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plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 12:04 PM 04-03-2005
Oh, man, here I am already behind...

Ok, I'm trying!

I had the ceiling of my older dd's room cave in, at our old house. But we owned it, it was our problem; I knew there was a leak but dh was supposed to take care of it (or get someone to) and didn't. Luckily it was in the middle of her room, not over her bed!

Sam, I wish I could still swaddle Reid, but he's too strong; he's been getting out of any kind of swaddle, including the miracle blanket, for a good three months now. I miss it, because he loved it.

I have never done the crunchy quiz, and didn't catch the link! No idea where I'd fall, as I'm very crunchy about some things, but not about others.

I talk to Reid mostly in grown-up talk, but sometimes I use "mommy voice" although Sears does say that "mommy voice" is instinctive, it the higher pitch and intonation is easier for babies to understand or something like that. I've pretty much done that with all my babes, alternating, but I never "talk down" to them; I always use grown-up words and if they don't understand I explain it. So far, my kids' teachers have all been impressed with their vocabulary, and my older ds especially goes to lengths to repeat a new word, and use it in his own context to truly grasp it. I've heard that there are studies that show that using the memory increases brain capacity.

My babes all talked really early, too, which made the "terrible twos" hardly bad at all, since they weren't frustrated about not being able to express themselves.

Lisa, as you can see from the Reid pix, he's still far from needing a haircut! He is finally getting some hair, but it's still not quite thick enough to make a true call on color. It's either sandy or strawberry blond, depending on the light. Lucy is so adorable! Personally, I would wait until she was asleep and just pull a comb through to hold the hair in place and do a quick snip.

Bunsmom, wow, I wish I had pix of older ds online... you could show MIL his baby pix, and his pix now at age (almost) 7! He was almost as fat as Reid (a bit thinner overall but a much bigger, fatter BUTT! LOL). fatfatfat baby! Skinny boy! Maybe find some studies about DHA and the other brain-fats in breastmilk; they consume as much breastmilk as they need to get the right amount of fat for them, for adequate brain growth. I think that varies a lot from babe to babe, but when talking about fat breastfed babies, I call it "brain fat". Also, breastmilk fat does not promote obesity in any way; it doesn't build permanent fat cells like formula does.

I used to get the same crap from MIL, and now she's actually said "Well, if we hadn't seen Cullen slim down, we'd be really worried about Reid!"

Actually, Reid really amazes me because he is so fat, with all of those rolls, but he is skootching/crawling, and doing that hands/feet/butt in air locomotion, pulls himself up superfast and is cruising all over the place. I mean, he's got to be STRONG to heft all of that fat! The other day, he pulled himself up on the table (like in the pic) walked holding onto the table to the other end of it, grabbed hold of the couch, cruised along it, over to the amby frame, back to the couch... We've already had to "baby proof" since he can get anywhere in the house, he's so fast. He's also been trying to get up the first step of the stairs. He opens drawers... oh, man, you get the picture! He's already gotten into the bathroom, pulled himself up and was trying to swish in the toilet, but he's not tall enough. Nevertheless, having him holding onto the toilet to keep himself upright... ewwww!


plantmommy's Avatar plantmommy 12:08 PM 04-03-2005
Oh, I meant also to comment on the not-sleeping babes; what milestone are they working on? I can tell you that since Reid has mastered locomotion, his sleeping habits have all gone to heck. He was napping 2x a day for 2 hours, and then several half-hour naps, and recently, since he doesn't want to stay still for anything, he naps maybe 2x day for under a half-hour and is permanently exhausted, which makes it harder for him to unwind and get to sleep... vicious cycle.
leomom's Avatar leomom 01:02 PM 04-03-2005
Heather, here is an example of the giraffe line: If you find anything from it in 12-18, seriously, I will pay for it and your gas, your lunch, whatever! I am drooling over it! :LOL

FF, Yes..I check the Gymbo website, but I am set for srping/summer clothes and those seem to be what are on sale in her size. I haven't checked it regularly, but I need to start. Supposedly there is a yahoo group that alerts you to sale, etc. but I lost the link...! I don't know how I missed them. Please email me your fabrics at [email protected]. I also want to get one for my best friend who is due in June.

