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begoniamama's Avatar begoniamama 01:51 PM 05-13-2012

DS has always been a happy spitter, pretty much since day one after every meal - and around 3.5 months he started spitting up less. the past two days though, he spits up a TON after he eats or even comfort feeds, and it's curdled, old milk, kinda yellow. it's more than usual and stinky but he isn't bothered. He has been way fussier lately though, i'm guessing bc it's a big milestone time. any thoughts? i haven't eaten much differently, and the only thing i can think of is i am trying to offer him the breast more during the day since he is more distractible and eating lots at night. thanks in advance :)

begoniamama's Avatar begoniamama 10:52 PM 05-13-2012

no one? help! :)

MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 10:50 AM 05-14-2012

My little gal was a very big fan of spitting up.  After every feeding.  The amount was always generous.

But because your little one had tapered off, and because what comes back is now smelly (even when little girl's was "cheesy", it never smelled badly), I would recommend a call to your doctor.  I personally would call.  I'm sure it's nothing, but it never hurts to be in touch and ask the doctor his or her opinion, given all the other information the doctor has regarding your particular baby's health.

parsley's Avatar parsley 09:05 AM 05-15-2012

My babe spits up a ton.  Turns out she has food sensitiviites (and maybe allergies).  Now that I've found the problem foods she's been spitting up only a small amount and only once a day or so.  Before then it could be 12 times a day and huge quantities or not at all!  The on again, off again nature of her spit up was one of the biggest clues we had that there was something I was eating that was causing a problem (and something I was eating only sometimes). 


Also, One thing I've found in my research is that spitting up tends to peak at four months.


Good luck. 

begoniamama's Avatar begoniamama 10:21 AM 05-15-2012

thanks gals, i called the Doc and she seemed fine about it - thought that maybe i overfed him and that a long as he is happy spitting, no fever etc he should be fine. He spit up only once yesterday and not yet today - so far. Parsley do you know what your LO is allergic to? i cut way back on cow's milk and find that he seems to spit up less when i limit raw garlic/onions. i know it can be hard on their tummies. DS never was off or on spitting, always spitting after every meal. the reason i was concerned initially was that it seemed to be waning and then picked back up full force for one day. they really know how to keep us on our toes, don't they? :)

montessorimama1's Avatar montessorimama1 10:39 AM 05-15-2012

At around 2 months I started noticing that my son would spit up more if I offered the breast more often than every 2 hours, so I started spacing out his feedings to 2.5 hours between each, and it made a huge difference!  His spit-up was like what you describe, curdled and smelly.  Now when he spits up it's right after nursing and it's creamy and sweet-smelling, not the yucky kind of spit-up.  Now he's at 3 hours between feedings and doing great.  Try spacing out his feedings...

parsley's Avatar parsley 03:43 PM 05-15-2012

Glad all seems well, BegoniaMama.   And thanks for asking about my babe.   I know for certain that she's allergic/sensitive to citrus.   We had two seperate incidents where we had some red flecks in her poop after I ate grapefruit and plenty of increased spit up after I drank lemonade one day.  I'm not sure what else might be bothering her but I currently have pineapple, strawberries, mango, coconut, blueberries and soy excluded from my diet.  I will likely start bringing these foods back in in a staggered way to see if I can bring some back in.  I am missing smoothies and am totally bummed about missing strawberries during strawberry season!  So, I'm hoping some (or all) will prove to be false alarms since they all accompanied citrus as well. 

begoniamama's Avatar begoniamama 10:45 PM 05-16-2012

my sisters babe was allergic to citrus as well, flaming diaper rash every time. and i hope that you can introduce strawberries soon, with summer coming up! :)