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ck1's Avatar ck1 08:36 PM 06-21-2011
DS is 10 weeks old, EBF.

He's had bad gas issues from almost day 1 so we've been using Mylcon drops and it's worked great. We've also discussed his bad gas issues with his doctor.

My problem is:

DS goes to sleep around 8'ish for the night, sleeps 4-5 hours, then wakes. I BF, give good burps, Mylicon drops (everything we do throughout the day), and then 1-2 hours after that nursing without fail DS will start worming around, grunting, whining, eventually crying until we get to him because he has gas. I know it is gas because he will pass it and continue to pass gas for quite some time. Then for the rest of the morning he will worm around, grunt, and struggle to pass gas, all while still asleep until morning. In the mean time, we don't sleep because we either have to put him in bed with us and he keeps us up, or we keep him in his bassinet and have to keep handing him his pacifier, which usually calms him for 10-20 minutes before he spits it out, cries in pain, and we have to give him his pacifier and comfort him. Then in the morning, he's fine, even for day time naps he's fine.

I just don't know what's going on, it happens every night. Even if he poops before he goes back to sleep after his night feeding, he still wakes this way 1-2 hours later.

We prop him up on a boppy lounger to help keep him elevated (gassy kids use this method, too, not just reflux) so I'm not sure why he does this. Any ideas to this mystery?

Side note: I cut out dairy products, have kept a food journal, and for a few days ate very bland food... no difference.


Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 09:04 PM 06-21-2011

How long have you cut out dairy?  Have you cut out all sources, including "hidden" dairy like casein and whey?  Also, have you tried eliminating soy?


My daughter did exactly what you are describing and it stopped completely after about 10 days of being dairy- and soy-free.

LadyCatherine185's Avatar LadyCatherine185 07:13 AM 06-22-2011

could be dairy, soy, etc related. have you tried probiotics? udo's choice makes a great dairy free probiotic for infants.


also, how is your supply? You could have foremilk/hindmilk imbalance that can cause excess gas.

eh bien 08:11 AM 06-22-2011

I haven't had this issue with DS but have been reading about EC/NIH and your post reminded me of something I read. Perhaps you could try having your LO sleep without a diaper or make sure that the diaper is really loose around the waist. I was reading that diapers are often the culprit of this type of problem because they squeeze and keep the babes from digesting properly.

ck1's Avatar ck1 07:55 PM 06-22-2011
Thank you for the suggestions. You really gave me a lot to think about. Last night the same issue arose, with DS waking after the second feeding to fuss until morning.

Tonight I put DS in a bigger diaper to allow my comfort.

I also realized that I think DS may be allergic to peanuts (?). I have eaten a lot of PBJ's since he was born because it was quick on the go and I have two kids. I never thought peanuts caused gas, but from what I've read it does.

I'm going to post a question on the breasting forum.

I really appreciate everyone's input, it REALLY helped me, even if the problem isn't resolved, I feel Ike maybe it will be.