Savannah, I didn't realize you meant THE Ella diaper maker! I thought you meant a mom with the pattern. :LOL

Sam, we sound like the same amount of crunchy! We should get together in the fall. We have a townhouse in Austin that we usually frequent but we're waiting for Kate to get older and LIKE the car! We'll definitely be there for football season, though. I'd love to meet you.

Which reminds me, Cynthia, we need to meet! It seems like every week there is some type of drama with Kate or Hannah and there never seems to be a good time. Someday....
msrog's Avatar msrog 01:05 PM 04-03-2005
Busy posting morning!

Hugs to Mandy. This too shall pass. I don't think you're mean. =O)

Hi to Sam and Plantmommy. Oh, and Nicolas was an enormous fatty from about 4-7 months. Now as you see he is quite lean. Same with my nephew. That MIL needs to chill out. I comment on chunky babies, but only because I just love them and want to squeeze and munch on them, LOL. Not because I'm worried about their future weight!

With my first, I narrated pretty much everything we did. Nicolas is a brain now, and was reading at 3. However, with two infants, I've noticed I really don't "teach" them at all... and I realized that for the first few months I hardly spoke to them! Seems they were on separate sleep schedules, and I was always trying to get them back to sleep, so we would do quiet diaper changes, etc. And I never had the luxury of playing on the floor with them or sitting holding one for hours... Always another crying and needing a diaper or burp or something.

It's getting smoother now. I even mentioned to dh last night that they have really fallen into a good pattern; at 9 last night after Ruby Tuesday's they were POd and over tired, because lately they've been going to sleep around 8:30 or 9. And can I say (apologies to Mandy who isn't getting sleep), that since I put them back into their car seats to sleep, they have consistently been sleeping through the night? William, my light sleeper, slept for 10 straight hours two nights ago! Last night McKenna slept from 10 p.m. til 6 a.m. (not counting the time change). Aaaaaahhh. Life is much nicer with rest.

OK, I hear little girl waking...
AugustineM's Avatar AugustineM 03:19 PM 04-03-2005
Originally Posted by bunsmom
I just am a little exhausted because I am constantly having to (or DH will back me up too, but it is usually me) explain to her why we are not vaxing, why we don't use a pacifier, a ton of entertainment type toys, delaying solids, etc..etc...I am sure a lot of you deal with this. I just am tired today because she wore me down. I am going to print out some studies etc... and mail them to her, regarding some of the issues she brought up. Not at all to be mean, but so that she will hopefully read them and at least think about it.
Oh man, I am in the exact same boat as you, bunsmom! It's funny actually because my MIL is coming to visit in about 3 days and she'll be staying with us for almost a week, and I've seriously been really anxious about it! When she was here when Thor was 8 weeks old, it was hard. She made comments like, "You really need to find another way to comfort him other than breastfeeding." (She didn't BF.) And, "Oh, it's not bad for them to cry." While she would hold him, screaming, and not give him back to nurse!! Anyway, she sent me an email yesterday saying she wanted to make cookie dough and feed it to Thor while she was here. I wasn't sure what to do, because I don't want to make things worse, but I tried to explain that he barely eats solids and will gag on anything with a "solid" consistancy. I'm worried about the visit and find myself obsessing about things she might say, and ways I might answer. Of course, she thinks co-sleeping is insane and says that he'll never learn to soothe himself. The only thing I can think is to explain the theory of AP and co-sleeping.

FF -- I LOVE your pouches. I may want to buy one. The fabric is beautiful. LaRue is adorable and I love the photo of you and her sewing.

POURING here again.... it will be a lazy Sunday! Hope everyone is well...
bendmom's Avatar bendmom 03:22 PM 04-03-2005
Mandy~ So sorry to hear your frustrations. Aidan was so high needs and cried constantly. I was the only one who could hold him and family literally would not visit us because they didn't want to be around him. I got really depressed about it and that is why we waited 5 years to have another. I think I didn't get PPD until AFTER I realized his temperment. The way we see it, God blessed us with a *good* baby to make up for Aidan.

