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CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 08:17 PM 08-25-2012

I have a question for you ladies (esp. experienced moms).  My 8 week old has very good head and neck control and has seemed to have a very strong neck even at the beginning.  She lots her head up on an angled surface (bobby, my chest, but not quiet all the way up flat on the bed.  She turns to look at you if you talk to her.  Can I turn her face out in the slings- Baby Bjorn?  Others?  She is so much happier when she can see things (and his limited time staring at my chest in the sling). 

IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 05:47 AM 08-26-2012

Oh, man, mamma - did you open a can of worms. lol.gif  I'll bet that you didn't know that both the Bjorn and facing out are a big old source of debate in the babywearing world, ha? I swear...us moms can't get a break can we?  


The Bjorn get a lot of flack in the babywearing world because of how the hips rest in that type of carrier. I'm not sure of all the ins and outs but there are plenty of good articles on the internet. With that said, I think the Bjorn is the type of carrier that the wearer tends to only use a little bit (I can't see a child spending hours in the Bjorn the way they would in a different type carrier) so the hip issue seems a bit exaggerated to me. duck.gif


What I will say about the Bjorn is that there are much better carriers out there if you can get your hands on one. Even something like the Moby wrap would be a great alternative for your LO and they are available second hand for like 20 bucks. The Ergo and the like are similar to the Bjorn in function but place the baby's hips better and I think they're way more comfortable. 



On the subject of facing out -- that's a whole 'nother thing. Again -- there's lot of information about that online. I, personally, don't think wearing a baby facing out for a limited time is such a bad thing. I used a ring sling and scrunched the baby's legs up and let her face out when she was young.  After that the hip carry is ideal.  


And now you're probably asking yourself why I posted all of this to your simple, innocent question. 2whistle.gif   What was the question again...


Oh, yes, is your LO ready to face out in a carrier like the Bjorn. I think I'd look at the Bjorn instructions and follow that and your instincts on this one. That, and see if you can get your hands on a few other carriers - cuz there are some wonderful options out there that will make your babywearing life much more interesting.   


Congrats on a strong LO!  

CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 12:50 PM 08-26-2012

Thanks IdentityCrisisMama- Had no idea about the Bjorn controversy.  My older daughter absolutely loved it on long hikes and hung out in it when I has doing housework.  She is six and has beautiful long, straight legs and strong hips.  I have a Moby too.  DD2 was too hot this summer to like the kind of fetal snuggle that the Moby recommends for newborns.  I will read up on some of the other ways to wrap her in it.

I guess I will look online, but what is the facing out controversy?  My LO may be unusual, but she has to be sleepy or nursing to be content when she can't see.  She gets bored easily wants to be in the action.