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JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 03:20 PM 11-01-2004
New month, new thread. Welcome to all from the Sept 04 due date club and all mamas with babes born in Sept 04!

janerose's Avatar janerose 03:54 PM 11-01-2004

Finally my chance to jump in! I didn't find the October thread until late and have to admit I was overhelmed by all the pages to read.

Anyway, I'm Holly. SAHM to our 5 1/2 wk old DD, 2 dogs & 9 cats.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
CherAugusta's Avatar CherAugusta 04:34 PM 11-01-2004
I'm back too! Hoping I can keep up a little bit better now.
banana girl's Avatar banana girl 05:47 PM 11-01-2004
babe in arms.. gonna be brief, mostly just want to subscribe and get in the loop. Welcome new mamas!!! glad to see some of our mamas popping back in, I've been noticing some missing mamas! Hope we didn't lose anyone during the switch over!

Hey Jen, I got my fluffy mail today! I watched the mailman pull up and was waitng with my door open. (I recognized the box) Boy, has that box travelled!!! Thank you, I love them!!!! They are being washed right now.. gotta break them in. Have you used yours yet???

O.k. so where are all the halloween pictures??? bring them on mamas!!! I want to see your cuties!

savannah, I coudn't get the pictures to come up on shutterfly, anyone else have that problem??? I'll try again, if I remember to go back to the last thread!

Mielle is totally passed out in my arms, head flopped off to the side, a sweet angelic little rag doll! However my arm is getting tired, so....

colinsmom's Avatar colinsmom 05:54 PM 11-01-2004
From the October thread:

Monica, your hospital doesn't offer epidurals??? How in the world can they manage that? Here it seems like the medical profession is afraid they'll be sued if they don't...

Msrog – No, our Hospital here in town doesn’t offer epidurals for the normal delivery, just for c-sections (don’t think I didn’t scream for a c-section! ). They offer intrathecals instead of epidurals. I was told that your regular doctor can administer an intrathecal, but you need an anesthesiologist to administer an epidural. I was a little confused because I didn’t see my doctor the entire time I was at the hospital (my midwife did the delivery), it had to of been the anesthesiologist who gave me the intrathecals so I don’t know why they don’t do epidurals. I thought that maybe it was a cost thing (to have an anesthesiologist on staff 24/7) but now I don’t know.

I know a lot of women who choose not to deliver there because they don’t offer epidurals; it seems to me that they would have more deliveries if they offered them.
colinsmom's Avatar colinsmom 05:57 PM 11-01-2004
Try Savanah's pictures again. It didn't come up the first time for me either.

By the way Savanah, love the pictures, soooooo cute!
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 06:36 PM 11-01-2004
Hi mamas,

Just a quick hello so I can get subscribed to the thread. We are well though Lilah is working on her second cold. Poor thing! She's all snuffly and every now and then chokes on some post nasal drip.

Love all the pics!
Welcome new mamas!
Love to all,
msrog's Avatar msrog 07:15 PM 11-01-2004
Is it just me, or is the entire Internet really slow today??? It takes forever to load anything for me, not just my photo album... (Waaah, my link might get lost in the oblivion of being one of the last posts of the month on an old thread!)

Welcome, Holly; hi again, Cher! I've discovered I can actually keep up if I have subscribed to get email alerts on this thread.

So, off to do just that...
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 10:06 PM 11-01-2004
Savannah, I saw your link last night and stayed up to look at them! (I'll just blame you for my not getting much sleep! :LOL) They are SO cute! I love the peapods! Just adorable.

We're all tired and cranky here... Iain started vomiting again so I took him back to the chiro today - needed to go, myself. His back was bad again (explains the vomiting), but when she adjusted his ear (eustachian tube), he started *screaming.* Poor thing. He didn't calm down for quite a while! Finally when he was calmed down, I took my turn, and laid him on a blanket on the floor... Gabriel managed to fall and sit on his arm! (So we hear from Gabriel - all I know from Iain was a huge sceam, then a red-faced, no-sound scream. ) Now Iain is asleep in his carrier and Gabriel and I are both in need of a nap. (Gabriel says, "Me not sleep." Which means, "I desperately need a nap but don't want one!")

Slowly (and not-so-slowly) buying new diapers... Ordered 3 Daisy-Doodles plus extra soakers on Thursday, and 2 VB AIOs on Friday, along with an organic wool RumpWrap that's being custom embroidered with two very cute sheep.

There's been lots I've wanted to reply to and not gotten a chance to! to all the new mamas!

