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Hey guys!
My names Sophia, I'm new here. I'll post my intro and birth story shortly, but first I have a little question for you folks.

I'm a little concerned about the amount of spitting up my 7 and a half week old son, Jack, is doing. It seems like he's spitting up, ranging from milky drool all the way to full on vomit, at just about every feed. What's strange is he isn't bothered at all by it. Never cries, never acts uncomfortable in relation to spitting up. On the other hand he's an incredibly easy baby. One of those mythical newborns that just sleeps and smiles 24/7. So it's hard to tell when something is bothering him as it takes an awful lot to really upset him.

As far as his diet goes he's about 50/50 with formula and breast milk. We're working towards EBF (I'm pumping after feeds, offering the breast constantly, taking fenugreek and domperidone) but he was 9 lbs 6 oz at birth and dropped to 8 lbs during his 16 day NICU stay, so supplementation was a necessity for us. I've continued on the same formula the NICU used, so no change there. He does seem to spit up more after a large formula feed though. He also always wants to be upright, which is fine by me. I use an ergo for baby wearing and usually sleep with him propped up on my chest. However during the rare times he is lying flat on his back (diaper changes for one) he almost always spits up. He gets so fussy on his back that the NICU nurses put him back on a heart rate monitor just so they could let him tummy sleep, and even advised me off the record to let him tummy sleep at home. I have a feeling his discomfort back sleeping is connected to his constant spitting up when I lay him down awake.

I'm really unsure. I never experienced this with DD, this baby couldn't be more different. Is it possible this is a reflux issue? Does anyone have experience with this? Any suggestions?
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Wow it sounds like you and Jack have had quite an adventure already. My son is 10 months and just off his reflux meds. He had unspecified colic that turned out to be "silent" (dry) reflux because he never spit up but the meds helped. He was EBF after a few weeks of supplementing due to jaundice.
It sounds like possible reflux, even if it doesn't bother him. They have a term "happy spitters". I think they may or may not treat it depending on his comfort and weight gain.
I found the reflux rebels site really helpful. Lots of good info from parents. Good luck! Even though your situation is different than ours, let me know if you have other questions.

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DD was born around 34 weeks. She had serious reflux issues (diagnosed by our home health nurse & confirmed by our ped).

I would suggest to do all the footwork- ask the doctor, look online, read up on it, etc. It may or may not be normal or benign. I firmly believe that any time you're concerned with your baby or toddler's behavior, ask a professional. Better safe than sorry.

We were very fortunate to have been able to EBF from day one-- save for the glucose binkies & one or two bottles of preemie formula the neonatologist force-fed her ("You WILL NOT succeed at breastfeeding a preemie. Almost no one does!" .... Yeah... we promptly "fired" her and requested a different neonatologist for the remainder of her NICU stay!!) However, there was lots of pumping involved to make that doable. Keep up with the pumping! I'm convinced that succeeding with the breastfeeding relationship, in the vast majority of circumstances, is mind over matter. I dealt with 12-15 weeks of exclusive pumping, bruised breasts, bloody nipples, and all sorts of icky stuff... fought through it, and we are still enjoying the nursing relationship (she's beginning to wean herself greensad.gif ) at age 2.5. You can do it!! I would not be surprised if the formula might be exacerbating the reflux, however, I realize formula is necessary right now. DD ended up needing Pediasure to help her gain weight for about six months after her first birthday. She'd go from 50% body fat to 25%, then to 60%, then get crazy skinny again... toddler formula was a lifesaver. So maybe I didn't technically truly 100% EBF.

I don't know if you happen to be on any Rx meds- DD would vomit every time I took my as needed migraine meds. I stopped taking that drug as soon as I realized what it did to her.


One way we dealt with her reflux by sitting her in a baby bouncer, propped up & positioned with swaddling blankets for sleeping. She weighed less than 5 lbs when she came home, and the baby bouncer was too big to hold her upright. While the AAP frowns upon sleeping a baby in a bouncer with rolled up blankets, we discussed it with our ped & the home health nurse. DD would arch her back, turn bright red, then spit up or throw up after nearly every feeding, especially if she was lying down. I was told to hold her upright after feedings, or put her in the bouncer while I pumped after a feeding. It was also suggested to me to look into dietary triggers-- it is possible he is reacting to something you're eating that doesn't agree with him. Once she overcame the reflux, we did co-sleeping for a while, which did not work out for us. She now sleeps in a crib in the same room as DH & me, only two paces from my side of the bed.

We also found an excellent recipe online for all natural gripe water. We'd use a medicine dropper, and feed her a dropper-full of it after every feeding. I believe it was water, raw sugar, mint, ginger, and fennel, boiled for about 10 minutes.... but don't quote me on that. Google homemade gripe water recipes or something of that sort-- a plethora of recipes at your fingertips! It helped tremendously with reflux, and we got the thumbs up from our home health nurse on using it at every feeding.

By about 20 weeks old, she seemed to have outgrown the reflux. She still occasionally spit up until about a year old, but nothing near as severe as it was her first few months.

Not to be redundant, but to reiterate how strongly I feel about this, I will say once more-- if it continues to concern you & doesn't seem normal, it does not hurt to run it by his pediatrician.

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Both my babies were like this.  One was full-term, the other was a bit early.  They both had some reflux, but not enough to justify going the meds route, so we just managed it the best we could (keeping babies upright as much as possible-no laying flat until they were at least 6 months old).  Didn't seem to matter whether they had formula or breastmilk, they still did the same amount of spitting up.  They both got a bit better around the 3 month mark, and outgrew it around the time they started solids.

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