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E m i c h i e e 06-01-2012 05:38 AM

My hormones have been on a rampage since 8 mos. postpartum. Noone has really been able to tell me why so far.
I do have symptoms similar to the first trimester - fatique, on and off cold symptoms, hot flashes, raised temperature, painful acne, strong nausea, dizzy spells and I am losing my hair for the second time, the bald spots have just fully grown in and my first hair loss stopped a little over a month ago.
Doctors have not found anything, I am not pregnant. My period won't return any time soon as seen on a US. 
My OB suggested it is caused by breastfeeding for "so long", and that from here on it will just get worse with the breastfeeding hormones. That sounds weird to me. I told her I plan to nurse until my lo weans himself.

Does anyone have a real explanation as to why this could be happening?

purplerose 06-01-2012 05:56 AM

I didn't know an US could predict periods! I will have to read up on that one. I also seem to have hit this at around 7 months. It's awful. I was wondering if it's PPD hitting me late? I don't know if it's actually breastfeeding, as I didn't do this with my others. Things got better the older they got, even while breastfeeding. I think it would be common knowledge among breastfeeders to look out for this if that is what caused it.

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