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Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 02:13 AM 03-17-2005
Originally Posted by 3_opihi
I'm guessing, from what you're describing, is that you might have an overactive letdown- oversupply issue. Sounds like she might be gulping and needing to burp - hence the popping on ad off. The spitting up is probably from overeating, or milk being trapped on top of an air bubble.
DD will projectile spit-up/vomit if she overeats. Otherwise she is just a big spitter-upper.

I think there is an MDC mom USAmom (??) that has a child with severe reflux. She made a video. You could maybe do a search. She is a mod on Diapering (I think)

Originally Posted by 3_opihi
Karen - I've got a midwife question for you, since you see lots of hapa babies. Violet has what looks like a dark grey bruise at the top of her tailbone, inside her crack. I know its not a bruise, since its been there since birth. Do you think its one of those birthmark spots? I can't remember what they are called, but I remember reading somewhere that dark skinned babies can have them. My boys were much fairer than she was...
I have the same question, although we are not dark-skinned. Aine has a butt-check that looks black and blue...

Malama's Avatar Malama 04:35 AM 03-17-2005
aloha mamas!
We're home after a long beach day. It was nice to get out- be there, be in the water, etc. Everyone's exhausted now and the kids adn dh are watching the incredibles.

Ann- those are mongolian spots- the area you describe is a very common locale for them- though they can be anywhere. i think I once read that they are the most common birthmark.
Heather- do you or dh have any asian blood? those spots are an asian thing- though it could be from way back too. I know the girl next door has white parents (and was born at home) and she has one.

Heidi- so good to hear from you. I've peeked at your blog now and again. Iris is so beautiful! She looks a lot like you too!
I'm so sorry to hear your recovery has been so hard. It's great you're getting some answers/help from your acupuncturist. wow. hugs mama for going through such a hard time. You sound good though (at least in your post) and I hope you're keeping your head up despite all of your physical stuff going on.

My body is definintely NOT recovered from pregnancy/ birth. I just have not had the time to deal, and it's not good. My knees are just killing me and if I have one of them bent for too long (like sitting cross-legged) when I unbend it I'm in massive pain. I suspect it's related to my pelvis being funky still and I know I need to DEAL! I'll talk tomy massage therapist friend and/or see a chiro next week. I can't ignore it anymore.... though I did do some yoga this am. When Luka wakes in the am, he's very happy and is content to spend some time in the bouncy chair for awhile.

Az- i doubt Elizabeth has reflux. Some babies just spit up a lot. Reflux hurts and I think you'd have a more unhappy baby. Let me know if you want me to look up more about reflux in my LLL books....

well it's late (well not really, but i'm sleepy!)!
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 10:46 AM 03-17-2005
Ugh mamas, hugs to you who need them!

We're going to *shudder* drive to Pittsburgh today. That's 2 hours away (just to go to IKEA) and I have a child who screams in the car on local trips (but settles when we drive to my parents - 20+ min). I'm hoping that she falls asleep fast and stays that way. I'm taking mom and my 8 year niece with me, it's St. Patrick's day, which means in a big Catholic town like this, all the schools (public too) are off so we can go down to the parade and drink green beer and be rowdy. Her brother (middle kid, 3 different dads, ugh!) has cystic fibrosis and is in the hospital this week and next, so my mom has her, I don't know what they did with the baby. Probably the other grandmother.

I'm going into this with the best outlook now that I got my *shudder* out. I've got lots of diapers for Lauren, snacks for Evelyn, water for me and mom, and we're going to come back with a wardrobe for the nursery so I can put some of the outgrown and too big clothes away for a while.

mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 11:24 AM 03-17-2005
Ok, well, a new day has started and I'm taking Nicole's advice and doing just one room at a time, with a goal of 3 rooms today. Last night dh did some kitchen stuff and helped fix the car (a little), and I hung out and read a book. Nicole, could you bone me up on what happened on Survivor? I forgot it was switched to Wed. this week.

