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livacreature's Avatar livacreature 12:27 PM 01-28-2012

I've read on several AP blogs that a baby sleeping through the night at three months isn't safe, increasing the risk of SIDS.  I haven't found any primary sources verifying this.  DD has slept through the night (about 8 hours, sometimes more) since about six weeks.  She went from being up about twice a night to sleeping straight.  I tried waking her up to feed at night, but unless she wakes up on her own, she refuses and goes right back to sleep.  About one night a week, she'll wake up hungry and I'll nurse.  It is great having a regular sleeper, but I do worry.  Does anyone have any information one way or the other about the danger/safety of young babies sleeping through the night?

HoustonMommaC's Avatar HoustonMommaC 12:27 PM 01-29-2012

Bumping this for you because I'm also curious. My 9 week old has slept through the night since 6 weeks (8-10 hours). God help me if I wake her - she is NOT happy.

jbaruta's Avatar jbaruta 08:33 PM 01-31-2012

Ha! This is totally normal. Babies go through what is sometimes known as 'the honeymoon' stage from about 6weeks-3 or 4 months where they are amazing sleepers! my son was also sleeping through the night at that age. And then around 3-4 months they start to wake up more and more. You are ladies are fine. Enjoy it while you can. 

MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 08:39 AM 02-01-2012

Hi ladies!


Mine has also slept 6+ hours at a time at night since day 3;  she'll only sleep this well if she's nestled up against me, so we didn't sleep at all in the hospital, and when I got home I tried the co-sleeper for about 10 minutes before I decided "Screw it, I'm sleeping so I guess she's coming in bed with me!" and behold! a long nap and a realization occurred. 

I have also read that frequent wakings during the night help prevent SIDS, so I was also concerned, but she's a restless sleeper...  unless she's nestled up against me.  So I wondered if maybe the restlessness is insurance for when she's sleeping alone, her body protecting her when I've not yet brought her to bed with me.  I read through the paper published by Dr. McKenna out of Notre Dame, and have also read the condensed versions, and I am putting my eggs in the "Baby is meant to be physically near you for some time after birth, and this natural state will help decrease baby's risk of SIDS" basket. 


livacreature's Avatar livacreature 11:39 AM 02-01-2012

Thanks for the reassurance!

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 05:27 AM 02-02-2012

These babies exist?  Wow!  Enjoy your sleep, mamas!!

Youngfrankenstein's Avatar Youngfrankenstein 06:30 AM 02-02-2012

Anything after the first few weeks would be awesome! 


May it last!!!!



brovie's Avatar brovie 12:09 PM 02-07-2012

I wouldn't worry about it.  All babies have periodic arousals from deep sleep to light sleep as they move through the sleep cycle and those are protective against SIDS...they don't have to become fully awake and cry and need to be fed etc etc.  If you wake her up to try to feed her or because you are worried, you have more chance of turning your great sleeper into a poor sleeper.


You are a lucky mama...just roll with it.


My little guy started sleeping through the night from 10 weeks (he's now 5 mo)...from 6pm to 7 am.  He eats a lot during the day and is growing just fine.

Mommel's Avatar Mommel 11:04 PM 04-04-2012

My little guy slept 6+ hours a night since Day 1 and he's six months now. If anything he sleeps more now...

Flor's Avatar Flor 10:25 PM 04-08-2012
I have had the same thoughts. My LO started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and now at 6 months is sleeping 11-12 hours straight.
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