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So. I've been developing this theory for a while now and wonder if anyone can add to it. Do the noises mom makes during labor influence the noises her baby (will eventually) make?

My labor with DS2 began gradually and built slowly. I was well rested, and felt strong and controlled throughout. Once my contractions began to require more focus, I began to hum through them, letting the sound really resonate in my skull. DS2 is a hummer and seems to do it to calm himself and when he is deeply engrossed in an activity.

My most recent birth was five months ago. Labor was quick and intense, coming on hard and lasting a quick 2.5 hours from start to finish. Feeling like I was ahead of the contractions just wasn't a priority for me and I let myself scream to the heavens as much as I wanted to. DD is sweet as can be but she is a screamer! She has these explosive squawks she uses when she's extremely happy, for EC and also when she's uncomfortable.

I ran the theory by DH yesterday as DD was happily squawking. I expected that he'd just humor me but he's on board. He said 'Yes! She does sound like you. Three of screeches like that and she was born!'

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Not in my case.  I made low humming sounds all through labor and my daughter is a general babbler and screecher, but not a hummer. 


There is some interesting research on how babies begin acquiring language in the womb, but it has more to do with their recognition of their home language and verbal patterns.  And that's obviously over months of exposure.  I don't think one day of labor would be enough to permanently imprint a particular sound preference on them.

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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post
 I don't think one day of labor would be enough to permanently imprint a particular sound preference on them.

Yeah, I was a hummer, and she is a squealer. :) 

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The noises I made in my most recent labor were all low- sounded like "tibetan Throat singing" according to my doula. 

My daughter screeches and squeals and chirps. She's like a cat crossed with some bizzare exotic bird. :) 

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