Had a good night last night, although for unknown reasons Ori didn't want to go back to sleep at 11pm. Weird, because he usually just konks right back out. so we were up for a while. not crying or anything, just awake. Problem began when he wanted to nurse back to sleep about 30 min later but there wasn't gushes of milk (he'd nursed for like 40 min on each side!), which he likes for his bedtime snack. So it was ugly for a little while, but I got dh to bed him down and all went well. He didn't sleep long (till one-ish), but then after a good feed he slept till 5! TMI??? Sorry. It's nice to blab the details to a captive audience (and of course we can always skip over the boring parts of each others lives, too! )

Thanks for the leg idea on the soakers, Lisa - I don't know if it would work on this pair, because they're not a hand knit type (Lana brand). I'll look into it with a friend who sews over here -whom I never get to see, but whatever. Eventually he'll fit them. We'll just have to power through this low diape. time and use up the sposies that were given to us (three BAGS full).

Lisa - good luck in P'bugh! I was born there. Not that I've been back in 36 yrs., but hey - them's my steelers! I hope the car trip goes well. We've gota long one coming up on Monday (to NYC, and back on Tues if all goes ok sleeping...I have my doubts though).

Oh Heidi - if you're reading this, dh thinks you could get that pic. of your dh holding Iris inside his robe into New Beginnings, because it looks like he's nursing her! :LOL

Just to revisit the bc discussion for a quick moment, have any of us tried the natural rhythm method? There's a popular book now, Taking Charge of Your Fertility (or somthing along those lines) that is supposed to be really good. Any thoughts?

Karen - it's hard, this recovery time. My chiro says the lower tummy muscles take a long time and we have to do exercises for them specifically to get them strong again. they hold up so much of our bodies, too. You go get fixed, honey. You've got a big family that needs you strong!

I watched a bit of that Ripley's too - the part with the 6'8" 12 yr old who met Shaq in LA. I thought that was cool. I'm glad I didn't see the twins. I get creeped out really easily by stuff like that. And my dh would be all over the grossest parts of it, too. ugh.


time to get cleaning for a while. Caio mamas!

PS - I second the shiver smilie! Let's suggest it!
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 01:15 PM 03-17-2005
I was going to use the taking charge of your fertility to get pg but we didn't need to. I don't think you could use it until you got your period back though because you need to map a couple of cycles so you know how you work. I plan on trying it, after I get my period back. Hopefully not for a long time, I've had 3 in a 1 1/2-2yrs so I'll be supper bummed when they return.

3 rooms Andy? that doesn't sound much like taking it easy. I don't think I could do a whole room in one day. I pretty much try not to make it meassier than it was.

DH really like to focus on the gross stuff don't they. Louie, the chihuahua, ate the stump of the umbical cord, when it fell off. Dh must have told that story 50 times. I've told it once (now) its just yucky.

If feel so happy. My sister thought my mei tai was really pretty and wnated to try it out and she loved how comfortable it was with her 27lb 8mth old. She bought one a couple days later from the same place I ordered mine and she has been using it everyday since she got it. My nephew has had mild diareaha and can't go to daycare so she's had to bring him to work and she says the carrier has been a big help and he doesn't feel that heavy in it.

Well miss ELizabeth has had enough Louie licks and is begging to be resuced
Malama's Avatar Malama 03:24 PM 03-17-2005
Glorious day! Luka slept really well for him last night. Was asleep by 8:30pm, slept til 3 and then again until 6:40. The trick is putting him on his belley and not holding him close to me on my arm. That just makes him squirm too much. I woke up with a wet shirt, but hey, who cares!

And, my house is freshly painted- almost completely done, AND my house is clean- woo hoo. i needed the lift.

Andy- I think rhythm method and other natural forms of bc can be good (if you REALLY follow the rules), but watching cycles, charting, etc are VERY hard while bf, imo. I gotta tell you that I truly HATE bc.... it all sucks.

Lisa, I hope your trip to IKEA is uneventful and you get what you want! We did a 1+ hour trip with my car hating kid and it was OK. We had some long stops along the way tohold and nurse, but it was ok.

baby fusses bye!
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 09:41 PM 03-17-2005
Hola! Well Az, 3 rooms was ambitious. I got them done mostly, at least the LR and BR and the upstairs bathroom. The kitchen dh helped with. He had a tooth pulled today, so he came home and slept afterward. Then he did the kitchen, and now he's off to the airport for pick-up. I'm so psyched to have these folks into town - it'll probably be a few days before I post again. I will want to get back on line before the weekend is over, probably, but I sort of think it's rude, too...like talking on the phone when friends are visiting...kwim?

