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g1ng3rmama's Avatar g1ng3rmama 05:12 PM 02-26-2012

Hi Everyone! 


I'm expecting in October and although there are many many other things for me to worry about at this point, like getting through the first trimester, I'm wondering if any of the mamas in the forums might have advise for me on a stroller.  My DD will be just 3 when this bean is born and she still loves her stroller, especially when we go out shopping or on day trip outtings (zoo, heritage centre etc).  What did you find handy to have? 


*as an aside I really would prefer to wear the new bean in a wrap, but DD had extremely bad eczema which made baby-wearing for any length of time impossible...I don't want to not have a back-up plan


Thanks in advance!  redface.gif

Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 06:01 PM 02-26-2012

Well, what do you want to use it for?  I love my BOB,  but we are an active family and go running quite often with it.  It was way too expensive if we didn't need a jogger.  I also like my phil and ted, since it is so narrow.  The negative to that is the baby is in the bottom and can not see out (not a problem until a little later and they are interested in what is going on outside).  If it was purely for walking at the zoo etc, I may invest in a stroller like the sit and stand, especially for a child that likes to get in and out a lot.  


There are so many great strollers out there for 2 or more, just depends on your lifestyle and what your needs are.


Good luck and congrats on the new baby due in Oct!

g1ng3rmama's Avatar g1ng3rmama 06:37 PM 02-26-2012

For DD right now we have a Zooper Twist and a Quinny Speedi for rollerblading in the summer and snowy sidewalks in the winter.  I also use the Quinny for trips out to nanny & papa's house as they live on an acreage on gravel roads.  I don't think any sit n stand types have large enough wheels for snow?  I could be wrong... lol

onetwoten's Avatar onetwoten 03:19 PM 02-28-2012


check out the baby jogger city elite double. using the double is what convinced me to buy our single. Ah-may-zing stroller, and I can attest that it's fantastic on snow and rough terrain. the single holds up to 75lb, and you can get a glider board.

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