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penstamon's Avatar penstamon 09:17 AM 09-12-2011

DS2 just turned 4 mo and for the past 2 weeks he has been way more fussy and difficult.  He went from waking once a night to sometimes 4 times and he won't put himself to sleep anymore.  His nights are all over the place.  He NEVER will let me put him down all of a sudden and his naps went from 3-4 longer naps to 4-5 20 min naps.  He still eats every 2 hours and is still a spitter (by this time DS1 has gotten better).


I know 4mo is a big developmental time, I have read all about the sleep regression, etc when DS1 went through this.  However DS1 never got better until he was 1.5 yo!  Now that I have 2 boys to take care of I don't have the luxury to give DS2 my undivided attention.  I can't wear DS2 as much either because he is huge (off the chart) so it kills my back since he is still worn on my front.


Guess I'm not needing suggestions, but maybe some commiseration and btdt stories to remind me that this will pass? 

greenmulberry's Avatar greenmulberry 11:47 AM 09-13-2011

DD is now 7 months old. I have found she has been all over the map, back and forth, between easy and fussy.


Sometimes she sleeps great for weeks. Then we have a few weeks where she is waking up and sleeping terrible. Then back to good.


Sooooo, I think it will pass for you. I just always hope for the best. smile.gif