I love baby lulu stuff so much, but only the girl patterns. I like the pepper toes stuff for boy, aren't they the same company? Aidan was 4 month old when we decided to have a ceremony since we got married way earlier(kinda eloped), and he wore a pepper toes gown with matching hat and a rose glued to the top of his hat. They have they softest fabrics for babe!

I have a baby shower to go to today and I'm gonna take the sling because Bryn is sick, again, and I think he will sleep better attached. I'm getting tired of Aidan bringing germs home from school and handing it to Bryn. I was kinda friends with this other mom for a little while, but haven't seen her in a while. I gave her all my maternity clothes, front pack carrier, European baby stuff that I didn't really use. I think I was asked to go for the gift since I have given her so much stuff. I was going to take over my cpf and bummis covers, some really cute girl gap and european clothing I found, but I'm wondering if I should just sell this stuff? I am starting to feel like a gift horse since she hasn't called me in a month and I have called her twice, but was called by the girl having the shower to make sure I am coming. She also registered at Target and this other really expensive baby boutique, but only told me about the boutique. It would be nice to see other moms an dget out of the house, I just don't know how to deal with all the stuf I have given her and then be expected to buy more. Sorry this is kinda long, just gotta get this out.
msrog's Avatar msrog 03:50 PM 04-03-2005
Ashley, maybe you could use the medical excuse and tell MIL doc says absolutely no dairy or eggs for the first year. Certainly that would be in raw cookie dough! And of course, what mother could say something negative about you wanting to start your baby off right and when solids are started, that it's healthy stuff like vegetables, not sweets...?

Hugs to all.
FeministFatale's Avatar FeministFatale 04:31 PM 04-03-2005
I can't respond to everything, I'm in a rush, but I got an email from the Joy of Sewing woman and she said that the Baby Lulu fabric sale is closing today. So if you joined but haven't been accepted yet, maybe you can give me your order and I'll put it in the database today so you can still get it. If you already have been accepted and ordered, great!
msrog's Avatar msrog 04:45 PM 04-03-2005
My sweet, thoughtful (LOL) babies have been napping for about 3 hours! (Wait, 2 hours... I looked at the computer clock, which adjusted by itself for Daylight Savings) Long enough for me to finally upload my diaper pictures and prepare to upload baby pictures... So here is my sewing album, updated:

There are 85 pictures, but you've all seen the first 51 of them... =O)

I'll post family photos soon! Thanks for looking.
Almamiel's Avatar Almamiel 04:58 PM 04-03-2005
O.k. - I've read all the posts, I swear! Happy April, everyone! Dp finally emailed me (Friday!) - good thing, as I was about to change the locks on the house He should be crossing the Atlantic right now - It'll be good to have him home! Being a single parent, even with my parents help, sure is a alot of work. But it was SO nice to spend so much time with the girls. I had childcare covered except for Tues and Thurs - so I stayed home for two glorious days. Loved it.

Raney is a good sleeper. And we deserve it. Mieke was and is fairly challenging- though such a joy, of course.

FF - I *must* have one of your pouches - how do you do sizing?
FancyNancy's Avatar FancyNancy 05:47 PM 04-03-2005
I'll post family photos soon! Thanks for looking.
Anytime! I love looking at photos...
which reminds me, with spring now upon us, I definitely need to have some new portraits done...Time to break out the pastels and head to sears, LOL!
bendmom's Avatar bendmom 05:51 PM 04-03-2005
Savannah~ I want an AIO!!! Please!!! I think you are going to have a long list of orders just from our group! I can't keep up with the cd TP and it seems next to impossible to get on any custom orders from WAHMS that have CD I like. I see that you already have labels? Fantastic! There are so many creative moms on this board I can't believe it. My SIL made fitteds for her son and for mine in the infant size before they could fit into the AIOs we used. I wish wish wish I had kept them. I could never do something like that, not enough patience to make a bunch before getting it right.
chrissy's Avatar chrissy 08:52 PM 04-03-2005
hey everybody!