To the mama who had a c/s and hopes for a VBAC: I'm so sorry about your c/s! I hope you're recovery is going smoothly. My DS#1 was born by c/s in March of '02, and DS#2, Iain, was born at home on 9/5/04! You can definitely do it. Have you checked out ? They have a huge listserv, too, which can be very helpful in sorting out all of the emotions, physical issues, etc., following a c/s. Glad you found us here!

Well, Iain is starting to fuss... will hopefully be on again later!
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 10:42 PM 11-01-2004

shutterfly has been down all day it seems, must be getting inundated with halloween pics! i am hoping to get an account there soon, sorry for severe lack of pics....

can't post much, gotta get to cooking dinner now that dh is here to hold the munchkin.
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 11:49 PM 11-01-2004
slinging totally crabby baby at keyboard (stcbak?)

Anna we've tried putting the Crickett's on Tristan but his legs are just too scrawny, they would leak like crazy.

Had my 6-week appt with the midwife today who made me tell her all about my birth and my subsequent crying makes her think now that i have ppd. GREAT. Love the tendency to cry at the drop of a hat, GRR.

Wonder where Julia, SarahB, Christi and others are?

Jodie's Avatar Jodie 12:28 AM 11-02-2004
Hello all.
Don't know if y'all remember me, haven't had too much time to post. I'm sure you can understand.
Kaia is 5 weeks old now and is gaining well. She's one of the long skinny babies.
We have had our issues wth nursing but it improves everyday. Right now I'm trying to correct her shallow latch.
Having her here is so wonderful, sometimes I still can't believe it though.
We use cloth, and she hates to be wet. Is there anything I can do to keep her dryer like for naps and overnight?
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 12:55 AM 11-02-2004
Originally Posted by Jodie
We use cloth, and she hates to be wet. Is there anything I can do to keep her dryer like for naps and overnight?
Hi, Jodie! Glad you and Kaia are doing well!

Fleece is wonderful for keeping their skin dry. I use FuzziBunz (microfleece lined pockets) for overnight. He can go all night in one dipe and wake up with dry skin! It's amazing! I know you can buy microfleece at a craft store and cut it to make your own liners, too. IIR, it doesn't need to be sewn/serged or anything - so that might be a quick and easy solution. HTH!
Cuddlemama's Avatar Cuddlemama 10:32 AM 11-02-2004
Popping in here to say....

VOTE, Women, VOTE!

Now that we've gotten that taken care of, it's nice to be able to sit down a moment and get caught up on how everything is going.

We're doing heavy battle with colds here. Three snotty, sick, whining babes just makes for a tired and out of sorts Mama.

And...GRRRRRRR...what's with me getting Aunt Flo back today? It's exactly two months postpartum. I've NEVER gotten my period back so quickly, not even with Nate, who was formula fed for the most part at this age.

Anybody else have an early cycle return despite nursing?

I think I'll go off to drown myself in candy bars and spiced cider.

Blessings to all,

msrog's Avatar msrog 11:32 AM 11-02-2004
Hi again, Jodie. Kaia is such a beautiful name. It will be fun to see pictures of her...

I can't imagine getting my period already! You ladies must be highly regular! I have never been regular in my life; I'll have a cycle MAYBE every 3 months or so if that. (When I came off the pill 7 years ago to have Nicolas, I didn't have a cycle the entire 9 months before finding out I was pregnant (huh??), then of course no cycle for 9 months of pregnancy, and I don't think I started until after he was a year old, when I broke down and started taking the pill again. ) Femine hygiene products last a loooooong time in my house, LOL.

I've never really paid attention or tracked it until the year we were TTC the twins... I'm actually looking forward to finally letting my body do its own thing (instead of using the pill) and see if it can adjust into a more normal pattern.
janerose's Avatar janerose 11:47 AM 11-02-2004
Originally Posted by Jodie
We use cloth, and she hates to be wet. Is there anything I can do to keep her dryer like for naps and overnight?

second the fleece. dh was very anti fleece (only does natural fibers) until she finally fit into her fuzzi bunz. now he likes it so much he wants to get more!
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 11:49 AM 11-02-2004
i our fuzzi bunz. i cannot believe how dry they keep her. i'd planned to use fitteds and wool and that's mostly what we have but now i'm in love with fb.
MamaAcorn's Avatar MamaAcorn 01:09 PM 11-02-2004
We just got back from voting! They even had a set-up for the kids to vote, so Alex did just that! I think that they'll publish the results of the kids election in the paper and online, so I think it will be interesting to see how that correlates with the regular election results.