Wow - your hawaiian babe sleeps good Karen! YAHOO! I'm jealous... we're still religiously every three hours, although his first sleep of the evening will often be 4 and occasionally a little longer (like 6 - 11). I don't mind too much, unless he fusses about going back to sleep. little bugger!

I do now realize that to do the rhythm method one needs to have a period, but isn't there a temperature element to it, too, so even for irregular women they can tell when they're most fertile?

I'm going to go make a little food for their arrival. Have a great weekend all!!! Andy

Oh, and Az - I meant how gentle Christopher was being with Elizabeth! But that's cool that Louie is too!
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 09:53 PM 03-17-2005
Originally Posted by mamabeca
I do now realize that to do the rhythm method one needs to have a period, but isn't there a temperature element to it, too, so even for irregular women they can tell when they're most fertile?
The rhythm method is about the temperature, but you need to start from a period as a reference point. When you ovulate, your temp will go up and stay up until the next period starts. But say you ovulated yesterday and you start taking it today, you wouldn't know you o'd until you get your period. Also, some irregular women (probably including pp irregularity, too) don't work like that and their temps are all over the place.

TCOYF is a bit beyond the rhythm method (I've skimmed it in the bookstore but I don't own it, so don't quote me on any of this), called Natural Family Planning, or NFP. The other component is the cervical mucus, which has different characteristics at different point in your cycle. That actually might be more useful pp with no af yet.

It's a good book, but I'll bet someone has the gist of it online somewhere. Maybe someone in the fertility/birth control forum would know? I don't hang out there.
Malama's Avatar Malama 10:41 PM 03-17-2005
Andy- last night was the best night ever. usually it's been more like one long sleep and then every 1-2 hours until 6. But I think Luka is happier sleeping on his belly instead of belly to belly with me, so that's my new plan for better nights.
Temp taking is really finiky. Like paq said, it can only tell you AFTER you've O'ed. Also you have to have been asleep for a certain amount of time before temping (hours- hard for mamas like us!) and not get up, etc.... because the temps you're looking at are just percentage points, a little activity will raise it.
I do think that cervical mucous can tell you a lot, but you should be pretty familiar with it to use it for your sole bc.

I ran into a friend with an 18mo old. I told her that Luka hates the car and she said her daughter did too. So for how long I asked? She said, a YEAR! ugh! I keep talking to him and telling him that the car and carseat are our friends. so far it's not working!!!
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 11:24 PM 03-17-2005
paquerette you're right about the tcoyf using the cervical mucus also. I have the book. Its pretty interesting even if you don't plan on using the method. And yeah you do have to be asleep for something like 6 hours, don't get out of bed and take your temp at the same time everyday. Not a good plan for new mammas. But if anyone wants any more information , I do have the book.

There's a little children;s clothing store around the corner from me that sells robeez. My sister wanted me to go and ppick her up a pair. Well I went there today and the woman is angry that robeez sells their shoes for $26 online and she sells them for $26.95 so she's not going to be carring them any more so she is selling them at 30% off. So of course I got a pair for Elizabeth too. Anyway my point of all this is if anyone wants I can pick you up a pair and mail them out to you. They were just under $19 a pair. I can't imagine they'd be very much to ship.

Well dh just came back with the dog
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 11:43 PM 03-17-2005

bad trip. wrong turn, took nearly 3 hours driving plus nursing stop and screaming baby most of the way. got our stuff, screaming baby for 40 min. and we stopped to nurse, put 8 yr old in front with my mom, me in the way back with seatbelt and then tied baby to me with sling. she nursed the entire way home, my nipple is raw.

then picked up seriously drunk husband from irish bar where my poor baby screamed in the smokey air. dragged his ass home, put him in the shower, then babe and i showered, we're all in bed, husband snoring, baby nursing, me here to write.

he said something about waking up at midnight to go walk back to the bar for his car. and mil gave me dirty look when i wouldnt take lauren out of the sling for her to hold.

no more car trips, at least until monday.
Malama's Avatar Malama 11:56 PM 03-17-2005
well Lisa... did you get what you wanted there? there must have been some redeeming thing for the day!
Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 01:00 AM 03-18-2005
Originally Posted by Azreial
So of course I got a pair for Elizabeth too. Anyway my point of all this is if anyone wants I can pick you up a pair and mail them out to you. They were just under $19 a pair. I can't imagine they'd be very much to ship.
I would LOVE it if you would get them for me. I would want some for dd. Just let me know and I will PP you

Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 01:02 AM 03-18-2005
My tooth is fixed. Thankfully, Karen, it was just a filling. Of course, the dentist had to tell me it was worse than they thought. Sooo if I experience any prolonged sensitivity or pain, it will be root canal city for me. I told her not to even mention those words!!!