i swear, i have no time to do anything these days.

i am loving all the pics of beautiful babies, pouches, diapers, even holes in ceilings!

re: MIL's- do they all suck? i guess not all because my husband's MIL doesn't suck (my mom :LOL) this is something my MIL said to me last week:
"I think that the reason Noah is a picky eater now [at age 3.5] is because when you first started feeding him food you didn't know how to do it and you put too much on his spoon."

she really said that.

she also has weight issues and i fear what she will say to lilah. she's nuts though. she thinks noah is too small (though everybody else always tells me he looks big for his age) and lilah is too big. there's no winning with her.

bendmom, how did the baby shower go?

augustine, i hope the visit with your MIL goes well.

re: baby talk and teaching things to babe- i do sometimes find myself talking to lilah in a higher voice than i talk to grown-ups. it makes her smile. i'm not talking down to her, just doing what comes naturally to me. i'm not into flashcards with babies either but like some others said i do sort of narrate what i'm doing, kind of to include her in the activity as well as teach her about the world around her.

stacey, i will try to get to my gymboree this week and look for giraffe stuff for you!

heather, so is santa cruz really crunchy? i am horrible with geography- are you near the beach?

lisa, don't you know the easiest way to get pregnant is to sell all your maternity clothes?! :LOL

well, that's as far as the history goes and i better run anyway.

love to everybody new and old,
StacyL's Avatar StacyL 01:31 AM 04-04-2005
Wow, such cute babies! Miles, Reid, Kate, Bryn, Lucy! I loved the pictures!

FF - I lived in LA for ten years in a HUGE 2 BDR apt. in Sherman Oaks on the top floor, and in 2001 our ceiling fell in from the rain in the second bedroom. Our owner was pretty cheap (aren't they all?) so here's what I did which sped things up & got it fixed right: I called the city/county gov't. office which governs landlords and filed a formal complaint. They had an inspector out there in no time at all, and then the landlord got it fixed. Then it had to be reinspected after the repair. Nothing like facing a steep fine from the gov't. to motivate your landlord. So, that's my suggestion. And I'm sure those rules apply to landlords renting houses.

I got my Ride-On hip carrier the other day and I love it - so comfortable! Alex likes it too.

So I got a 106 on the Granola scale - crunchier than I thought I would be - haha.

We got a childrens' outdoor play yard at ToyRUs yesterday to use as a pen for the puppies out in the yard. They went outside for the first time today - they are so cute! I'll try to get some pictures scanned.
AugustineM's Avatar AugustineM 01:40 AM 04-04-2005
StacyL -- I got my ride on hip carrier about a week ago and love it as well. It's much more comfortable than wearing him way up high on my chest like in the Snugli. Even my Nojo sling was getting hard on my shoulders. It's nice to have the weight on my hips.

Mandy -- I think I can relate to your frustration. DS went through a similar period when he was about 4 mo. old. I felt guilty a lot of the time because he was just so fussy all the time that I did not want to be around him. It's really hard. My doctor even said that maybe he was developing colic, because supposedly it can come on later. But I knew it wasn't that because he was just generally dissatisfied (or so it seemed). I'd just have to lay him in his crib sometimes. But it did pass, and he got teeth early, so I wondered if that might have been it. So.... I hope it gets easier for you -- it will
punkymonkeymom's Avatar punkymonkeymom 01:43 AM 04-04-2005
While everyone is on the subject of MIL's I have to brag about mine. We didnt have easter dinner last week because she was sick so we delayed it until today. DH had to work since it wasnt raining and it is supposed to several days this week. Well, about 12:00 I left here with both kids so I could spend the day with her and help get things ready. Well, she ended up doing all the cooking and cleanup by herself and I had no responsibilities all day. I was able to play with both girls and do whatever they wanted. It was wonderful and Makynzi barely cried all day! Back to real life tomorrow but man not having any responsibilities except paying attention to my girls was wonderful. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful MIL. She is completely supportive of me and gives DH heck if she thinks he is mistreating me. She has never said a word against AP except the occaisonal she'll have to learn she cant be held all the time eventually. It helps that my sil is the one who introduced me to AP. She cant say too much against the things her own daughter does. She is around me a lot more though since we live down the road and her daughter lives halfway across the country.