On the diaper front, we're also feeling the fb love. We have three, so we mostly use them at bedtime. I'm trying to start the medium stash, and I'm so undecided as to what to go with. It's such a tricky balance with what I want and what we can afford.

We're doing fine and dandy around here. Keeping busy with everything. Jackson is smiling more and more these days. Oh, he's one that spits-up a lot and has done just that while sitting here with me at the computer. Must change his wet outfit now....

Boobalicious's Avatar Boobalicious 01:19 PM 11-02-2004
We've been MIA for a few days. It is amazing how busy we are. I went to the gym by myself last Saturday! It was great and I have to admit that I did not miss Oz or dh at all. I did think about how I wanted to bring Oz to the gym because they allow strollers on the track, but I didn't think, "oh I wish I were home holding my baby instead of blasting Pearl Jam in my headphones and trying to run again." Dh said he and Oz got along just fine with the bottle after about 15 minutes of outrage. Dh also said he understood why I couldn't get much done during the day and why the dishes are usually only half finished by the time he gets home. Yeah!

Sounds like we must try some Fuzzibunz too. Oz has one rash after another. Jen gave us some microfleece, which seems to work well, but the prefolds are the issue. I've broken down and tried sposies at night and on the go. I just can't stand having him sit in a soggy prefold when he's got a rash.

We voted at 7:00 am in the rain! I nursed Oz in line and accidentally boob-flashed a whole line of people out the window.

I'm sorry I'm not very caught up on the thread here. I hope everyone is doing well! It seems like we are all getting into a good mommying groove. I think there is a six week hump to get over.

Happy voting everyone!
CherAugusta's Avatar CherAugusta 01:29 PM 11-02-2004
Hey everyone!!

It's been a rough few days here for Jack. He wanted to nurse nonstop yesterday so I think we're headed for a growth spurt. His latch is still not-so-great and that is causing tons of gas for him. This is just so frustrating for me. You'd think I'd have my act together after 6 kids, but I am finding that Jack is teaching me new things everyday. What an adventure.

I forget who posted about ICAN, but I second the notion! Definitely go there, the info is awesome. I wish I had gotten there earlier, but unfortunately my c-sections were due to placenta previa. It has helped with the emotional issues though.

Gotta run...Jack's fussing *again*.
msrog's Avatar msrog 01:41 PM 11-02-2004
Steph, have you tried laying a microfleece liner in the prefold? That worked wonders for us...
StacyL's Avatar StacyL 02:17 PM 11-02-2004
Hi Everybody!

I've been out of town since Friday morning - we got back after a ten hour drive last night.

We went to Cleveland for a conference, and I am so exhausted. Note to self: it was a little overly ambitious to take a long road trip with a six-week-old. There were about 200 people there and everyone fawned all over Alex saying how good (!) he was, and how cute, and how alert he was. He really was awake most of the time in the day. He was really social - craning his neck over my shoulder and holding his head up, wide-eyed, trying to look at everyone.

Had to sleep without the Miracle Blanket last night (it got peed on) and that was hard. He flails way to much to sleep comfortably next to me without the Miracle Blanket.

Has anyone had, er..ahem, "relations" with their dh yet? It's been six weeks (my appt is Thurs.) and I am nowhere near ready. I mean, the IDEA of it sounds good, but I know my body couldn't take it yet. How long does this usually take?
veganbaby's Avatar veganbaby 02:28 PM 11-02-2004
We tried twice. The first time it was too painful. That was at almost 7 weeks. We tried again last night, but Desmina woke up. I 'm not going to do it while my babe is crying. Although my husband wanted to do a quickie. He usually isn't like that but it's been a long time for us.
janerose's Avatar janerose 03:52 PM 11-02-2004
Originally Posted by StacyL
Has anyone had, er..ahem, "relations" with their dh yet? It's been six weeks (my appt is Thurs.) and I am nowhere near ready. I mean, the IDEA of it sounds good, but I know my body couldn't take it yet. How long does this usually take?
Yes, for the first time on Sunday (about 5 1/2 wks). It wasn't painful, although I was a little tender for the rest of the night. Actually it was VERY good...if you get my drift Which was nice since my libido while I was pregnant basically didn't exist.

