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luv2kayak's Avatar luv2kayak 01:49 PM 02-10-2012
Hi ladies, my ds will be 6 months on Feb 16 and is teething like crazy. Swollen gums, drooling machine and fussy at times where he used to always be happy and content. At times he wretches in pain throwing his lil fist into his mouth greensad.gif I can see where he has a tooth trying to poke thru his lower gums finally, but noticed on his upper gumline I can see the impression of 6 of his front teeth clearly in his gums. Especially his inscissors (spelling?) Is it normal for me to be seeing all those upper teeth in his gumline at once like this?
I have been offering him cold wash clothes to chew as well as the good ol teething toys and asked his pediatrician what dose of infant Tylenol I can give him when he seems to be in lots of pain, however the tylenol doesn't seem to help much. Anyone have better luck with infant Motrin instead? Oh, and teething tablets don't do a thing for this kiddo, although I only give him 2 at a time as I heard they were briefly taken off market and I'm a tad skeptical about using them.

Glimmersnaps's Avatar Glimmersnaps 11:51 PM 02-10-2012

I had an early teether too. Yes for him all the teeth started lining up down there and then sort of took turns sloooowly popping out. I think by 6 months we switched from Tylenol to Ibuprofen/Motrin. I do think it helped when teething tablets weren't enough. He didn't like cold things at all. The best thing I could do for him was really just distractions. It might help to take him out and get his mind off his tiny, aching teeth. 


On the plus side, he will be able to munch on all sorts of goodies in a few months!

sundaya's Avatar sundaya 06:39 PM 02-12-2012

My guy is 6 months and working on tooth #4  :(  And yes, I can see at least 3 or 4 others pressing up under his gums. Motrin definitely works better than Tylenol for us. And what really helped before these came in was making breastmilk ice cubes, and putting them in a mesh feeder for him to gnaw on. Now that he has teeth, I'm afraid he'll chew off part of the plastic, but prior to the teeth coming in, it really seemed to help. My kiddos always start teething early, I hate it for them.

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