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mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 12:04 PM 06-27-2011

I can't believe it's time to close our forum already, just when our babies are learning to giggle, coo and roll!  Lucy and Lily have both rolled from back to front once each (at least, according to 11yo DD Lily rolled...).  The other morning when we woke up, I had Lucy on my chest and Lily lying next to me.  Lucy looked at Lily, and Lily stared at Lucy, and Lucy smiled.  So cute!  Mostly, they just ignore each other, cause, you know the other's always been there.  


The kids are out of school and life is busy, but I hope we'll be able to keep up with our babes here!

crayfishgirl's Avatar crayfishgirl 11:14 AM 06-29-2011

I just went to our DDC and its gone!  Sniff!  How do we have babes that are 3+ months already?!!


Simon is doing really well.  He has really started self-soothing by sucking on his middle and ring fingers, and will actually fall asleep on his own!  Given that his sister (who is over two years old) still doesn't self-soothe or fall asleep on her own (sigh) this is completely foreign territory to me.  He's super mellow, and a smiley little guy.  He's rolled onto his belly once, but hasn't done so in a couple of weeks and seems content to just rolling onto his side to see what's going on.


Here's a pic when he was two weeks shy of 3 months.



Neuromancer's Avatar Neuromancer 06:47 PM 07-02-2011

Sebastian is so cute we can't stand it.




He's almost 15 weeks old.  I can't believe it!  He's trying to use his hands, but still is uncoordinated with the grabbing and holding on -- unless it's for a fistful of my rapidly shedding hair.  :)  He is trying to suck on his hands a lot, though, and likes to rub his gums against our knuckles.  He's also ALMOST giggling/laughing.  He's such a smiley, happy guy when he's not fussy.


Sebastian is not rolling over yet, but he can go halfway (onto his side) from his back to his stomach.  He's a big guy -- over 16 lbs -- and the doctor said he's "101st percentile" for height, which sounds mathematically impossible to me.  He hasn't gained much hair yet, so he's still an adorable baldie.


As for sleep, he's great at nighttime sleep.  We cosleep, so the two or so times he wakes up are no big deal.  I feed him and we both go back to sleep immediately.  I'd like to transition him slowly to the cradle next to our bed.  He takes up a lot of space!  :)  He usually sleeps in his bouncy chair from 7:30 or 8:30 until we go to bed, then we change him and bring him to bed.  Some nights I put him in the cradle first, and if he's deeply asleep he doesn't always startle himself awake. 


He's not a good napper, though.  He rarely naps longer than 15 or 20 minutes.  I'd like that to change!

Banana731's Avatar Banana731 11:42 AM 07-03-2011

did they always close ddcs at 3 mo?


mlm- are your girls identical twins?


Penny is a lazy baby, lazy as the day is long. she sleeps more than any baby i've ever met. even when she's wide awake she'll fall asleep if I let her nurse past the point of full. and she's really grumpy if you don't let her sleep all day! she almost rolls, she tips herself up a few times, but then gets po'ed and wants to go back to sleep. my kids have all been late on gross motor stuff but early on social/cognitive, so it's par for the course around here. but when she is awake (by her choice that is) she's happy for those 15 minute stretches!


what are ya'll doing for the 4th?

Marissamom's Avatar Marissamom 10:57 PM 07-03-2011

Isaac is still totally uninterested in rolling over. he does giggle (started really early at 2.5 weeks), and if we put him in the boppy he can sit by himself for about 30 seconds. he's starting to show just a little interest in toys. 

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 07:35 AM 07-07-2011

Banana - No, my girls are fraternal and look nothing alike.  Even the 3 yo can now tell them apart without trouble.  Even so, they seem to be hitting milestones in sync.  And they often poop at the same time, which I find oddly hilarious.  Lucy is now an adept roller both ways and hardly stays put when you put her down.  Lily rolls easily from back to front and has rolled the other way, but not quite as fluidly as Lucy.


3 mo old

Strong Mama's Avatar Strong Mama 08:08 AM 07-07-2011

crashing, my ddc was feb, but OMG milmonkeys my twins poop at the same time too! hilarious and also convenient for me lol mine are 4 months.


032 (2).JPG

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 08:15 AM 07-07-2011

Hi, Strong Mama!  Great pic!  Glad I'm not the only one who finds poop details funny. LOL

Marissamom's Avatar Marissamom 12:36 PM 07-07-2011

I love Lucy and Lilly's onsies, the girls are darling too. 


I'm a little freaked out by how well Isaac sleeps at night, he sometimes goes 6-8 hours without waking. that can't be normal

stelly's Avatar stelly 01:30 PM 07-07-2011

My son is 15 weeks tomorrow, he's getting a tooth which seems crazy early to me.  He laughs and chuckles and rolls both ways now, but is overall grumpier than my daughter was as a baby.  Still wakes a lot at night, last night it was 11:40, 2AM, 5AM.... I could use a bit more sleep.  Doesn't like me eating dairy so I'm hoping my new cheese-free diet helps shed some pregnancy pounds!

crayfishgirl's Avatar crayfishgirl 01:36 PM 07-28-2011

Hi March mamas!!


