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Growing up, I saw a family practicioner.  I thought it was common. I'm in my late twenties, not particularly old.  So when my daughter was born and the hospital wanted to know who my baby's doctor would be, I put in the family doctor.  Except for one excursion to a pediatrician for a more severe issue, that's who we have been seeing for four months and I'm quite happy.  I'm grateful for the pediatrician's help in the one instance, but I also felt the atmosphere overly paranoid--"fear mongering", if you will.  The family practice doctor is professional, but also rather relaxed, giving more "homey" advice than prescriptions.  I felt more comfortable there.


But I'm gathering that more people take their babies to pediatricians.  

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Are you in America? In Australia virtually everyone sees GPs. Specialists such as paeds are only for more serious or complicated problems. And you usually need a referral from your GP. It's also a lot more expensive unless you are seeing the specialist through a public hospital clinic. Which often have better doctors but always have longer waiting lists.

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Mine are 4 and 12; we use a family doc for the same reason you stated. We started out with a ped but tired of things like Doc frowning at a growth chart and telling us that he was "very concerned that dd was only in the 30th % for height!!!" while dh (5'7") and I (5'1") blinked at each other. A nurse asking repeatedly how many ounces I fed her per day while I repeated "exclusively breastfed!!".
Nothing major, but every visit left us feeling unheard. The FP docs we see are the exact opposite. smile.gif
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We see a group of family doctors. Even my CHD baby was seen by them even right after his surgery. Not strange at all.

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I am in the US, and I just don't think I ever even thought of a family practitioner. It really just didn't occur to me, and I've never thought of pediatricians as specialists. I went to one until I was 23.


 It's stilly, because obviously they are in a way specialists, but it's not like a gynecologist or hemotologist you only see for one part of your body-- they still (theoretically!) have a holisitic take on health that takes into account all the body systems, and hopefully, the mind too. 


Maybe this is just me being weird and private, but I don't think I'd want me, my husband and my kid to all have the same doctor, even though that used to be the norm. I'd rather have some space around the issue of my health. 


However, I've also yet to have a doctor I really cared about. My pediatric practice and my general practitioner's office now are both clinic rotation places, and I've just never felt a deep, personal connection to a doctor. 

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I've always brought dd to a family doctor. She is six now. We are in the northeast of the US. Some people do think it's odd. I just had twins and they are seen by the family doctor as well. I consider myself super lucky and fortunate to have found a single practitioner practice to see my whole family, especially one who is kind of holistic. I feel much better that my doctor knows my family and cares about us. I hate these huge rotating groups where you never see the same person. 

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All three of us have the same doctor because husband and I were both in need of new docs at the same time and we were also expecting her, and trying to find a pediatrician AND a family practice/internal med doctor seemed like too much work. ROTFLMAO.gif The only time it was not great was right after she was born. The FP doc doesn't do hospital visits so she had to be examined in the hospital nursery by their ped. Whereas if we had a pediatrician who had privileges at the hospital where we delivered, they would probably come to our room because our babe would probably be their only patient on the floor. Kind of a minor thing in hindsight, though it was irritating at the time. I'm not planning to switch to a pediatrician for the next one to avoid it. *shrug*. 

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My son and I (and soon daughter) all see the same family doctor.  She does shadow care for a lot of my midwife's clients, so that's how it all started.  She also has hospital privileges, so she can help deliver baby if something goes awry, it really is the best of all worlds!

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I tried with my first, but couldn't find one that saw kids under 4.
My youngest has some issues it took me some time to find a ped for her.
Best I'm doing now is going to a clinic that has several types of providers in one office

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We also use a family practice doc for our whole family. I also saw a family practice doc for my whole first pregnancy (planned c-section for second so used a OBGyn).


But I also find us to be in the minority. Most people take their kids to pediatricians.


I've loved both family doctors we've used. It's more convenient for us and both have been awesome with my kids. It's sometimes helpful for the doc. to know what's going on with the rest of the family as well. For example when three of the four of us have been in and had positive strep throat cultures and the fourth starts complaining of a sore throat it's not that hard to convince the same doctor that just saw the other three to write another prescription without a new office visit copay. Plus it seems to make us a all just a bit more memorable. We find we don't have to rehash our kids whole history at every visit. They actually remember the kids they do see and can have a conversation with them about their interests and activities. For example they actually know what grades my kids are in. Not sure if they remember or just take a minute to actually look at the chart, but I don't really care as long as they seem to remember the kids. It makes them more comfortable at the visit.

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Originally Posted by katelove View Post

Are you in America? In Australia virtually everyone sees GPs. Specialists such as paeds are only for more serious or complicated problems. And you usually need a referral from your GP. It's also a lot more expensive unless you are seeing the specialist through a public hospital clinic. Which often have better doctors but always have longer waiting lists.

I think it's regional. Canada is the same way: peds are specialists who see kids beyond the scope of routine care by a family doc. If you have a specific concern, you raise it with the family doc and you may be referred to a ped from there. The average, healthy child is pretty unlikely to see a ped. Family docs also do prenatal and postpartum care and are on the same level as midwives: healthy, low risk pregnancies and births are their territories and they refer to OBs for concerns. Family docs are the standard, routine care for everyone from newborn to elderly and will refer to specialists for specific concerns.
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We go to a family practice doctor too. I've been seeing him since I was 12 and  my husband, incidently, had been seeing his partner, so when they split my hubby just moved over to mine so we would all be in one place. 


But I agree that the whole pedi thing does seem the norm around here now. 


We do see a pedi dentist who we love but we only found him after my hubbys dentist, who our oldest had seen, died.

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Planning on bringing mine to my own doc. That's what 'family' practices are all about! ;-) 


I'm an FNP (family nurse practitioner) myself, so it doesn't seem at all 'weird' to me. Maybe it's regional?

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