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Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 03:05 PM 09-09-2004
Originally Posted by mamapenelope
hey, plum, why dontcha join me in starting multiple threads that will all have to be pulled? :LOL Just kidding!
Mamap - your horns are showing.....

Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 03:15 PM 09-09-2004
I just wear hats!! They hide them sooo well
plum's Avatar plum 03:28 PM 09-09-2004
man, scout was vicious this morning. like a lion cub or something. i was trying to sleep and she kept latching on rather aggressively. i'd pull my tank top up and roll over in my sleep and she'd pounce on me and pull my tank top back down and latch on again. i tried covering my chest up with the blanket and she kept pulling it off me. when she'd nurse, she'd slap at my face . it was a rough morning. she's been feisty all day.
Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 08:30 PM 09-09-2004
Ouch Plum! I often wonder what makes them so agressive about nursing sometimes

I hope she was nicer to mama for the remainder of the day.
plum's Avatar plum 08:36 PM 09-09-2004
she's been in a pretty good mood all day but man was she beastly this morning!
KarmaChameleon's Avatar KarmaChameleon 09:05 PM 09-09-2004
Two major funny things today:

First of all, took Sage to the ped. because we are ina new state and I wanted to get a doc in case anything were to go wrong -- Sage is in the 5th percentile for weight and height!!!! This is only funny because the kid eats like a damn trucker. Seriously, she is eating us out of house and home but still wears some 3-6 month clothes :LOL

Then, my 3 yo says to me "Daddy says this house is a freakin' mess"
Viola's Avatar Viola 09:07 PM 09-09-2004
Originally Posted by mamapenelope
I think I am leaving Mothering. I have a few things going on the TP and after they are finished i will probably ask for my account to be deleted. The whole "no talk about homosexuality or abortion" thing has me so hopping mad. I just don't know that I belong here anymore. (FWIW, another thread just got killed on TAO because we were discussing gay marriage).
Oh hey, I participated in that thread, I didn't know it had been pulled. Maybe we could start a yahoogroup for the Equinox 2003 mamas or something.
mamadawg's Avatar mamadawg 09:19 PM 09-09-2004
Hi everyone,

I'm coming out of lurkdom for a minute. We've been on vacation (went to Canada--the girls were little angels, very good little travellers ) and I have a friend who just had a preemie this morning at 29 weeks, 4 days after 4 days of fighting premature labor, so I haven't been online much.

I just want to ask mamapenelope not to leave. I love your posts, mama. You are always so kind to everyone and you've really cheered me up when I've needed it. Please don't leave. I'm a pretty quiet lurker (I have twins, I don't have time to type ) but I always enjoy reading your posts. There was a thread on here not long ago called something like "who is your favorite MDC poster?" and I thought about writing mamapenelope. But then I thought that it would look kind of weird because I mostly lurk and I'd look like a stalker or something.
anabean's Avatar anabean 09:30 PM 09-09-2004
i'm starting a petition for mamap not to leave. 2
check TAO to add your support.
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 10:14 PM 09-09-2004
MamaP- don't go!! I understand what you mean, I post on another forum that isn't censored to get those frustrations out! If you go, you will be missed very, very much s.
polka123's Avatar polka123 11:15 PM 09-09-2004
MamaP - I hear you loud & clear. I have many friends in many diff. life settings -
I too have killed a few threads b/c I mentioned that I support a few causes.
I have noticed that some here on MDC wear their politics in their sigs & while this does NOT affect THIS thread that's why it's important that we stay as a group.
We, on this thread, look past that.
I also avoid TAO & politics - it just plain iritates me @ times.
I'm up for a yahoo group also

Plum - Colin has been an aggressive nurser lately - OW .
Sometimes I want to quit but I weather it out.

Karma - that's "freaking" funny

IceQ - how's all @ home ?

Mamap - your horns are showing - by IceQ
ooooh, i love horns - I'm an Aries ya know ! DH is a Taurus so we have horns around here !
Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 11:29 PM 09-09-2004
Polka - things are okay... the battle still continues, but I do appreciate your support on that thread and I totally agree that maybe we do need our own spouse tribe on here or somewhere... it's nice to talk to others that face the same issues.

Right now my beautiful little is quitely napping on her daddy's chest. She hasn't done this since she was a newborn and he is ellated. I've tried to encourage him to spend more quality time with her and he'll reap the benefits. He has been making an honest effort (aside from the other issues) this last week and it looks like he's getting a payday right now. And I love that it gives me a few quite moments!!!

I think my mom is going to take us (me and Emma... dh has to work a 12 tonight so he's going to be sleeping) out for a birthday dinner, so it will be nice not to cook tonight It seems the last few years I've been the one to make a great ellaborate dinner for everyone... for my birthday : but I guess that is par for the course when I'm the only one in the family that is a great cook :LOL
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 12:32 AM 09-10-2004
Oh to be 17 again and have the energy for activism, mamap keep it up, everyone needs parental rights.