Rough afternoon, but both babes are asleep...Sometimes I think the days dh is home all day are the toughest...

Malama's Avatar Malama 06:48 AM 03-18-2005
yay Heather. I hope you have NO pain and the filling is all you need. woo hoo!

Az- I wasn't sure what Robeez were at all, so I looked them up. They look very nice- but what size are you buying for? For walking? like 12 months? Please advise! Maybe I'd like some too.

Guests are all gone here..... ah, relief. it's nice to have people (though we've had 2 sets of visitors lasting 2 weeks...), but I'm gland not to have to chat with anyone.
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 10:49 AM 03-18-2005
Originally Posted by Proudmom
I would LOVE it if you would get them for me. I would want some for dd. Just let me know and I will PP you

I pm'd you
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 11:05 AM 03-18-2005
Oh Lisa that sounds just horrible. I hope you slept well.

I used NFP to help get pregnant and now using it not to get pregnant. Of course my dh got snipped also but I ain't taking no chances. Knowing my luck he'd have one little swimmer escape and whalay.

I love robeez's I just got a pair for Megan but they won't fit for awhile. They were great when they start to walk and even crawl cuz they stay on. I had a hard time finding things that would stay on her foot (my first dd's that is) If she has any of the dragonfly ones in 12-18 mths I'd love a pair

Megan is up to 4 ozs now every feed. She's getting so big. I got a supplemental nursing system to see if it would help encourage Megan to nurse but as of yet it hasn't. She just doesn't like my bbs I guess It makes me sad sometimes but I'm still not giving up! I'm hoping she'll like it one of these days, I hate pumping.
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 11:10 AM 03-18-2005
Originally Posted by Malama
Az- I wasn't sure what Robeez were at all, so I looked them up. They look very nice- but what size are you buying for? For walking? like 12 months? Please advise! Maybe I'd like some too.
I saw some in the 12-18mth size if thats what you're looking for. They're may have even been a couple in 18-24. I got 0-6 cause I really like the way babies look with booties or shoes, plus they really don't fall off unlike like socks and Elizabeth's feet turn purple if her socks fall off.
But I could get you whatever size you wanted the only thing is since I don't know exactly what was there you'd have to give me some ideas of what you'd like because she doesn't have every style. I remeber:
the dark blue lion
red with a yellow dump truck
blue with puppy
blue with monkey
blue sail boat
blue piggy
I think an elephant
navy blue with train
turtle, I think the shoe was brown or tan
the cream teddy bear
and classic brown
some sports, there were a few sports themed ones but my sister doesn't like sports so I didn't really take notice, except to mentaly discard

for girly, incase anyone else is interested:
purple-y butterfly (maybe another color too)
yellow chick
I think pink kitty or bunny (dh said he saw the kitty in the window)
and I think it was the lady bug.

I think there were more girl-ish patterns but I found what I liked and stopped looking dh was standing outside with the dog so I wanted to be quick.

Anyway, like I said the store is right around the corner and I'm going to go back to get another pair for myself so its no problem if anyone wants me to pick some up. The post office is just one street over (I can see it from the window) so thats no problem either. I living downtown. I figure shipping first class will be about $1.50. If anyone's interested just pm me.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 11:10 AM 03-18-2005
Forgot to add
Heather- glad your tooth is fixed. I had a filling done too but eneded up needing a root canal a few mths after. Actually it didn't hurt afterwords. I was shocked I though for sure it would be horrid but the relief I have no with no pain is just wonderful.

