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CA Country Girl 09-08-2012 09:16 PM

Hi Ladies-

Just wanted advice or to see if anyone had similar stories.  I am 36 and I  have a almost ten week old who is EBF.  I lost my first 20 pounds easily and almost immediately and kind of thought it would continue that way for the second 20 that needs to go.  However, I have not lost anymore in like 4 weeks.   Since my OB oked it at the follow up I have been hiking pretty frequently and doing some jogging and swimming.  I eat really well, but I haven't cut out desserts.  I was hoping breast feeding would help, though I think it took awhile with DD1 too, but even with the exercise no pounds gone at all in 4 weeks!  Spring before last, before I got pregnant, I lost about 15 pounds quickly and easily with exercise and sensible portion reduction.  Not sure I should be trying to reduce portions when nursing.  Am I one of those unlucky people who breastfeeding does not help lose weight?  Thoughts?  Commiseration?

MN BabyDust 09-09-2012 10:05 AM

I don't know about dieting with BFing, but eating healthy obviously is good. I did not worry about desserts here and there or anything. Making milk takes a lot of calories! For me, it took extended Bfing to lose more weight. I think I continued to lose until about 6 months.

dyani 09-09-2012 12:09 PM

yes, i always thought (before i got pregnant) that nursing just melted the weight right off.  HA!  i am 9 months pp & have about 5 more pounds til i'm at my prepregnancy weight.  i gained about 50 lbs during pregnancy & yes the first 20 or so came right off.  then it slowed down.  i eat healthy but don't restrict myself too much & exercise pretty regularly (plus chase after a very active 9 month old).  so, it does happen, it just takes awhile...for me anyway!

broodymama 09-09-2012 12:13 PM

I'm one of the mamas who has difficulty losing weight while breastfeeding.  I ended up successfully losing all the baby weight (plus a good bit more) after #3 was born but struggled again after #4 was born.  I know I'll have a challenging road ahead of me after this babe is born too.  

tanyato 09-10-2012 10:39 PM

My last 5-7 (ok 10) lbs just WON'T BUDGE! I chalk it up to my body having actually changed since becoming a mother. It's like it knows I now sustain life by making breast milk and will not let me lose that last bit of padding. It's like some sort of biological wisdom (if that makes sense).

I did manage to lose 2 lbs in the last 3 weeks after not losing ANYTHING for 3 months. (I'm currently 9 1/2 months pp) but it was way harder than it should have been and life isn't worth living when all you're doing is working way to hard to lose 2 lbs. not worth it IMO.

MrsGregory 09-11-2012 12:05 PM

I still have MOST of my baby weight a year later.  I am still nursing.  I eat healthfully.  I go back and forth between counting my calories (which are well within the range of recommended and normal) and just eating and not worrying too much.  I get the same results-  nothing.  The scale remains still. 

If the weight doesn't start coming off when she weans, I will speak to my doctor.  Until then I have decided that I am just remarkably famine-resistant and clearly any awesome mother since I will protect my fat stores and therefore my baby's food supply no matter how much quinoa and steamed veggies I am subjected to.

elus0814 09-11-2012 12:15 PM

With every baby I have an awful time trying to lose any weight at all after that initial weight loss in the first few weeks. Even now I'm at 1500 calories and 90 minutes of moderate (jogging and swimming laps) six times a week and I'm lucky to lose a pound a week. As soon as I stop nursing weight drops off easily. I think some women's bodies just hang on to weight while nursing to make sure extra calories are around if needed. I'm well under my pre pregnancy weight but still have 25 ore pounds to lose to be where I want but only about 15 until I'm at what would be a reasonably healthy weight. 

sageowl 09-11-2012 02:54 PM

For what it's worth, I initially lost the first 20 pounds in those first months after the babe was born, but no matter what I did, the rest did NOT come off until I was done with breastfeeding.   

begoniamama 09-12-2012 04:05 PM

same thing happened with me, i was at a plateau and weight wasn't budging. i figured i would try something that would also benefit baby - i ate only things that had some kind of nutritional value. i did still snack moderately on dessert, but i cut out all refined flours/sugars. i stopped eating bread, crackers, muffins etc and snacked on things like hummus and veggies, sweet potato spears, and ate lots of protein. i saw a drastic and immediate difference. it was like my body was just waiting for me to help it along by being a little bit healthier, because i still exercised the same way and didn't change anything else. i think you also have to be patient, because when the baby starts eating more as they get bigger you really start burning a lot of calories. DS is 8 months old and i am only a few pounds away from pre preg, and i gained a lot of weight pregnant. i still want to tone up too. but i know how you feel, and i hope that my experience helps a bit. good luck!

element2012 09-13-2012 10:15 PM

I'm 7 months PP and have weighed the same thing since 2 weeks PP.  I have tried dieting/exercise and stayed 15 pounds up.  Recently, like in the last few weeks, since I completely decided to stop caring, my weight is creeping down.  I think it has something to do with DD eating more now.  I've also accepted that I may be 10 pounds more than I was before DD when all's said and done.  I was pretty thin before and maybe I should just trust the wisdom of my body in that I need a little more meat on my bones.  But I do keep holding out hope that it will "melt off" after DD weans (that breastfeeding "melt off" has to come at some point, dangit!)

montessorimama1 09-16-2012 08:46 PM

"9 months on, 9 months off" exists for a reason.  I'm almost at 8 months pp and also 36 yrs old, and just recently I've seen a resurgence of weight loss, but very gradually (after dropping 25 lbs. right after the birth and then another 15 pretty quickly, and then getting stuck at 10 lbs. over my pre-pregnancy weight for what seemed like forever).  


