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Choose2Reuse's Avatar Choose2Reuse 09:56 AM 03-22-2012

My DD (7 months old today!) has suddenly changed which toys she likes to play with--I think it has to do with now being able to sit and wave things around.  That got me thinking about what sorts of toys we should think about having for her in the future (especially because I like to make her toys, so I need some lead-in time).  What are/were your babies' favorite toys in the second half of their first year?


For the record, my DD's favorites are currently a set of cardboard nesting blocks, my plastic measuring cups, and a stuffed chicken that I made her (it has lots of details and dangly feet, etc., and the head is stuffed with cloves so it smells delicious).

nstewart's Avatar nstewart 10:09 AM 03-22-2012

DS (now 20 months) loved things that he could make noise with!  So I made him "rattles" with different containers and different items in them so that they would all sound different.  One was a madela bottle with dry chickpeas (he never took a bottle so they weren't getting used anyway!) another was a bottle with couscous, etc.  I also made him a drum which was just an empty dishwasher tablet cardboard/cylendar container with a plastic lid and a metal bottom that I wrapped with red cotton fabric and used blue ribbon to make it look like a drum.  He still plays with those toys now, just differently.


CascadiaMama's Avatar CascadiaMama 06:24 PM 03-22-2012
Alex (7.5 months) is really into noise, too. Rhythm sticks he got from a music class (just two fat wooden sticks that are about 6-8 inches long?). He has this house thing that's really just a wooden box with a red plastic roof that has cutouts for sorting shapes of blocks, he's into that. I expect stacking cups will be a favorite soon. He likes his tower of rings (they're wide rings at the bottom and narrow ones on top). Balls are becoming a big deal, too.
askins's Avatar askins 07:38 AM 03-23-2012

My babe is a drummer.  Give him a stick and everything looks like a drum - LOL!  We got him a toy drum and toy xylophone for Christmas (he was just 8 months old) and he still loves playing with them!  But was also give him empty food containers, oatmeal or lemonade cans, etc, which make perfect drums with different tones.  Also we're into stacking cups, stacking rings, and rearranging magnets on the fridge.  Earlier (6-9 months) he really loved bead mazes). And now, just about11 months, he's starting to show interest in the shape sorter -- and using it properly!

Choose2Reuse's Avatar Choose2Reuse 06:43 PM 03-25-2012

Oooh, a tower of rings is a good idea!  I'm not sure my munchkin can figure out that or a shape sorter yet, but I bet she'll be intrigued soon...

Choose2Reuse's Avatar Choose2Reuse 06:54 PM 03-25-2012

I gave her an oatmeal box yesterday and she looooooooved it!  It's so funny because it's bigger than she is. :)  I'm really enjoying this household-junk-is-better-than-fancy-toys stage, hehehehe!

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