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Kasobeans's Avatar Kasobeans 12:24 PM 06-22-2011

when and how to introduce healthy fats, ie; olive oil? 

PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 01:31 PM 06-22-2011

I introduced avocado (full of healthy fats) as one of DS's first foods.

osker's Avatar osker 01:52 PM 06-22-2011

we give E coconut flakes as finger foods. We also have drizzled olive oil on her veggies since the beginning. She gets steamed veggies cut very small, not pureed, so that helps.

Kasobeans's Avatar Kasobeans 08:20 PM 06-22-2011

Thanks so much!

Llyra's Avatar Llyra 08:39 PM 06-22-2011
My kids got different kinds of fats early on-- I fed meat fairly early, and also buttered veggies and rice, added olive oil to foods, and in lots of other ways. Babies need plenty of fat for normal growth and development, and also, food tastes better when it's got some fat.

Avocado is full of healthy fats. That's a common first food.

I don't think there's any reason to delay fats. But then again, I'm not all that into baby food as a separate category of food-- my kids did like some pureed food sometimes, but I'd mostly just puree whatever we were eating. And I don't specifically delay the introduction of anything, really. Well, we don't give liquid cow's milk until after a year, and we didn't introduce peanuts or shellfish in the first year. And I stay away from the junk, for sure. But other than that, my kids mostly ate almost anything, from the time they first started eating.