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Hi all! I'm trying to figure out what to do for a good baby wash. My DD (7 months old) has nasty eczema. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about bronners baby mild...but I have eczema, and that stuff dried my skin out. I currently wash with a soap from - it's made with goat's milk & calendula. Awesome for me, but is it safe for a baby? Any thoughts?


Other than those specifics, what works for you ladies? Especially anyone who deals with eczema. TIA!

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My son has pretty bad eczema, and just warm water works best on washing him(and he's a 2.5 year old boy.. so he gets FILTHY daily, but he doesn't stink or anything by us just using water on his body).. I slather him in Aveeno lotion that's made for eczema afterwards. It's -the- only thing I've found that works to clear his skin up.

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My youngest had pretty bad eczema and California baby super sensitive didn't bother it, nor did Weleda. 

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We do not use soap for our daughter because of skin concerns.  Warm water and a cloth in a tub usually work great. We didn't use shampoo for the first year or so either and her hair was never greasy and it always smelled great.  

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aveeno worked great with DD, I have since switched to California Baby.

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Hi Sawtooth, I'm going to suggest to a mod that your post be moved to "life with a babe" as you might get more views and more responses than in this DDC.


Good luck!

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Shaklee baby wash...the only thing i will use on my children as most store stuff has bad chemicals in them....


Have heard good things about California baby and i used burts bees once (1 tube)

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I like Baby Organic coconut body wash & shampoo. Just a couple of ingredients, and it's rated #1 on the skin deep database for having no toxins. A little pricey, but lasts a long time, especially if you don't use soap on baby often.

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California Baby super sensitive is what we use. They have a new eczema line but it has oatmeal that is not certified gf so we haven't tried it. 

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I've had luck with both Aveeno and California Baby.

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Did you water down the Dr. Bronner's? We use it at 50% strength. It works great in a foaming dispenser.

By the way, there was some controversy about a change in the California Baby ingredients. You might want to check that out if you are thinking about using it. I use Dr. Bronner's for everything because I know there are no questionable ingredients in there.
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We've been using Mustela Dermo-Cleansing since my daughter was born, and I really like it. Very gentle and a nice neutral smell.

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We're all members of the sensitive skin club in this house.  Most of the time I just use plain water for the bath, since bath time is more of a relaxation routine/water play time than a strict necessity (this kid really doesn't get that dirty).  That seems to work just fine.


If I'm using soap, I just put a few drops of Dr. Bonners (Baby Mild) in the tub.  Very dilute. 


You can try your soap and see if it's an issue.  Probably it will be fine.  If not, you'll know for sure.

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We have always used watered down dr. Bronners with Dd.
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We use diluted Dr. Bronners soap for Ds hair, hands, diaper area, and use only water on the rest of him as he too has eczema which is being exasperated by are really cold temperatures here right now...poor little guy. I have been slathering him in coconut oil!

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Alaffia baby Shea butter shampoo/body wash or Earth Angel Mama Baby foam.  DBs dries me out too and I used to love CB but have been very unhappy with the new formula change.  And yes, eczema here too.  I am using Alaffia blissful baby balm (shea butter, coconut oil, calendula infused almond oil and beeswax, thats it for ingredients!)

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My oldest son has it, and i have always used aveeno for him its worked great

i was recently introduced to Burts Bees for babies. It is unscented and amazing! try it :) i use the body wash/shampoo and lotion. I used aveeno for eczema on my babies cheeks

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