I forgot who asked about reflux already, lol. Oh mommy brain at it's best. But anyhow Megan has it. A big clue is if they arch their back and while eating seem to be in pain. Also when they spit up, they appear to be in pain. Also laying flat can be a painful position for them. Megan lives at an incline as it helps and she's much happier that way. Then again there's silent reflux also which the symptoms aren't as obvious.
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 11:13 AM 03-18-2005
Originally Posted by sweetpeasmom
I love robeez's I just got a pair for Megan but they won't fit for awhile. They were great when they start to walk and even crawl cuz they stay on. I had a hard time finding things that would stay on her foot (my first dd's that is) If she has any of the dragonfly ones in 12-18 mths I'd love a pair
I didn't see any draonfly's at all but if I do see a pair. I'll pick them up. Do you can what color?
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 11:35 AM 03-18-2005
they have 2 colors in dragonflys so either one is fine. Thats the only one I'd like though. No biggie I still have plenty of time to get them. I have enough up till that size. Thanks!!
pixiexto's Avatar pixiexto 11:43 AM 03-18-2005
Azreial, I PM'd you

So yesterday felt like a day and a HALF. My 2 1/2 year old was being very.... well, 2 1/2. I'm trying hard to remember that. She communicates so well that sometimes I think my expectations are a bit higher, and I've got to remember that she's just a babe herself.

Still, it was a tough day. Brynn, luckily, remains very mellow and seems to pretty much adjust to whatever is going on around here. I can't count the number of times her nursing gets interrupted, and I feel awful about that! I think of how with Tess it was all quiet and smooth and calm... and Brynn gets a whole new outlook on life! Hmm... maybe there's something to be said for chaos... lol!

Lisa, What a day you had!! We haven't attempted any long car trips yet, but I can imagine how distressing it was for everyone. mama. Can you nurse her in her carseat at all? I was able to do that with Tess because our car is so tiny that I could reach. Even though it's not the safest thing in the World, it sure helps keep everyone's nerves from getting frazzled, which can be more dangerous I think. Anyway, more and more to you! Ignore your MIL and keep that baby where SHE'S happy.

Heather... ouch!! I'm glad your tooth is fixed, and *keeping fingers crosssed* that it can be left at that. I have to agree with what you said about afternoons when DH is home being tough sometimes. I think, even though I love to see him, it throws everything off somehow. And I find if he's home and not helpful, then I just feel irritated!

hmmm... there was something else I was going to write, but I can't for the life of me remember now. I'll check in later, I guess!
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 12:35 PM 03-18-2005
Az, I'd love some! Either ladybug or butterfly, 0-6, I can pp you the $.

dh and dog just wakled back to the pub to get his car. why did i marry an irish guy? although it was funny when i picked him up, i put lauren in the sling and under my coat, she was yelling from the car, there was a line!!! at the door (great pub, great music) and i went right to the front while my kid screamed, said "cranky lady, screaming baby, i need to find my drunk husband and take him home" and the sea of people parted and in i went.

we did get lauren a closet, and a few things to decorate her room and they had those bead rollercoaster things that you put together yourself, i decided i needed one.

today is a much better day. we might have to get in the car though, i just got a pathetic and very ppd sounding email from a friend w/3 wk old babe, shes lost 40 # since baby, only gained 20 while pg, feels isolated etc. so i might be there all day.
Malama's Avatar Malama 03:28 PM 03-18-2005
sweetpeas mom- didn't realize you were pumping for megan. wow. does she get only bm? I'm sure you have already, but have you tried nursing her when she's just barely waking up? in the bath? while rocking and swaying?

Az- I pmd you about the shoes. thanks. I like the imagery of you going into that bar to retrieve dh- love how a whole line of people parted for you!, lol!

Sorry to hear about your day Kathy! they happen, and know that Brynn will probably just be a very adaptable person, as the 2nd child. think of families with many many kids, the younger ones do just fine! they learn to eat, sleep, etc in much more noise and chaos!

my baby is needing my attention. he's kicking and flailing... mama!!!
Azreial's Avatar Azreial 04:56 PM 03-18-2005
quick note before I run off to the bus. I pm'd everyone about the robeez. Sweetpeasmom, no dragonfly, all sold out well except forthe one pair of 6-12 but I snagged those.

If anyone else is interested. She also had the fusia butterfly, the brown elephant, a dark blue with a red? dinosaur classics in pink cream and brown and the kitty ones are brown. Thats all I remember now
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 11:28 PM 03-18-2005
oh well thats ok thxs for looking!

Lisa I hope your friend is ok.

