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BeingMe's Avatar BeingMe 08:03 PM 06-11-2012

I have a 12 week old who sleeps great at night-usually 6 hours, wakes and eats, and goes back for another 3-4.  He was taking some naps but everytime I put him down he wakes.  I will rock him till asleep then as soon as he is down he wakes.  I tried swaddling and he did sleep but for only 5 minutes.  At night he sleeps on his belly, but even that during the day won't work.

Having a hard time getting anything done as he is crabby and cries if put down, and I have a 6 year old that I homeschool.  Add to that both my mother and MIL think I'm not doing enough and that I should be doing everything plus cooking all the meals (hubby does 2 meals a day). I'm doing all I can but running out of will power and it's starting to affect me.  Please help

rainface's Avatar rainface 08:15 PM 06-11-2012
I know it's always a popular suggestion, but have you considered wearing your babe? Popping my daughter in the carrier (we have a Beco) will reset her, even if she doesn't sleep. It just sort of hits her chill button when she's whiny and fussy. She didn't love it automatically, we had to practice, but now if she's in the carrier and fussing I know it's 'cause she's tired and if I jiggle her through it she'll fall asleep on me.
BeingMe's Avatar BeingMe 08:28 PM 06-11-2012

I've been trying different carriers but he doesn't like them. I got him to sleep a little today in the moby but he cried and fussed for 30 minutes before he fell asleep.

skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 10:32 AM 06-12-2012
Around that age my DD loved the baby swing and took many naps there when nothing else would work. It may be something to try if you can borrow one or look into a used one. Mine had a mobile and played soft music and after she fell asleep I could even turn off the motor.

As for your mom and MIL, I'm surprised they are so unsupportive. I have only one child (14 months old) and on a bad day I don't even get to eat until DH gets home from work, never mind cook! With homeschooling and the new babe you are doing an amazing job. Right now it's after noon and DD is napping on me because she's sick and won't be put down (wakes on the transfer) and all I managed to do so far is take care of her and finish what she didn't eat for breakfast lol. Your kids are little now and need you the most. There is always time to have a sparkling house and lovely gourmet meals when they are older ;-). Take care of yourself and don't internalize any negativity from anyone who isn't willing to help you.
montessorimama1's Avatar montessorimama1 11:17 AM 06-12-2012

This changed my life, my baby would endlessly wake up when I transferred him to the bed, until I made a topponcino... Problem solved!!

Kindermama's Avatar Kindermama 04:56 PM 06-14-2012
Read 90 minute baby sleep!
Rrrrrachel's Avatar Rrrrrachel 05:27 PM 06-14-2012
Yes! Ninety minute sleep solution helped me so much!!
Rrrrrachel's Avatar Rrrrrachel 05:28 PM 06-14-2012
Also there is some Montessori trick that uses a long thin cushion. You hold the baby with the cushion under them and then out them down cushion and all. I can't remember the name of it, though.
Rrrrrachel's Avatar Rrrrrachel 05:29 PM 06-14-2012
Nm, someone already mentioned it!
BeingMe's Avatar BeingMe 10:36 AM 06-22-2012

Thanks for the replies.  He sleeps on his belly so I wouldn't be comfortable with putting anything under him and I have read the 90 min sleep book and try to follow it.  Problem is when I put him down and he wakes 5 minutes later everything gets out of whack. 

He's doing a little better.  But still having breastfeeding I go to that forum.