I am totally beat today, our ac is down and it's just so hot.

The cleaning lady was pretty good, but for some reason she didn't put all my clutter away
excitedtobeamom's Avatar excitedtobeamom 01:28 AM 09-10-2004
Name -Kureen
What screen name means-just what it says
Age-26 this month
What state-Nevada
Your hair/eye color-blondish brown/green
DH,DP,SO 1st name-Stephen
Kids & ages-Aiden is my DD and she is 11 months
Most recent birthing experience-planned c-section after thinking I was having a homebirth
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)-We really liked it and hadn't heard it before. Little did we know it was a very popular boy's name for last year.
Who does you babe look like-Just like her Daddy
Color of hair/eyes-hair looks blondish brown and her eyes have been brown since she was born
Baby walking or crawling-crusing and crawling
Baby's personality thus far-very serious just like Daddy
Baby's likes/dislikes-loves animals and hates being thrown into the air
More kids?-yes 1 or 3 more
Pets (kind & name)-2 lbs named Bo and Oz and fish
Fav foods/dessert-I love good Mexican, Italian and anything dark chocolate
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go-to my own private luxury island somewhere beautiful
Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)-Finding Nemo (I was babysitting older kids)
Fav movies-Meet the Parents and Mary Poppins
Reading a book? several-Don Quixote, Pride and Prejudce
Last book read?Jane Eyre
Fav stores-Trader Joes
Fav colors-purple and green
Fav holidays-all of them
Fav passion-anything outdoors
Fav soapbox cause-nursing
When on mdc the most-during the day when DD is napping
Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 02:41 AM 09-10-2004
I got a picture of Emma zonked out with Daddy... it's pretty funny! There are also a few new ones of her in here

She is starting to look way too grown up!
ShellyK's Avatar ShellyK 02:56 AM 09-10-2004
MamaP, I haven't read any of the threads you're talking about, but it sounds like it sucks. Please don't leave, though! I LOVE your posts. You have such great perspective on so many things.

I'd be up for a yahoo group as well, if you are going to leave. So, don't leave without telling us the name of the yahoo group!

I just came home from a mommies' night out with 5 mommies from our ECFE class. A couple glasses of wine and some good laughter go a long way!
Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 03:32 AM 09-10-2004
DOH! Thanks for reminding me mamaP - I DID see your picture earlier and I forgot to say..

HOLY CRAP! Those are some mighty big taters you got there

Do you have a root cellar to help keep them in for the winter?? My parents used to do that in our old house (it had a dirt basement) our potatos would keep for months down there. Isn't it amazing how in the old days, they always figured out a way to keep the food safe for months on end?? Even built their houses around that technology.... really makes you wonder what has happened huh?
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 09:59 AM 09-10-2004
I saw your picture but forgot to say anything on this thread, I did on your tao love fest .

Karen, aww what a sweet pic!

Shelly- sounds good!

I need a night out, I'm at the end of my rope over here . I have a really bad cold, af just showed up and I'm in pain and I haven't slept more than 2 hours in a row in over a week. If it's not the kids waking me, it's my cold or hormonial insomnia keeping me up!
ShellyK's Avatar ShellyK 10:59 AM 09-10-2004
Penelope, I loved your potato picture. Those are some rockin' huge potatoes! I'm glad you're still around!

Jackie, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so crummy. Hang in there!
cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 02:32 PM 09-10-2004
awe........ I love sleeping baby pictures......especially with daddies..hehe...we have a few of those too. How sweet. We will be gone this weekend...back on Mon. Have a great weekend. mamap..don't you dare leave..hehe....
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 08:40 PM 09-10-2004
Back from home depot you'd think we live there, got all the needed stuff plus a celling fan for ds's room, he's been wanting it but it was just too pricey. Well it was 50% off, get to the counter and it's not on sale, but since it was marked we got it for the "sale" price yeah for us.

DD is getting a runny nose, she took two "real" naps today, nearly and hour each she must really not be feeling well.
Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 09:31 PM 09-10-2004
I feel your pain on Home Depot!!! We literally registered there when we got married (it was the only place we registered). We told everyone we didn't need sheets, we needed sheetrock LOL.

I know we spend too much time there because 50% of the staff (and we all know how many employees they have at each store) know Emma by name and she has her own "uncle Will" (one of the employees... who actually is on the picture distribution list at portrait time :LOL )

Glad you got a great deal! I'm still how it is we spent 3 times the amount on a ceiling fan for her room than for our living room??? The room she gets her diaper changed in, and that is it

I hope that little one gets to feeling better soon!!
CTMOMOF2's Avatar CTMOMOF2 10:58 PM 09-10-2004
Glittergal's Avatar Glittergal 12:43 AM 09-11-2004
hi everyone.

