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summerdh90's Avatar summerdh90 07:24 PM 01-26-2013

my son also has a y shaped gluteal cleft we just had  an ultrasound done yesterday, the doctor said that he doesnt think that its anything bad but just to be sure nothings wrong. it doesnt seem to bother my son his legs are very strong and it doesnt seem to be painful to him. Does anyone kno the reasons as to why these develop?

ella'smommy's Avatar ella'smommy 08:30 PM 02-01-2013

Are you talking about the butt dimple (sacral dimple)? My son has one and we had an ultrasound done last week. The ped said that they can indicate a cord that is tethered to the skin, and is easier to look at in a newborn with an ultrasound, where if you waited more than 3 months would require an MRI with anesthesia. My son's was normal on the ultrasound too.

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 06:40 AM 02-02-2013
Is the sacral dimple what you're referring to? That's the only thing I'm aware of that an ultrasound would be recommended for.