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earthmoma's Avatar earthmoma 09:55 AM 03-13-2013

I thought it might be fun to post my experience with the first 30 days of introducing my baby to solids. She just turned 6 months, has been trying to grab/eat anything on the table during dinner time that she can and can sit up unassisted. She has been EBF up until this point. We raise/grow everything that we eat except dairy products. I am doing the "baby led solids" method and this is my first babe so feel free to follow along on our journey. I'll post and update every day :) Feel free to comment.


Day 1- I am starting small. One meal a day (dinner) for now. I cut up a banana and placed it on her tray of her highchair. Nobody told me about the funny faces babies make when they put food into their mouths. Oh my! It took everything that my husband and I had not to laugh out loud at her. She didn't really like the texture of holding the banana nor did she like the taste. She played with it for about 5 min and then she was done. We ignored her the whole time she was "eating" and carried on with our dinner. She didn't really eat any of it, just reshaped some of the coin shaped banana pieces with her fingers and gums.


Day 2- Bananas were not a hit so onward to new foods. I gave her some mashed potatoes and a chunk of pork chop. I have decided to just give her whatever I am eating. She played happily in the potatoes, stuck a tiny bit in her mouth and decided she didn't like that :). She grabbed the pork chop chunk and chewed on it the rest of dinner. I don't think she really ate any of the chop but she liked chewing on it. I gave her some water in a sippy cup (shes  not very good at the bottle). I don't think she is ready for a sippy cup, she didn't really understand it.


Day 3- the items on her tray tonight are a caramelized onion, a cooked red pepper slice, a chunk of chicken and a chicken bone with some meat still attached to it. She immediately grabbed the onion and pushed it off the tray. She then grabbed the chicken bone and started chewing on it. She was in love! Finally! Something she enjoys putting in her mouth. I think she might have gotten a little chicken down? This was a pastured raised chicken so the bones have LOTS of nutrition in them. She chewed on the bone the whole dinner. Oh the faces of a baby eating new foods is priceless! I gave her water in a bottle and I think she actually took a couple sips of it. I held onto the bottle and offered her it when she released the bone from her mouth for a couple of sec.

LilyTiger's Avatar LilyTiger 02:40 PM 03-13-2013

What a fun journal.  We started solids with our daughter last month and I just threw caution to the winds yesterday and tried her on sauerkraut.  She loved it!  Babies are funny. 

earthmoma's Avatar earthmoma 06:24 PM 03-13-2013
Wow! How amazing. It sounds like your baby is going to have a great taste in food!
I envy you guys, but I know one day we will be there smile.gif

Day 4- I offered a whole banana to LO as she was zooming around the house in her walker. She seemed a lot more interested in it. Im not sure if it was because it was whole or she was kind of use to it? Dinner was a flop! We had homemade pizza so I set aside some sassage and pulled out a chicken bone I had saved for her. She loved playing in the sassage but never tried to put it in her mouth. After that she just beat the sassage with the bone and never put it in her mouth. Well I guess it wasnt a flop, she seemed to have fun. She also took a sip of water.

I didnt want her having the crust because I have read babies can not digest wheat & grains properly until around 1 yr. Any wheat/grains should be soaked in breast milk to help with digesyion. Anyway, we just started this food thing & Im not ready for that smile.gif
CA Country Girl's Avatar CA Country Girl 06:13 PM 03-15-2013

My baby loves bones too.  She always reminds me of a little wolf cub with them.  She also eats avocado, carrots, sweet potato, brown rice, banana, mango.  Actually, she has accepted and seemed to like almost everything we put in front of her.

Jaxy's Avatar Jaxy 09:47 PM 03-15-2013

CA Country Girl Pretty much the same here lol

earthmoma's Avatar earthmoma 05:34 AM 03-17-2013
LO has been sick so we have backed off the solids & will start back up when she is feeling better.