Anyway, I had an unmedicated vaginal delivery. No episotomy. I tore a little bit and needed four stitches. Oh, and Emi was only 7 lb 3 oz when she was born. I imagine if you had a more traumatic delivery or a larger baby it may take longer to get back into it, KWIM?
MamaAcorn's Avatar MamaAcorn 04:05 PM 11-02-2004
Originally Posted by StacyL
Has anyone had, er..ahem, "relations" with their dh yet? It's been six weeks (my appt is Thurs.) and I am nowhere near ready. I mean, the IDEA of it sounds good, but I know my body couldn't take it yet. How long does this usually take?

We did at 4-1/2 weeks pp without any pain, which shocked me. It was actually pretty nice. I had a 2nd degree tear, but it's been healing well and hasn't been giving any problem, so I thought why not try.

Though with my first-born, I had a 4th degree tear and we didn't try having sex until 8-10 weeks pp, and it was painful. It took a few times for it not to hurt, but then it was better than it ever had been.

Definately depends on your delivery, at least in my case!
adventuregirl's Avatar adventuregirl 04:24 PM 11-02-2004
Leigh, what a bummer! I have been so happy with the idea that af will not return for quite some time due to nursing. Well, maybe it won't be back full force, every month for you right away.

Is anyone here doing the tcoyf method of birth control? I think there is another name for it, but it escapes me now. Anyway, I used it with cervical mucous only for years, and then got pg really easy using it as well. But now after having had a baby and no af in sight (I really, really hope), I'm not sure what to do... What are y'all doing?

Well, I better get moving, gotta go vote and drop off some soup for my neighbors who had a baby yesterday, yahoo! More babies!
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 05:02 PM 11-02-2004
Yes, women, please, please, get out and vote today. Even if you think your vote is only going to be cancelled out by your husband/partner/sister/mom, vote anyway. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

We voted today around 9 AM and Tristan was wide-eyed, taking it all in. He even got an "I Voted" sticker on the sling.

I am working today to figure out what he wants before he has to yell for it. So far I caught hunger once, but it's such a pain to get the SNS hooked up in time to beat him to the punch, or rather the scream, and I can't wear it around the house all day because formula needs refrigeration. I feel so horrible when he's so hungry, most times he gets it cold because there simply isn't time to warm it up. He doesn't seem to care one bit as long as he gets to eat.

I looked at the label of the Fuzzi Bunz... cotton fleece? How do they make fleece out of cotton?

Well, T is still napping in the co-sleeper and I really feel like I ought to get stuff done while he's still down. Despite the night's sleep I feel pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. (I did get to go to sleep around 9:30, though - bless Jo a thousand times over...) I washed all of the dishes, boiled water for formula, even made myself some coffee and scrambled eggs... ostensibly I'm supposed to be sleeping now but I just don't want to!

colinsmom's Avatar colinsmom 05:49 PM 11-02-2004
Originally Posted by StacyL
Hi Everybody!
Has anyone had, er..ahem, "relations" with their dh yet? It's been six weeks (my appt is Thurs.) and I am nowhere near ready. I mean, the IDEA of it sounds good, but I know my body couldn't take it yet. How long does this usually take?
I haven't with dh yet. It will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I just don't have the desire. I had a difficult birth and tore pretty bad. The midwife didn't want to tell me how many stitches she put in, but she was down there forever stitching me up. To tell you the truth, I don't want to might hinder relations even more. I'm still a little tender in one area. On the bright side, I've had a couple dreams about sex so that's a positive. I'm starting to feel sort of guilty and selfish and have thought of giving it to dh even though I might not be into it.
msrog's Avatar msrog 05:55 PM 11-02-2004
With Nicolas, I tore 2nd degree and was still sore at 6 weeks, so I know we waited longer than that. This time around I healed much faster and better; and we were ready at 5 weeks. The thought of it was worse than the act... Turns out there really wasn't any pain after all! So maybe you'll find your fears unfounded, as well?
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 06:27 PM 11-02-2004
I've been interested in resuming relations with DH, at least on an emotional level, but physically I'm very anxious about it. With my first, I had a c/s, but we still "tried" after only 4 or 5 weeks. This time, I had tearing that my midwife said was bad 1st but not 2nd degree, and she also didn't tell me how many stitches. She also took a long time but she said she's just slow. I have some feeling that things are not quite the same now, which makes it harder to do anything normally, even if everything is fine. I did finally "give in" but it was too painful. Almost felt like there was a stitch that hadn't dissolved or something. We were past 6 wks but hadn't seen the MW again yet, so we decided it was better to wait until she could check and tell me everything was fine. We have our follow up appt scheduled with the MW for next Saturday (just shy of 9 wks), so hopefully everything will be good and we'll give it another try. Though sometimes I think we'll just never have more children 'cause I'll never want to "try" again!
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