Keep working out, but also cut out desserts and watch out for sneaky calorie consumption in the form of fruit juices, sodas, etc.  Alcohol is also a no-no!  And try not to stress, because it builds up cortisol, which prevents your body from losing weight.  Good luck and take it slowly... My midwife told me that there is NO REASON why a woman pp should want to lose weight right away, and she's right.

KKsMomma 09-20-2012 09:34 PM

I second the 9 months on, 9 months off. I had long plateaus and especially had one just like yours at that exact same time post-delivery. I also remember weighing myself often and trying to come up with some sort of weight loss plan. I didn't need to. Growth spurts and any frequent nursing time helps. I did eventually try to restrict my cookie intake, which really skyrocketed when my little guy wasn't sleeping so well. I don't believe it helps to stop eating treats altogether, though. Then you will just have cookie days!


I seem to remember that long walks were helpful and easy to remember and find time for. Your baby can be awake or asleep for them. I didn't restrict portions, but I tried not to mindlessly eat treats (like meals of treats). I have also found that if I eat enough protein and fruits and vegetables, I actually feel sated and snack less on empty foods. You need extra protein and vitamins as a nursing mom, so this makes sense. I would also drink water and not juice. Don't know if that applies to you, but it applied to me.


I think that nursing helps and will eventually help you get over plateaus.

yell 09-24-2012 08:27 AM

That sounds exactly like how I was after my dd.  First 20 came off quick and the last 20 lagged.  I exercised through my pregnancy, and continued to exercise afterwards.  I ate super healthy all day but refused to give up dessert :)   It was more like 9 months on, 10 1/2 months off.  Now I look as good as I did pre preg, except my ribcage and hips expanded a little bit.  It will come off.  I think moms should give themselves a year because that first year is ROUGH all around.

philothea 10-04-2012 09:11 PM

I gained 50lbs durong pregnacy. I lost 20lbs from giving birth and so I was very excited to see how quickly the rest of the pounds would shed. Well, let me tell you I'm still at that exact same weight as the day my DD was born and now its it 5 months later! I ecologically breastfeed too. I, too, was really disappointed because I thought bfing would help. I eat really well (my husband is a health coach) but we both think one of theculprits is how much stress I've been under with our high need baby. I was down on myself for awhile but then these two things really helped:

1. If you start to feel bad about your body, scoop up your baby in your arms and head straight to the mirror. Now, look at the amazing miracle your body worked so hard to create. I think it deserves to have 'battle wounds' so to speak, and we should embrace and be proud of them. Extra pounds, different fit in clothes, and stretch marks in exchange for this precious little life?? Absolutely! What a trade of. I'm sure you'll agree, its soooo worth it! smile.gif

2. I found this pic and it made me cry. I read it whenever i Start getting caught up in the mentality of American lies proclaiming only skinny is beautiful. Especially all the hype about women and celebrities and the pressure to get back to the prepregnancy weight. Sure it would be nice, but is of always realistic? Plus, celebrities have personal trainers, personal chefs, and nannies so I think we shouldn't expect as much from ourselves IMHO. Hope this helps! hl=en&gl=us&biw=360&bih=299&site=webhp&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=Postpartum+belly+a+mark+for+every+breath+you+took&oq=Postpartum+belly+a+mark+for+every+breath+you+took&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3...161302.176405.0.177328.

philothea 10-05-2012 11:27 AM

Sorry! I don't think that link worked! I'm always one-handed typing on my phone while DD sleeps on me. smile.gif here you go...

bobysha 04-19-2016 11:43 AM

My situation is not similar but I would like to tell my story. My weight before pregnancy and my weight in a month after partus were absolutely equal. When my son was 0-3 months old I was dieting. But when I had stopped it I packed on about 10 pounds! I was feeding my son with breastmilk but it did not help me and I have piled on the weight!

lorain1122 05-16-2016 12:34 PM

Got rid of all pregnancy weight with mummy magic weight loss tea while bfing.

dannygreen 06-09-2016 02:31 PM

Same here after I had my twins. 2 years later and I cant get my old weight back. Still on diet :/

bububear 07-01-2016 06:58 AM

In my case, on my first baby, I lose lot of my weight not sure why but after having my 2nd baby, just got my weight double!:eek::eek::eek::eek:

hennesseyheart 09-28-2016 03:12 PM

I have had 6 babies. With my first two, every single bit of the baby weight came off within 3 months with no effort. My 3rd took a little longer, but was still super easy and I was back to normal by 6 months. My 4th was way different. I never did end up losing all the weight before getting pregnant again. I gained more weight with my 5th than with any of the others and didn't lose much of it before I was pregnant with my 6th despite all my best efforts. Now here I am, my youngest is almost 18 months and I've gained weight since he was born. It's been SO hard to deal with. Nothing I do budges the scale so I get frustrated and quit trying which makes everything so much worse. I think I'm finally almost ok with not getting back to my pre-baby weight and just getting to a place where I feel healthy and have some energy again.

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