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I have a 3 week old who seems to have his days and nights mixed up. He wants to sleep from about 11am-6pm with one or 2 breast feeding breaks. He then is very fussy from 6p-8/9p. He then is up every 1.5-2 hrs from 10p-6/7a to breast feed.

We are pretty exhausted as we have 2 other little dudes who like to sleep at night smile.gif

Is there a way to encourage him to move this sleepy time to the night? It is very hard to wake him up during his sleepy time, but not impossible. I am just worried that if I try to keep him up, he will get over-tired and we will be in worse shape.
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I hate to say it but it sounds kind of normal. For the first month my baby slept a lot during the day, went to bed late and woke up to nurse frequently. The 6-9pm sounds like a typical witching hour. I was always told to make the daytime as interesting as possible with lots of light and activity. Then make the nighttime as boring as possible. Keep things dark and quiet. Don't change diapers unless they are poopy or baby is bothered by being wet. Don't talk much, etc. When my baby turned 1 month old he suddenly stopped sleeping all day long so this may be one of those things that if you just wait it will pass and your baby will change. I hope you are all getting more sleep soon!

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Yeah, it does sound pretty normal! We focused on simple cues for night vs. day sleep. For example, making sure that there's ample natural light all around you during the day, even while he is sleeping, and then maybe starting at the beginning of that evening fuss period, bringing down the artificial lighting with a dimmer or by using a $5 push-light from target or whatever instead of an overhead light, and then keeping the sleeping and waking baby in as close to total darkness as possible until morning. I think at 1 mo is when we stopped changing her diaper at night too, to help with the whole idea of keeping the peace at night. 


Our daughter also slept for 5-6 hrs at a time as a newborn during the day. I think they all do! Some people said to wake her every 3 hrs to nurse, others adamantly said "never wake a sleeping baby!!" I first decided to wake her up only if she'd been asleep more than 4 hrs during the day, but because it is so hard to wake a s sleepy newborn it made me think that maybe it's because she's not ready to be wakeful yet, so I stopped waking her up at all. She still gained .5oz+ a day, and kept up in her percentiles, so I don't think waking her up was needed. If she had failed to gain weight, I would have started waking her up more. 


She sorted out her sleep with no problem with only lights and routines to guide her. I think by 3 months is when it became clear that nighttime had been established as a thing because she began waking up more often all day, and then sleeping 4-5 hrs straight from 9pm on, and then back to waking every 2 hrs. 

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