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That's all. I just want to vent. Anyone else feel the same or BTDT?
I don't even know how many nights a week I cry because of Dds condition. I feel like I'm doing everything, diets, detergents, homeopath, acupuncture, naturopath, chiropractic, allergists, scratch tests, You name it! And still I feel like there is still no end in sight. I feel emotionally, physical lily, mentally even spiritually beat. So tired but trying to hold it together for the sake of my family greensad.gif

That's all. Just want to vent

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My heart really goes out to you. I've a friend who had a co-worker who's baby/toddler had terrible eczema. I want to cry just thinking of what she'd described to me.


I've never dealt with this in my own babies, but I had a mild case as a young child as did my sister. My sisters went on to become severe childhood asthma. She is still very reactive. What has worked for us to some degree is: roiboos tea, 2 cups a day. Here is some info about bathing a child in it: My sister feels that it's really helped control her asthma too. I use coconut oil on my own eczema with success. I use it on everything for me and the kids!


A good probiotic would be good too. I like Natren brand, but there are a number of great ones out there. It might be good to get dairy out if you have not already done that (sounds like you have though).  


I have a friend who's DD developed eczema after her first vaccines. From what I've read/noticed, vaccines can be a trigger/cause. So that might be food for thought. Here is a discussion on that:


I truly hope you figure this out. So stressful. Hugs to you and your baby.

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Sorry to hear about your DD :( My DS had terrible eczema when he was a baby and I too tried everything you listed (and he actually did have food allergies and I took out all those foods while nursing him) to try and figure out his "triggers" and it didn't get better. It was so disheartening to read other stories saying, I took out this food/changed this detergent/homeopathy etc and my child's eczema went away because that didn't happen for me. But I don't think all the things you are trying are in vain, because I just kept trying as much as I could without making myself crazy and he gradually started to improve after he turned 1 or so and now at he only gets a small patch here and there. I do think that some of the things I tried did help his gut/immune system get stronger and the effects just showed up later on.


It's so heartbreaking and stressful to see your child miserable, scratching and not being able to sleep. I think it's normal to be frustrated and sad, so vent all you want! She is lucky to have such a great mama.

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I don't have any solutions, but I can tell you I'm going through the same exact thing! My 4 month old DS has terrible eczema - mostly covering his face. We are trying everything (diet restrictions for me, only organic clothing, not using detergent, million types of creams) and nothing seems to be helping so far. We're seeing dermatological specialists in a few weeks so I'll let you know if they shed any light. Just hoping it lessens with the warmer weather... Hang in there! You're not alone - I had a breakdown last night about it but am feeling better today :-) One day at a time.. 

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Here was our solution (and we tried a million):


No soap ... only Weleda Baby Wash/Shampoo on body and hair.  Then, while the babe is still drying from the bath, Weleda Baby lotion (not oil).  It's so mild, and just has calendula.  No additives.  Expensive, but you use very, very little so quite cost effective.  It takes awhile for it to go away completely, but we found that the next winter, it didn't come back if were proactive in terms of putting the Lotion where the spots would occur the winter before.



Also -- dye free, fragrance free detergent for the washing machine and if you need diaper creme / chapped lips creme ... just use Aquaphor -- very hypoallergenic.

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baby probiotics and a little bit of udo's 3-6-9 oil have done wonders for my lo (6 month old), who developed eczema after his 2 and 4 month old shots.

i have also made a very simple lotion with the 3-6-9 oil, shea butter and a little organic beeswax, that i use on him at least once a day. his skin dramatically improved in less than 2 days and now, about a week later, is almost clear! i'm still a bit in awe that it worked so well for us, because i know we have been very lucky.


my son's case may not have been as severe as some other ones, but as far as i know, the probiotics could only do him some good.

my heart goes out to you mamas.


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I agree, I added in fish oil and yogurt into my girls diets, made sense, good anyway ...

Kids. I got two of 'em.
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