Makynzi also crawled over to her stairs and pulled herself up to a stand and then attempted to crawl up them today. All in all it was just the relaxing break I needed!
punkymonkeymom's Avatar punkymonkeymom 01:50 AM 04-04-2005
Oh I forgot to say thanks for all the support! I always thought Madyson was fairly high needs but Makynzi makes her look like a dream in comparison.

Bendmom- It has been so horrible the last couple of weeks that DH has commented several times about work being calmer than home! Considering he is on a crew of loud mouth carpenters that is pretty bad! Its funny though, like today she was all sunshine and smiles because she had my undivided attention. Of course DH had her while I was helping set the table and he had to bring her to me because she had a fit.
StacyL's Avatar StacyL 03:20 AM 04-04-2005
Here's an album of my other "babies."

Maggie is our Boxer, and there are some pics of the male we bred her with in there. We have seven cute little pups we'll be selling eventually.
msrog's Avatar msrog 03:37 AM 04-04-2005
Wow, Stacy!!! Those puppy pictures are really sweet. That mom looks exhausted nursing them all, LOL. Does she eat and drink a lot more, like when I nurse twins? =O) Very clever of you to put them all in that kiddie pool.

OK, I'm also testing the new Easter cuties picture in my sig...
FeministFatale's Avatar FeministFatale 03:54 AM 04-04-2005
Haircuts -- I'm going to be cutting a little piece of LaRue's hair, she has a tail going down the nape of her neck. Not a very hip hairdo she has going on. She also has long pieces of hair by both of her ears, but that looks cuter so we will be keeping that. I have always cut my older dd's hair so I'll also be cutting LaRue's hair. Chloë's been wanting really short hair though so if she still wants that kind of hair cut I'm going to take her to a hairdresser, since I'm good at trimming, but I'm not sure how I would do with actually doing a whole hairstyle.

Bunsmom -- those kind of comments annoy the hell out of me. First off, breastfeeding helps reduce the chance of obesity and second, what if your baby grew into a chubby adult. Peoplethink that's like some kind of horrible thing, or something. Chloë was super fat so we got that all the time. But you know what, I was even fatter than Chloë when I was a baby and now I'm a thin adult. My ped. had actually told my mom to decrease the amount of food she was giving me because if she didn't I would be obese when I was an adult. My mom decided not to listen to him because she said I was always a super sweet, easy-going baby, the only time I would cry was when I was hungry. So she would feed me one jar of baby food and I would cry until she feed me another jar, after that I was happy. She decided to listen to my cues instead of the doctor. And now as an adult I'm glad she did, I bet that if she listened to my doctor I would have had major food issues, my needs wouldn't have been met. I think that if she had restricted my food intake I would have grown up to be an obese adult. Something I do when people comment on my baby's chubbiness is I agree. I will say "I know, isn't that great?! I just love all her little rolls. She is just so healthy!"

I'm amazed at how many of you also had your ceiling fall down! I guess this is pretty common. And StacyL, I live very close to Sherman Oaks, if you still lived here we could've been irl friends.

msrog -- your dipes are so cute! Great job!

Almamiel -- glad your dp finally contacted you, i would have been so pissed. what's the name of your partner's band?

I think I'll just post pics of the fabrics here so anyone who is interested can see them. Just email me which fabric you like and then we can talk about the logistics and sizing, my email addy is [email protected]. And again, each pouch has a print on one side and a coordinating color on the other side, the colors can be black, brown, or white.

