happening to me now... LO is 7 months and we started BLW at 6 months and my family pretty much thinks I'm ruining his liver and stomach.  Its really awful to have to deal with it.  I rarely give him any food when we are visiting them but I'm thinking I'll be changing that soon.  


Anyway, to answer the post, his first food was a banana then we gave him avocado then meats...he loves seasoned red meat!  Then we gave him broccoli and green beans and he loves those too!

moonjunio's Avatar moonjunio 04:25 PM 06-28-2011
Please tell me more about BLW... Would you recommend reading the book or can I just offer softish, chunky foods? Any safety tips? Do you still do the four day waiting period when introducing foods?
Nibikwe's Avatar Nibikwe 02:18 AM 06-29-2011



I didn't know about BLW with my first two, so DS (6 months) is getting a hands on experience!!  He loved banana today, tried pumpkin last week and he got all rashy :(  so will wait until later with that one..  I gave him a bean pod (with the beans sucked out of it by me ;) and he liked holding it.. and the other day I gave him a sheet of nori (dried seaweed) and he was sucking and chewing away happily for ages!  I thought OOO power food!  I need to make some amazing sourdough bread or some other bread with an excellent chewy crust... Hmm.. anyone have a great bread recipe for me?  I experiment with spelt flour but mostly just use whole wheat/7 grain...


Love to all

Hope you're all getting the support you need and crave!




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