We went on a mock vacation to the blue ridge mountains this week and had an entire week of hikes and outdoor bliss planned. We spent 3 days cooped up with torrential rains and residual from the hurricanes in florida and decided to return to maryland. kind of a bummer. dh has off from work and we sooo needed some time together.

I'm sorry to hear about those threads, mama P. Don't leave us! I avoid all those areas, especially activism, precisely because I feel that I have seen people's threads get attacked and in general, some viscious behaviour. Pretty sad. I try to stick to "safe" topics for my own sanity.

Has anyone noticed some real changes in their babe's personalities? Whoa, look out because here comes Sophia and boy does she have a temper!!!!!

She cries in rage and we swear we can hear her swearing! I think the tantrums have started and I can't STAND it. I have a really really bad temper and can lean towards having a violent streak - not that I would ever hit anyone but I always want to clamp down on something, etc. Well, I should say I DID. My husband, Mr Mellow, has seriously chilled me out. I was hoping our children would get his genes in that regard but it appears Sophia will have some of my temper!

No walking here yet. Teething and poor sleeping contintue to plague us. She'll be 11 months tomorrow. She has FINALLY started eating, thank goodness. For awhile, I was really starting to feel weak and exhausted from all her nursing. I lost alot of weight and felt terrible. I won't say I pushed solids but started encouraging and offering and now she wants everything. I love it! It feels like a little break from the nonstop nursing.
plum's Avatar plum 01:46 AM 09-11-2004
we're slowly getting scout used to eating more food. it's a bit rough. i feel like i have the flu but no vomiting. just nausea. i don't eat the best food anymore because everything makes me feel icky. tonight for dinner, she had some of my ramen. i must say, she was a big fan. she loves couscous, though.

she now climbs up AND down! she can climb off the couch by herself. i'm afraid of what's going to happen when she learns she can climb off our bed.
FreeRangeMama's Avatar FreeRangeMama 02:08 AM 09-11-2004
It has been a LOOONG and busy week, so I am officially way, way behind! I will try to remeber everything I wanted to say, but with a squirmy not-yet-sleeping boy on my lap it is doubtful :LOL

Plum, I say go for the UC!! I can't imagine doing it any other way!! Also, do you think maybe your supply is a little low due to your pg and that's why Scout was so aggressive? When nursing through pg you really have to make sure you are well hydrated, eating lots of healthy food (esp. protein an calcium) and getting enough rest to have hopes of maintaining a good supply. Even then there are no guarantees. What is working for me so far is all the things I already mentioned, plus a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and RRL before bed. I notice a major difference when I take it vs. when I forget. The generall reccommendation for RRL tea in pg is 1 cup/day in the 1st trimester, 2 cups/day in the 2nd, and 3 cups/day in the 3rd (unlimited amounts in the last weeks). I have also heard good things about alfalfa. I thought I would pass along the info JIC

MamaP, I will be very sad if you do decide to leave, but I totally understand why. I haven't been to TAO in a while, but itis surprising that people here WOULDN'T support gay marriage. I have fired off many letters to the editor of the subject, it is one that gets me all fired up! I tend to just stick to threads (like this one) because I got tired of being in arguments :LOL I think a yahoo group would be great!!

Well, my online time is up almost up Deshi is FINALLY ready for bed! Gotta get him rested up for his birthday party tomrrow Its a good thing we planned it for this weekend as we have been taking turns with this horrible virus. Morning sickness and a vomitting child are not so compatible! Dh has been awesome though, he has made many late night runs to satisfy my cravings :LOL
FreeRangeMama's Avatar FreeRangeMama 02:20 AM 09-11-2004
Wow Plum and MamaP, it took me so long to post my message that you both posted in the meantime. Plum, sorry you are feeling rough. I have been struggling with morning sickness this time around It seems to help if I eat constantly (lots of small meals) and make sure to eat lots of protein. If I can follow those things I feel sort-of okay. If I don't I can't get off the couch I hope you are feeling better soon!
Icequeen_in_ak's Avatar Icequeen_in_ak 02:25 AM 09-11-2004
Plum, I was going to say the same thing FRM did about the morning sickness. I LIVED on peanut butter toast for the first 10 weeks :LOL I also had to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours to keep the nausea at bay... it was a very rough 10 weeks (I was soooo lucky that my m/s went away 3 days into my 3 week long Caribbean vacation... so I actually enjoyed the remainder of it

Hope you feel better soon.
Viola's Avatar Viola 05:57 AM 09-11-2004
Hi, Kureen!

Penelope, I want to see your tater pic, but you edited the link on TAO. Where is it, darnit?
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 11:37 AM 09-11-2004
s plum and FRM I remember my horrid ms oh so well when I was pregnant with #2. I hope you both feel better soon.

Amy, MP posted it in this thread, I think page 9??
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