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Sweetserene's Avatar Sweetserene 04:12 PM 04-30-2012

Does anyone have a set feeding schedule for their infant? My son is 8 months old and is primarily breastfed, but he is eating solids. He still nurses through the night, usually once around 11 p.m. and once around 5 or 6 a.m. I feed him solids in the morning and before bed, and here and there throughout the day, mixed in with nursing. But I feel like he eats lots of smaller meals and will eat every couple of hours. He's also teething, so when he gets really fussy and a teether doesn't help, I nurse him.


Should I be setting a more routine schedule? Or is it okay to keep going this way for awhile? 


Thanks for any input! 

wendizbaby's Avatar wendizbaby 08:57 PM 04-30-2012

With my ds1, I just went with it.  I breastfed on demand right up until we stopped when he was 2.  From what I remember, we just developed a routine naturally around mealtimes.  For me, I just treated regular food as bonus calories for him up until he really took off with the eating.

CascadiaMama's Avatar CascadiaMama 09:52 PM 04-30-2012
I find the "food before one is just for fun" motto to be really helpful. I'm actually starting to wonder if my nearly nine month old is eating too much, too early (though he hasn't slowed on milk consumption). He's at two snacks (like a handful of whole grain cereal plus fruit) and lunch (four items, like a grain, a legume, a fruit and a veg) at daycare, then dinner with us (whatever we're having). I toss in breakfast some days, but he usually nurses so much as he wakes that he's not too interested in solids before school. He'll eat anything and usually clear his plate, so for us the schedule helps keep it moderated. When he was just starting solids from 6-8 months, things were more erratic.
MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 09:48 AM 05-01-2012

My little munchkin is 7 months and we started solids shortly after the 6 month mark - so we're still newbies.  But we've already gotten into the habit of offering her food at each meal - so when I eat breakfast at about 8am, she eats as well.  When I eat lunch around noon, she also eats some lunch.  When husband and I eat dinner at about 6pm, she eats then too.  There are no snacks yet.  However, she nurses right before breakfast, she nurses right after lunch, she nurses at about 4pm and she nurses herself off to sleep about 2 hours after dinner.  She also nurses throughout the night.  So the solid really is extra, and you can see it on her - she is getting chubby chubby chubby.  She lets me know when she's done eating by refusing to take any more spoonfuls or by not putting any more chunks in her mouth.  So I just go with that. 

Katie8681's Avatar Katie8681 12:21 PM 05-01-2012

Don't mean to threadjack, but I am just about ready to chuck the whole concept of solid foods out the window and bf until DS (10 mos) moves out. Damn near everything I've ever given him has led to gas or some variety of apparent stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting.  He's in the 85th %ile for weight and 45%ile for height so he's not wasting away, certainly. I'm considering getting his H&H done and if he's not anemic, saying to hell with it until he yanks something out of my hand, eats it, and doesn't have agony.  




That is all.



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