Simon is doing great, but his sleep  has completely crapped out!  I suspect he might be teething, but I think its more than that.  Am I the only one? 

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 04:51 PM 07-28-2011

My girls are getting crazy at night!  They're very close to crawling, can scoot all over the place, and the best place to be of course is right on top of mama.  They scoot out of their side car and kick me, or decide to roll right down the mattress and bang their heads on the other end.  Some day they'll sleep, right?  We have lots of drooling and chewing going on, too, but most of my kids have done that at 4 months and no teeth before 8 months for any of them.  

Neuromancer's Avatar Neuromancer 09:10 PM 07-28-2011

Crayfishgirl, have you read much about the four month sleep regression?

Marissamom's Avatar Marissamom 02:18 AM 07-29-2011

hard to believe it's been 4 months already. can't wait until Isaac will play on the floor for longer periods, he will be content for a few minutes, then wants picked up again. 

crayfishgirl's Avatar crayfishgirl 02:21 PM 08-03-2011

Originally Posted by Neuromancer View Post

Crayfishgirl, have you read much about the four month sleep regression?

I have, and attributed it to that, but none of the mamas I know in real life have had a similar issue with thier babes which made question if it even existed!!  We had a super rough couple of nights a few nights ago, and either I have lowered expectations or its been getting better.  I'm back to holding him most of the night (prior to this he was content to sleep laying down between us) and he's nursing more.  I'm hoping he's going to settle back into his old sleep routine.  However, even if he doesn't, the ease with which he goes to sleep is still miles ahead of Fiona....spending 2+ hours in the rocking chair in the evening wasn't unheard of.

Marissamom's Avatar Marissamom 05:46 PM 08-03-2011

Isaac has been having fun playing with his feet, is rolling both ways, can prop himself up on his hands when he's on his belly, and is experimenting with mimicking words. 


What's everyone else up to?

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 10:51 AM 08-04-2011

My girls are really getting ready to crawl!  They hold themselves up on hands and knees and are rocking.  When they're in their sidecar bed, they have a tendency to propel themselves into the side and bang their heads.  My oldest son has been training Lily to wave.  I said "Hi" the other day and she lifted her hand up.  She repeated it a few times, but I dunno, probably coincidence. LOL  Sleeping is not really getting any better.  I'm getting a little nervous for the school year to start because I've been sending the babies downstairs with big brother at 7 am and getting a couple hours of solid sleep.  Don't know what I'm going to do when I have to be getting up at 6.30 to run everyone where they need to go.  But at least oldest DD will be at home this year so I don't have to pack everyone up.  3yo DD and twinsies will stay home with 12 yo DD for drop off and pick up.  14yo DS is starting HIGH SCHOOL.  How did that happen!!  He is football obsessed and officially started practice yesterday.  He's starting full/half back (alternating) on JV and playing special teams on Varsity.  No sports for anyone else this fall, thank goodness.  It's really hard to juggle conflicting schedules.  And dh will be starting his last year in a couple weeks.  That means he'll be gone 4 nights a week, but I am just very very grateful that he was able to get 4 night classes in his degree program.  He'll have 4 more left, so here's hoping that second semester will go as well!  I am so ready for him to be done...but then the job hunt begins.  

Mrsboyko's Avatar Mrsboyko 08:12 AM 08-09-2011


Hi all!  i haven't been around much, but i have a March 2011 baby too, Aveline.  She is such a little mover and shaker.  She rolls all over, spin herself around, and is even getting her knees under her butt already trying to crawl.  This weekend I saw her grab a toy with her feet, transfer it to her hands, then into her mouth.  I sat there wondering if that was a human baby milestone, or just a monkey baby milestone for a while.  We have her sleeping in the pack n' play in our room.  i was woken up friday morning by her kicking at the sides so hard that the whole thing was shaking,  She was giggling her butt off.  She is getting so big too.  She was born at 9lbs, 5 oz, at 2 months she was 11 lbs 12 oz, and now i am betting she is over 15 lbs.  We haven't had her in for her 4 month check up yet.  It seems silly to go every 2 months when we aren't doing shots and I can see that she is growing and hitting her milestones just fine.  We did the same with my son, we went every 4-6 months or so just for a weight check and general "how's baby doing" discussion.

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 08:33 AM 08-10-2011

Welcome, Mrsboyko.  You can see I know all about monkeys.  LOL  I was reading on my tablet last night with one of my girls on my lap and she got such a kick out of kicking the cord so it would unplug while it was charging.  Stinker!  When I took our girls in for a well baby at about two months, they told me to make my next appt for six months.  We don't do vax either, so I guess they figured they didn't really need a growth check until then.