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MaddMom41's Avatar MaddMom41 10:55 AM 02-22-2013

Is this possible? She's super cranky lately and when she feeds she unlatches constantly and whines. My brother used an amber teething necklace with his son and swears by it for not only teething but good moods. 

I've read a lot about them and generally believe in natural remedies and am going to try one. I saw a lot of good posts to Inspired by Finn and they seem to have a lot of knowledge about the Baltic amber. 

Anyone else have some positive reactions to these or tried their website?


sere234's Avatar sere234 11:53 AM 02-22-2013
Perhaps it could be the 3 month growth spurt? Ds1 did that when I didn't have as much milk as his giant growth spurt required. He was much happier after my milk adjusted in a few days.
MaddMom41's Avatar MaddMom41 12:04 PM 02-22-2013
Hmmm maybe she also likes to suck her hands and chew on my fingers and the paci so we'll see. I order the necklace any how
FaithHopeLove29's Avatar FaithHopeLove29 12:35 PM 02-22-2013

My son has been teething since about that time... thing is, he still doesn't have any teeth (6 months later). The fussing while nursing seemed to correlate with growth spurts for us. I'm not a believer in the amber necklaces, but I know many swear by them, so I hope it works well for you too! We used cold washcloths to chew on, and I've heard some people freeze breastmilk and put it in mesh feeders for teething, but I never tried that myself. Good luck!

skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 02:24 PM 02-22-2013
My DD started teething around that time and her first tooth popped through by 3.5 months. You never know!
Asiago's Avatar Asiago 06:19 PM 02-22-2013

My son started at 3 months also and had 4 teeth by his 4 month well baby visit to the pediatrician!

I recall the drooling at 3 months and mentioned it to my ped, he felt it was unlikely, but sure enough by the next visit....well 4 teeth. I just offered the breast when ever he needed comfort.

My mother said that I also had teeth by 4 months, so part of it may be hereditary.

court3717's Avatar court3717 07:02 PM 02-23-2013
It's definitely possible! My little girl is 14 weeks old & hardcore teething. She's had teething symptoms since about 8 weeks old. Her dad & his brother both had teeth by the time they were 4 m/o
MaddMom41's Avatar MaddMom41 10:05 AM 02-26-2013

Oh it's confirmed DD has 2 white bumps on her upper gums as of this weekend. . lots of sleepless nights for this mama earlier this week but we've since tried the amber necklace and Hyland's teething tabs and things are looking up!

How long does it take In your experiences for teeth to come in? I"m trying to judge the amount of sleep i'll be getting LOL

skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 11:15 AM 02-26-2013
The bottom incisors were quick - 2to 3 weeks. Canines and molars took forever though. It's a relief at least to know what is going on