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My DD is 13 months (but was premature so is 10 months past her due date).  She has always been very picky about what she is willing to suck on.  We are starting to offer her a sippy cup with meals (she loves drinking water then) and she just chews on the nipple/ mouthpiece thing, but won't suck so she won't get anything from it.  We have also used one that is basically  like a coffee mug, which works OK, and drinks well from a cup if we hold it for her.  Is the zippy cup a stage we could just skip?  Anyone else NOT using a sippy cup?

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I REALLY dislike sippy cups. The just get on my nerves - so hard to clean, keep track of and etc. With my 10 year old we just skipped them all together and went right to little glass cups. I tried that with my 16 month old though and she just spills them. She's more playful than my other child. We have a couple of those Camelback water bottles for my older child (for school and sport) and the 16 month old figured those out and that's what we use. I think if we sat for a traditional meal, where I could watch the baby with a glass, that's what we would do. Long story short, yes, you can totally skip the sippy cup stage. 

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Sippies can be a pain but I like them while traveling and at night (DD is a fish... Nurses at night, chugs water, nurses some more). You can totally skip them. They are good if you're transitioning a bottle fed infant off the bottle but if your LO can handle an open cup with help, don't Bother. Before you know it, she will be a headstrong toddler and reject her cup and steal your water anyways lol. I actually bought two water bottles of the same type: 32 oz for me and. 14 oz for my 17 month old. She STILL steals mine and I end up drinking hers eyesroll.gif
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Mine was real slow to give up bottles and very reluctant to use a sippy cup, but eventually I found one he liked (NUK), and took the valve out of the inside (that limits the flow) and that helped him finally kick the bottle habit.     

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Sure, you can skip it, but I use them because they are practical for traveling and to keep from spilling.


I introduced little glass cups to mine first.  It's a juice glass.   My girls could drink from a glass at nine months with me holding it.  I found a super heavy duty glass shot glass and it's perfect for her little hands.  I taught my first with the shot glass too.


I read somewhere that if you let your kids start with glass or ceramic ware then they will learn that it breaks at a very early age.  It's true.  My 4 year old only broke one bowl when she was 2.  If you give them a lot of plastic then they throw it around more.


Sippy cup parts (cleaning it) drove me nuts.  I discovered the disposable travel cups with straws (come four in a pack, different colors).  They are leak proof (unless you hold them upside down, it comes out the straw part) and I just recycle them when I think they're goners.  Sorry I cannot remember the brand name, but they hang with the sippies in walmart target or kroger.  My ten month old just learned to drink from a straw.  I am so happy that she loves water so much. 


Oh, and she is nursing on demand still.  Introducing solids now.

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You could skip it. Sippy cups are mostly about the convenience of adults, so toddlers can drink without making a mess.

We never used the traditional sippy cups, just the ones with straws. It worked out well for us.
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I use a sippy during afternoon snack, but only because afternoon snack is the only thing that allows me to get dinner started so I can't be monitoring cup use during that time.  (It's wonderful.  She gets a handful of Cheerios and a sippy cup, and is a completely different baby for about 20 minutes.)

However, she can now, at 11 months, use a plastic up with no lid.  She spills a lot still: I usually help her pick it up and put it down, but she's pretty darn good at getting her drink from it with no adult assistance.  Holds it and tips it back with control, gets what she wants and returns it to upright. 

So yes, you can skip sippies if you want. 

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