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amandapapke's Avatar amandapapke 08:42 AM 10-24-2012

Hi there moms,


I was wondering, which part made you feel more insecure? Breastfeeding or introducing solids?





OtherSoul's Avatar OtherSoul 09:33 AM 10-24-2012
Introducing solids definitely.
vanni's Avatar vanni 09:58 AM 10-25-2012

Breastfeeding can be challenging, so I suppose that it has made me feel more "insecure" at times (although I don't know that I would choose that word). We introduced solids at 6 months and took a very laid-back approach to it - really only as a exploratory supplement to bfing. From 6 - 7.5 months, she only had one solids meal a day, and especially in the early time, we would often skip a day or even two. We tried BLW exclusively at the beginning, but actually had some very scary choking moments and my husband was too freaked out to continue at that early stage. I think that she was slow to lose her tongue-thrust reflex. So we did purees (sometimes just spooning the puree onto her placemat so that she could feed herself) and I kept checking in with soft finger foods. By 8 months or so, she was very into feeding herself and wasn't interested in the spoon. She is now 11 months. I prefer finger food/BLW because I like to have her hang out in her highchair while I cook or have a meal myself, and not be constantly trying to spoon food. BLW is great for lazy moms like myself.  ;-)


Bfing has been great, but I had a difficult start, and then had supply issues when she started sleeping through the night at 8 months (since resolved). I also work part time and I find pumping stressful. But I've met each challenge so far. While wonder what it would be like to leave the house for a day and not have to pump, I have no interest in weaning right now when she would still have to be on formula. Bfing is easier in many ways and I enjoy the bonding and coziness.