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segolilymama's Avatar segolilymama 08:31 AM 05-23-2012

Greetings mamas! My name is Jen & I am a long-time Mothering reader & subscriber, alternative schooler, homebirther, mama to three boys (12, 10, 5), and pregnant with baby #4 due in December.


I am also a doctoral level researcher, and my work involves collecting stories of profound, spiritual, life-altering events that happen during childbirth - those moments when angels were there to support you, you felt the life-force of your ancestors, you embraced your own power in a new way, etc. I am collecting mini-stories through an online survey, and will later be doing about 20 in-depth interviews with mamas across the country.


The only requirements are that 1. you live in the US; 2. you have given birth in the last year, and 3. you have a story to share! The survey only takes a few moments to complete, and can be found here:




Thank you so much for your support of this research! You can also pass this link on to any other mamas that you know.





cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 10:25 AM 07-12-2012

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