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moon_goddess's Avatar moon_goddess 01:53 AM 03-16-2005
has anyone used this? is it safe for the babe that is breastfeeding and doesnt take a bottle or sippy...how do i get the right amount of fluids for him to take this type of lax? i have tried everything!! how often can i use suppositories? he only goes once a week and it is very firm and BIG (sorry to be so graphic). i just want to do what is right for my guy. HELP

bamamom's Avatar bamamom 02:04 AM 03-16-2005
I have a df who is a pediatrician and used to be our pediatrician. She has to give one of her boys miralax everyday because he refuses to eat any food with fiber in it if he has a choice. Her user name on MDC is hasiyna so pm her, and if you don't get a response by sending a pm then pm me and i'll get you her email addy, ok?? HTH. Does he drink prune juice or anything? Is he old enough for raisins as a finger food snack?? I didn't notice his age.
rileysmommy's Avatar rileysmommy 01:51 PM 03-16-2005
my 7 year old has ibs with constipation,as well as other GI problems. and we have miralax, i actually don't like to give it to him, he says it makes him feel funny and gives him gas pains.
now i dont know how a baby is going to do, but i guess if you don't have a choice, ya know.
if you are nursing, one od the peds told me to take a stool softner myself, and some gets passed through my milk. so when ben seems to not go for a few days thats what i do.
can yoru babe eat babyfood prunes? or take sips of prune juice? imo laxatives don't help fix the problem all they do is alleviate the symptoms, then its a cycle it will just happen again and again.
oh kids with pooping troubles.... its the pits!
hugs momma
moon_goddess's Avatar moon_goddess 03:04 AM 03-29-2005
should i take him to a GI specialist rather than put him on a med i dont feel comfortable giving him?
milk_maker's Avatar milk_maker 11:59 AM 03-29-2005
I was put on this med last week to help me out. I called my step mother immediately to find out if it's safe. She's got her doctorate in pharmacy so she knows her cookies. She read what her book says...it is safe for breastfeeding mothers and safe for children because it's very gentle and inert. I haven't had any problems with DS when using it.

On a side note, she kind of freaked when she heard the name (the drug name, not the brand name) because it sounded like this medicine that was introduced in the 30s or 40s that caused a bunch of deaths and led to the forming of the FDA. She told me to hold off on taking it until she could find out...the next morning she called me. She'd found the name at 3 am in one of the notes from a class she'd taught...it was safe to take the miralax. :LOL My stepmom is so funny...
ajmckay36's Avatar ajmckay36 02:06 AM 03-30-2005
My son has had issues with constipation off and on since we started solids six months ago (he's still nursing). I thought the suppositories were pretty invasive, so the ped recommended Miralax. We put it in a bottle of EBM...the stuff worked wonderfully for us.

Hope it helps you. It's almost like being constipated yourself when you're little one is all backed up.
Marsupialmom's Avatar Marsupialmom 02:14 AM 03-30-2005
I would not give him mirilax at this point. I would take him to a specialist.

I would start FLAX SEED OIL. He would only need about a teaspoon a day. You can use a dropper.

Please read this link


Dosage of flax oil:
Infants: one teaspoon a day
Toddlers: two teaspoons a day
Children and adults: one tablespoon a day
Changed's Avatar Changed 02:38 PM 03-30-2005
FWIW, the flax seed oil didn't help my kid at ALL. I tried flax oil, meal and tea. Nada.

She was SO badly constipated that she developed something called "aquired mega colon". We had to give an enema for 3 days and then we tried the oil again. No luck so we started using miralax. Our GI doc reccomended mineral oil but like Dr. Sears I was not convinced it was safe as it is a petro based product. Yuk!

The miralax works well but MUST be given with enough fluids. It does take a while to figure out exactly how much is rigt for your child. Play with it... I'm going to add the flax back in now that she's not badly impacted. Just to lubricate the bowels.
moon_goddess's Avatar moon_goddess 02:46 PM 03-30-2005
i started the miralax this morning. first i gave him warm prunes with hemp powder and flax seeds milled. then i mixed the miralax into some pears and gave him some juice to drink...he doesnt take juice that good from a cup yet.

what is the dosage of miralax you give to your children...we started with 1/4 teaspoon mixed with pears. and how long have you had to use it?
chrfath's Avatar chrfath 02:57 PM 03-30-2005
Just another thought. Infant massage has been working wonders on my DD. Pretty much the same as your little one. Pooing once a week eating some solids but really only drinking BM. She has increased to pooing every couple days and seems to be much more comfortable with regular daily abdominal massages.

Good luck. Poo problems are the pits.
moon_goddess's Avatar moon_goddess 12:06 AM 03-31-2005
i have done abdominal massage on him since he was newborn. i just dont get what is going on. i may have to just take him to a specialist.
moon_goddess's Avatar moon_goddess 11:17 PM 04-05-2005
took my ds to a specialist on monday and she was super nice and helpful. she told me that the miralax will do the trick. he actually isnt really constipated anymore...he is holding back. which i figured out before i went to the appointment. so we are sticking with miralax for now and hopefully i can update ya'll with good news in a month when i talk to the dr again.
Changed's Avatar Changed 12:12 AM 04-06-2005
for holding stool I have found that green tea works great. It has a small amount of caffine but I would think it would be healthier than the alternative. Not that I think miralax is all bad.