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smiles2012's Avatar smiles2012 06:44 PM 07-18-2012
Okay, so I buckled down and bought an Ergo. I feel like it is the most comfortable for me and easy to get baby in. However, I wasn't good about baby wearing when DD was newborn because I had such a hard time getting in and out of the Moby quickly, and she got lost in the sling.
So, now she is 4 months old and will only handle baby wearing for a few minutes and then she cries and cries until I take her out. I live in TX so I wonder if some of it is that she is hot.
I was wondering if anyone else eased their child into baby wearing or if she should just immediately "like" it?

element2012's Avatar element2012 01:30 PM 07-19-2012
My daughter has been through all spectrums of liking/disliking being worn. I'm in FL and it's always hot, so yes that is part of it. My daughter doesn't really like to be skin to skin too much because it's too hot. She fights to not fall asleep and put her face on my chest. But for the most part, she does now like being worn. She's 5.5 months, and I'm still using a moby. She likes to have her arms out. She's gone through phases where she really didn't like it at all, but I don't have a stroller so we just had to get through it, kwim? Just wear her as much as you can both tolerate and know babiesbare always changing.
smiles2012's Avatar smiles2012 08:56 PM 07-19-2012

Well, I think Ive determined that heat is a huge factor due to some patterns... She loved the wrap as a newborn and then started hating it in May when we became more "on-the-go" and it was hotter. Today she stayed in the carrier from feeding time to nap time (I like that she loves her bed, so I put her to bed for naps most of the time). So, we made it over an hour, completely content.


Can someone tell me the pro's of letting her sleep on me rather than in her bed. I know that I like that she likes her crib so much, but Im curious about benefits of sleeping on mama during the seems like her rest wouldnt be as restful with me up and down and moving around???

LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 09:43 AM 07-23-2012

my babies all hated having their hot skin against mine. i would put a receving blanket between any of my bare skin and theirs. it usually ended up just being my chest and their face. but that made them happier. 

EmbraceLife's Avatar EmbraceLife 12:08 PM 08-05-2012

Hi.  I hope she'll grow to love it.  I was really fortunate as both of my boys love being worn.  I still use an Action Baby Carrier and the moment I start putting it on, they are excited.


I use a small cotton receiving blanket which I lay on my chest and their face rests on it.  It depends on who I am baby wearing.  If it is baby Kip, he's going to go to sleep within a few minutes.  If it is baby Jay, he's going to explore the world from up high!  So, with Kip, the receiving blanket helps keep us both more comfortable in the heat.  With Jay, we don't use it.


Good luck!  I hope you two can enjoy baby wearing as much as our family does!

smiles2012's Avatar smiles2012 01:52 PM 08-05-2012
Well, we are mostly using the Moby still and she does great! I think she is still a little small for the ergo without an insert...her head is barely above the top. We did a morning walk with the Ergo today and had to move her to my back because it was hurting my low back...but she loved being on front and back exploring the world with big eyes!

It has been a record breaking 109 degrees here! So, I like your idea of using the receiving blanket.