These are the ones I have in stock right now:

And here are some I'm going to be receiving in the next few days:

Also, if you have your own fabric that you want to be made into a pouch, the price would be reduced to $20.
FeministFatale's Avatar FeministFatale 03:56 AM 04-04-2005
oh man, those puppies are SO cute!
Cuddlemama's Avatar Cuddlemama 04:31 AM 04-04-2005
I can't possibly catch up at the moment. You are one prolific group of women! But, I did want to subscribe so I can try to get my head above water eventually.


Edited: spelling errors
JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 09:13 AM 04-04-2005
I hate it when he gets up this early!

that's all for now,

j (will he fall back asleep!?!!!)
Subhuti's Avatar Subhuti 10:56 AM 04-04-2005
hi all
quick note
big floods, Lulu and I and DH were evacuated. Spent night in monastery. Lulu thought it was a blast! Basement a mess, river flooded all the way up here!

we're going to NYC because its not clean here (no running water, lots of standing water). See grammies.


Liz and Lulu
leomom's Avatar leomom 12:02 PM 04-04-2005
Love the puppies...especially the pool one!

Savannah, your Easter cuties are very adorable....big smiles all around!

FF, i picked my fabric. I'll email you in a minute.

Liz, I hope you make it to NYC safely.

Hoping to make it to a playgroup this morning, but I never know what kind of mood my princess will be in or when she'll wake up or when she'll sleep or when she'll be hungry...
3boobykins's Avatar 3boobykins 01:20 PM 04-04-2005
Wow, busy thread already! It's so easy to get behind and then it's a challenge to reply to individual posts 'cuz I don't want to leave anyone out!

As always, I'm loving all the photos! Here are just a few more of mine. The two of Leela and Shankar sleeping happened at the same time--couldn't believe it! Leela has started falling asleep in her highchair after lunch almost every day. Not the most comfy napping spot, but she'd wake up if I tried to move her, and she'll only go to sleep if she's "restrained" in the carseat, stroller, or high chair.

Fat babies--Love 'em! They are so yummy and edible-looking! Leela was my only really chubby babe. She was 18 lbs at 6 months, after being just 5 lbs. 11oz at birth. She was on the short side, too, so that made her even rounder. Her knees were even fat. Bhavani is just tiny in comparison, and both sizes and all in between are healthy and perfect. So poo to MIL's and their comments! I got really lucky in the MIL department--she minds her own beeswax and never criticizes our parenting! Loved your comment about your husband's MIL, Chrissy! :LOL

DH and I talked and agreed that I needed a bit of a break everyday, whenever possible. He works at home, so he's going to take a couple of hours in the afternoon to hang out with the older two so I can go grocery shopping or just go hang out at the bookstore, or whatever. How cool is that?!

Gotta run --sorry to just talk about me-me-me! I'll try to keep up a bit more so I can respond more to individual mamas!

Happy Monday!

JenInMpls's Avatar JenInMpls 01:38 PM 04-04-2005
This is off topic to Stacy in particular but I thought it would give you all a smile.

When my dad lived in Louisiana way back when (in the 60s), he bred boxers too. In one litter he ended up with a pure snow-white bitch. I don't know if she was albino or just totally white, but AKC wouldn't let my dad sell her as a purebred because of her color being wrong, so he was going to keep her.

One day a man drove up in a huge (think 60s era cars, now, folks) red Cadillac convertible to get a puppy. He had an appointment to buy one of the papered dogs, but the second he saw the white puppy, he insisted that he had to have her. My dad tried to convince the man that she was not for sale, but he would not be dissuaded - he had to have the white boxer, and he didn't care if she had papers or not. He paid my dad $500 for that puppy, which, in the early 60s, was a LOT of money, I think close to 5x what my dad was charging for the papered dogs. And my dad said that when the man set the puppy down on the front seat of his red cadillac convertible with white leather interior and drove off, he understood why the man wanted the white dog - she matched his car and looked absolutely beautiful in it!

Just an aside to make you smile. Leigh and Liz, stay dry. We had horrible flooding here (well, northwest of here, in Grand Forks) several years ago and it was nightmarish, so I feel your pain.

