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walworth's Avatar walworth 06:18 PM 08-22-2011

I'm going back to my teaching job and I'm pumping for my baby during the day. He's now 9 months old and I've been with him all summer. I'm just wondering what an ideal eating schedule for him should be like. How much breastmilk, and solids during the day? Any other mothers who have a 9 month and work during they day? What is your feeding schedule like?

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Cassaba's Avatar Cassaba 01:05 PM 08-26-2011

I have an 8.5 month old. Currently, she's drinking 3-4 bottles of breastmilk (for a total of about 12 ounces) during the day while I'm at work.

I nurse her to sleep between 8-9 pm. She nurses 1-2 times overnight, and then around 6am. I estimate that between bottle and nursing, she gets at least 18 ounces breastmilk a day.


For food, she eats 3 meals, on average consisting of:


7-8 am breakfast: 1 svg cereal, 1-2 svg fruit, 1 svg yogurt

12-1 pm lunch: 2 svg vegetables, 1 svg avocado

6-7 pm dinner: 1 svg rice, 1-2 svgs fruits/veggies


I make her food, and each serving is 2 TBSP.


I would love to hear from other working mamas too.


eta times of meals

remymom's Avatar remymom 10:20 AM 10-22-2011



My son will be starting daycare in around 6 weeks and he'll be almost 10 months then. I don't have an answer for you moms but am hoping this post will get some more answers now. I take 2 evening classes and he usually drinks 4 ounces before bed. I'm wondering how I'll manage to pump so much milk for when he's in daycare and am wondering if I'll need to supplement with formula... It's not ideal but my body has limits!

greenmulberry's Avatar greenmulberry 08:48 AM 10-24-2011

I have an 8 month old. I am out of the house for 10 hours total work days, and she drinks 12 ounces of milk in four bottles.


She really has very little interest in solids, DH gives some to her at lunch mostly as "something to do" but she usually only eats a tablespoon.


I also try and feed her some when we have supper. She usually only eats a tablespoon or maybe two if I am really lucky, and she vastly prefers purrees or baby oatmeal (sigh) to anything in whole chunks. Except for shredded cheese. She loves feeding herself shredded cheese, but I try and save that for a treat if I need to keep her distracted because it just doesn't seem right to me for her to just fill up on cheese all the time.

Taos Mountain Mama's Avatar Taos Mountain Mama 01:25 PM 10-28-2011

I have a 9 month old and I went back to work when she was only 3 months. Since she started solids (a couple months ago) she'll eat appx 2-3 3oz bottles depending on how long my workday is (sometimes 8-5, sometimes 8-2). So, anywhere from 6-9 ounces in an 8 hour stretch, with solids/snacks built in. The solids obviously help stave off the hunger, but she's at about 50/50 (half breastmilk, half solids). My husband and her daycare both say that the bottles provide not only the nourishment but also the comfort when we're apart. They also help her get down for her naps (which are few and far between).

Hope this helps! I'm so sick of pumping!