Yes she gets mainly bm, sometimes I need to supplement w/formula if i don't have enough milk. Yeah I've tried lots of different times/ways etc...she just cries and screams when I try to put her to breast. She started out ok while in the NICU, would nurse for a few minutes each time but I just wasn't able to be there all day, so she just didn't get use to it. She got accustomed to the bottle. Trying to bf in that place was very stressful. i just didn't feel comfy at all and I was cramped for space. She wasn't cleared to go to a family room for quite some time, so that ruined it. I'm still trying and not giving up the towel yet
Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 02:03 AM 03-19-2005
Originally Posted by slygrrl
I have to agree with what you said about afternoons when DH is home being tough sometimes. I think, even though I love to see him, it throws everything off somehow. And I find if he's home and not helpful, then I just feel irritated!
I do love having him around, but I want him to read my mind. I totally agree that it causes irritation, because he may not be as helpful as I want...
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 02:48 AM 03-19-2005
Originally Posted by Proudmom
I do love having him around, but I want him to read my mind. I totally agree that it causes irritation, because he may not be as helpful as I want...

Aaak! I totally agree. It sets the stage for having some help that generally doesn't come, and my disapointment is far greater than the frustration of just doing whatever needs doing in the first place! Occasionally, though, he shines like the sun, and I forget and forgive all previous mistakes :LOL

By the by, I passed on the Irishman, took up with the Scottsman - and for me that was a wise decision. Still drinks lots of beer and whisky, not to mention rum, wine, and any other tonic available! BUT he has a real protestant work ethic that keeps him honest (and instant karma, which is handy too).

About Robeez - having come from Canada, we got turned on to these when they first came on the market. They are so great! BUT dd walked through her 12-18mo. ones in less than a month (at 12 mos), and that was without walking on anything but inside the house and on the deck. And maybe a little bit on the grass in the yard, but I tried hard not to let it go that far. They are not meant for walking in, except maybe as house slippers at night kind of thing. They are GREAT for the non-walker. Also my ils sent us a pair of cutie patootie booties that are robeez. They go up to mid-shin and have the same elastic front opening as regular robeez. No cute design on it, just a baby/lite sky blue color w/white piping. For cold weather they can't be beat! That's an awesome price - anything under 20 is worth stocking up. Az - can you find us anything in green or red? Something kinda neutral (like a leaf, tree, etc.) or the dinosaur? I can pp you, but I don't know how...sad but true.

It's so great having il's here. They are great with dd and ds, and just a breeze to have around. Whew! Something easy, fresh, fun! They're crashed out now, so I get to go on-line for a few min. Also nice! But I'm tired, and babes sleeping and he crashed at 4:30, so I think I'd better go grab some zzzzz's while I can.

Lisa - AAAAAK!!! I'm so sorry about the nightmare trip. I've done the same thing with dd when she was nursing. It got us through about 100 rough miles in ... ALberta I think it was. Anyway, it's not that safe, but especially day time highway driving, it's safer (imo) than going insane listening to baby
S C R E A M!!! Perhaps the silver lining was showing mil that you da boss, mama!

Tooth problems are happening...I'mshocked I haven't had one yet... hold thumbs! I'm usually the one to get them, so I have real hope that I'll get a short while longer w/out the numbing pain of it. blah. maybe dh's probs take care of our home for a while?! :

Laura - you are doing such an amazing job with Megan!!! She is so vulnerable and you have done so much to provide and protect! I think it's common for babes to resist the breast once they get their little gums on a botle nipple. It's just SO much easier to eat from. As Karen mentioned, the LLL advice is to keep trying in different positions. One good time to be persistent is at the start of every feed. She has to try from the breast first, and then afterward she can have the bottle. Eventually they either get the breast is best thing or they grow out of needing so much milk and the time has passed in terms of importance... but it's always best to keep trying. Besides, it's free!

Feel good everyone! andy
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 09:49 AM 03-19-2005
Oh yeah - Az - I would prefer a 6-12 size. Also I may have a pair of dragonfly ones. I'll have a look today. I think they'd be for right now. In which case, Laura, maybe you could pm Az for a new pair of 6-12's for me? I'll have a look when baby sleeps. caio!
Pam_and_Abigail's Avatar Pam_and_Abigail 12:20 PM 03-19-2005
Hey just wanted to pipe in about the robeez, cuz that's all my daughter wore for the first year and a half, till last spring when I started getting her rubber boots (robeez aren't great for puddle splashing, but they do recover). Dd1 wore hers everywhere, indoors and outdoors on various different surfaces, and they're still in good enough shape for dd2. However, they newer ones with the grey soles don't seem as thick as the ones with black soles.

Lisa, your trip sounds horrid!
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