How are other babies adjusting to daylight saving time?

Mama Bear's Avatar Mama Bear 02:08 PM 04-04-2005
Originally Posted by JenInMpls
I have to say that the "how crunchy are you?" quiz makes me sad. If I hadn't had a c-section, we both would have died, despite me having wanted a homebirth, and I feed him formula because otherwise he would starve on my Tbsp of milk per breast per feeding. Still, I find myself plenty crunchy. So I have to say : to the quiz, sorry. I do what I have to for your child, and if that makes me "jello" in someone else's book, well, tough.
I apologize that I upset you. I did not intend to offend anyone.
I had gotten the link from another board I belong to and thought it was cute...
Cuddlemama's Avatar Cuddlemama 02:30 PM 04-04-2005
It's so wet here. The rain is gradually slowing down, but the waters are still well past flood-stage. We are blessed to be on the UP side of the hill, so we don't have personal issues with our house flooding. But, our poor cross-the-street neighbors are below us on the DOWN side of the hill, and they're having some serious trouble.

I hope you make it safely to NYC, Liz. There are tons of roads closed here in Broome County, as well as several surrounding counties here in the Southern Tier and in NW Pennsylvania.

Thankfully, though, the weather guy says the rain is going to stop till the weekend.

I'm still in bed. I didn't get to sleep till nearly 4am. The big kids brought their breakfast up to my room and have been playing in here today. Anna slept in till 10:30, since she has not adjusted to daylight savings time. Now she is rolling around with toys.

bunsmom's Avatar bunsmom 03:56 PM 04-04-2005
Good morning mamas!

Liz, hope you are doing o.k.

Thanks for the support on the MIL issue, and those that have wonderful MIL's you are soooo lucky!

The time change is awful for us. Buns was up until almost 2 am, but back to sleep now. We were going to go to a NFL meeting, a new group for us,but that isn't going to happen.

Yesterday was a really lazy day. I made some sweet potato bread, and buns tried some mashed sweet potato before I made the bread, she had this look on her face like "are you trying to poison me?" and gagged a couple times, so we stopped. This was the first solid food she hasn't really liked, I wonder if it could be the texture? She loved bananas, avacados, b.nut squash and pumpkin...We were going to go for a walk but it was raining, so all of us relaxed. I am reading "the gift of fear" and loving the information.

FF- I love the materials you are using. I too do not like having to deal with those comments. I am going to talk to my sweetie (he is a sweetie!) about talking to his Mom about buns. I really can not stand for people to talk about a baby/child like they don't exist or just because they can not talk they don't understand. I do NOT want her growing up with an eating disorder, or feeling bad about herself. I also am tired of his Mother (who was a social worker and for some reason thinks that makes her an child expert) trying to tell us what to do, or rather tell me what to do. She has made several comments about buns not having a pacifier, and also is always saying that "babies need spend time alone so they can learn to be independent" Whatever. It is getting reaaaly old.

Part of the issue is that she has never offered to help us with anything. Nada. Ever. But then wants us to do things for her, so my relationship with her isn't great to begin with, so it isn't easy for me to take her crap. Not that it would be, but when there is already and existing issue, it makes it worse. The day after we had buns, she brought over beer for her and DH, you know because of all the hard work he had to do. GRRRR. And (I am sure I have complained about this before because it makes me so angry) made several rude comments (this is about 18 hrs. after giving birth so I am not looking so good) about my body, and when I said I loved being a Mom she said "don't write the book it has only been one day" and wanted me (again, right after having buns) to come and help her paint her new house. WTF? Sooo, as you can see the woman is not easy to deal with.

I shouldn't even get started on my in-laws I can't shut up about how weird they are.

We didn't do too much last week, it was nice having DH home, but today when buns wakes up I am going to run some errands, pick up some meds for our sweet pup and try and go to the Body Shop. I need some face lotien and body butter. I just can't stand going to the mall so I have put it off.

Have a wonderful day you great Moms.

FF, I hope you get that ceiling fixed.
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