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begoniamama's Avatar begoniamama 12:04 AM 03-13-2012

so my 9 week old has been going to bed with us at around 10pm after a big feeding, and sleeping soundly until about 4 or 5am. he is appearing to be more and more tired in the evenings - so my question is, when does a baby around this age start to go to bed earlier? i'm thinking i can put him to bed around 8 instead of 10 and he will sleep until 2 or so? just wondering with mom's who have been here before - when does bedtime get earlier? 

bumpkinsmama's Avatar bumpkinsmama 01:13 AM 03-16-2012

DS started to go to bed earlier around 3 months.  It was a gradual change though. I would spend a few days getting him to bed about 15 minutes earlier than he had been (so if he went to bed at 11 I would spend a few days getting him to bed at 10:45).  Sometimes it would be 30 minutes earlier.  Enjoy him sleeping so well! Mine did that till about 3 or 4 months and he is a year now and still wakes up frequently throughout the night.

tanyato's Avatar tanyato 01:50 PM 03-16-2012

my LO naturally did his longest sleep starting at around 9 from about day 1 (i know i'm lucky!). at about 6 weeks i made a conscious decision to do bedtime routine (long diaper change, a belly rub and a big feed) at 8pm. this seemed to work well enough until last month (he was about 3 months old by then) he was tired long before 8. so, one night i said ok, 7pm bedtime. and he just did it! i usually have to go back about an hour after he's gone down for the night to nurse him or comfort hum, but then he sleeps until about midnight. 


i've been lucky in the sense that my LO has always seemed to know when nighttime is, and that night time is for sleeping. so i've never had to 'train' him into a earlier bedtime. 


so that's my experience.

hope that helps. good luck!

Kindermama's Avatar Kindermama 06:57 PM 03-17-2012

I'm so jealous.....my 10 week old doesn't even sleep a long enough stretch to call it bedtime/nighttime. He nurses every hour usually....mostly comforting sucking but still sucking nonetheless! 

begoniamama's Avatar begoniamama 03:11 PM 03-20-2012

thanks for the input! last night i put him to bed when he got tired after a big feeding at around 9/9:30, and he ended up waking up at 1:30 and and then again after that. not sure it was related to the earlier bedtime - but i can say it makes me want to stick to the 10pm to 530am scenario!


and although my LO is a good sleeper so far, i know that things can change at any moment! :) and i really really swear by swaddling. we only swaddle at night which helps signal bedtime for him, but i know that when he stirs in the middle of the night, not having his hands up to startle him helps a ton. i know it would keep him up because i see it happen during naps sometimes. 

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