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Bunches's Avatar Bunches 09:16 AM 06-03-2005
"When I was young, I never needed anyone...." "all by myself.... don't wanna be all by myself.....anymore"
Here I am again.... 0315am.....I should be cleaning but I'd rather be chatting with you mamas.
yes, I joined the 1000 minute challenge. good to see some familiar faces! I need a challenge to get me going. Once I start though, I can usually be pretty motivated. I had been walking but I need to do a little more. I'm going to walk to work today and tomorrow. Honestly, I should put a pedometer on in the Emergency Room to see how far I walk. I bet its miles! Not to mention the lifting, etc...
on the topic of BF - does old Babs have children??????? When I lived in Norway, the movie Eyes Wide Shut was playing and they had the unedited version. They used to think Americans were weird for "cutting" the nude scenes and keeping all of the violence. In Norway, it was the opposite! And, can someone remind old Babs that WE ARE MAMMALS!!! I'm still in awe that I am providing the soul nutrition for Torin. How amazingly beautiful is that????? It took me a while to get used to it.......everytime he gained weight I was ecstatic. Now look at him!! He's huge! And, the beginning was HELL. It wasn't a smooth start. I was in pain and had a huge learning curve. But, we figured it all out with a little perseverance! excuse any typos...... i'm tired!
back to sleep because "hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go"
I'm really weird at 0300am.

sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 09:51 AM 06-03-2005
Annie- sorry to hear about Kobe, hope he gets well soon

Kathy- I'm a health nut here I love those weird healthy type recipes!

I totally nurse ANYWHERE. I feel I should to show other women it is easy, acceptable and sometimes necessary. I hope I give others courage.
WTG momma! and for all the others that do nip. I so wish I could.Sometimes I wonder if bf moms make those comments inthere heads when they see me bottle feeding Megan. I wish I could have a sign on me, "yes there is bm in this bottle"

wow that 1000 challenge thing sounds interesting. I should do it. Exercise is my current goal. Need to do some. I feel like I've been on a 2 year hiatus form exercise.
I thought I had lost some weight so I stepped on the scale and yes I did. I LOST 15lbs!!! yeah half way to my goal. want to lose 15 more. I hope to achieve that by the end of the year.

2 big milestones for Megan yesterday. She laughed. It was so cute of course. Then she almost rolled over but only did it half way but thats a big step for her as we've been working on that with her therapist, so she'll be pleased to hear when she comes for her visit this week.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 10:03 AM 06-03-2005
Joyce - my personal cure for NIP - take the babies to the mall, sit on the bench closest to Victoria's Secret, look at all the SKIN on the posters in the windows, nurse your baby and realize that you are only showing off the back of the babe's head and how truly offensive the posters at VS really are. :LOL

Jeni - she could have had just a heartburn-y kind of evening (yah, that's the *one time* reflux, adult heartburn).

Laura, big props to you today, I don't know how you managed to be such a pumping maven. I get SO frustrated pumping (ok so I have a manual pump) and you're an AWESOME mama for doing it!

Heather and Andy, did you see the Hathor where she is wearing the "nursing wrap shirt" - it is a t-shirt with the chest cut out, but the tummy part still there, and also has moby tails on each side so you can just tie the kid on.

1000 min is what? 30ish min/day? I'm not even going to bother with the math on that one.

Yah I'll bare my breasts anywhere my kid needs it. Actually, my friend made a comment to me yesterday after my midwife left the park, about how I had my entire boob hanging out - well I lift my t-shirt and then tuck it under my armpit and hold it down so it doesn't hit Lauren in the face, and well it exposes all of my boob too, but we were at the park at the beach, there were teenagers with more skin showing under their swimsuits!

Mary, hehe, I have those awe moments too, I'll be in bed nursing and go "wow, this kid has been here for over 4 months and *I'm* the reason she's growing!" Isn't that so cool?

Laura, make Megan a t-shirt that says "My mama pumps all her love for me" and wear it at the mall and yay on the milestones! Are you guys doing OT and PT at home?

We walked around the block last night (one little mile) and I carried Lauren instead of dh, and WOW what a difference that makes. I was TIRED when we got home and it was slower than usual. The chiro also gave me a good workout yesterday, I'm a little sore today but in a good way.

Yesterday was my mom's bday and dh's was last week, we're having cake and icecream at their house tonight, and poor Zoe gets her stitches out today (and her rabies vax). The hole in her side has healed really well, now we just have to wait for the hair to grow back in.

I my MDC mamas!

MontMama's Avatar MontMama 10:10 AM 06-03-2005
Up late last night with babies and a new washing machine that we got scratch-and-dent. No instructions and couldn't figure out how to make the darn thing work! It kept getting stuck. Turned out it had some rods in it to keep the drum from spinning during shipping. Doh! Hope we didn't break it. Needed a new machine, tho--with CD broke our old one twice in as many months, oops. :LOL If this one is a piece of junk, too, I guess we'll find out in a couple months after a few bazillion cloth diapers.

But just wanted to say, Mary, that Babs has a DH--adopted. I don't think she's ever had a baby naturally and gone through all that process.
pixiexto's Avatar pixiexto 10:11 AM 06-03-2005
Ok, for my fellow nut Laura...

Pumpkin Bread

2 cups whole wheat pastry flour (1 3/4 C regular whole wheat flour + 1/4 C cornstarch)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cloves

2 C pumpkin puree
1/2 C maple syrup
2 T canola/corn oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 C chopped pecans
1/2 C raisins

Preheat oven to 350F and prepare a loaf pan by spraying it with non-stick.

Combine dry ingredients in a big bowl.
Combine wet ingredients in a medium bowl.
Pour wet ingredients into the dry, mixing just to combine. Stir in pecans and raisins, if using.

The batter should be pretty stiff. Spoon it into the loaf pan and bake on the centre rack of your oven for 50-55 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean.

Not super sweet, but good!
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 10:47 AM 06-03-2005
Yawn. Well she slept, but I didn't get enough sleep. She's been up for two hours now and is exhausted but doesn't want to go back to sleep. Chattering to herself in bed now. Okay, now she's playing with Nana.

Laura, I always assume when I see an Avent or Medela bottle or something that it's bm, and that probably the mama isn't comfortable NIP.

I might try the bread as muffins, but I don't think I have any maple syrup. Drat.

Wow, Evelyn's growing out of 6-9? How big is she now? We're just growing into them. :LOL I've been putting the 6-9 one-piece shorts romper things on her and they're still baggy. And I can still get the 0-3 Gymboree lobster shirt that I love on her, but it's rather tight.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 10:48 AM 06-03-2005
Oooh lookie, my husband is a mai tai model! http://www.nineacres.com/mei-tai-convertible.cfm
Killick's Avatar Killick 12:03 PM 06-03-2005
Hey Ladies,

Sorry I have been a stranger for the past couple of days. Things have been pretty hectic here.

Em "graduated" on Tuesday from her Toddler class and is now in the Primary School. She seems pretty excited about it. She had a looney teacher who would blame everything and I mean every normal 2 year old behavior on what she ate for breakfast. I agree with her to a point, but not everything is related to what she eats. We have had our issues with this teacher all year, but we had decided to just let it go since she was switching classrooms. This idiot yesterday tells us that we need to go to family couunseling and gave us a 5 page list of everything that is wrong with Em. Again, I agree with some of the stuff, and none of it is new info, we knew she felt this way. It just felt like she had to get that last little dig in. So, I am setting up a meeting with the head of the school. They really need to know about this. :

So, with that and work yesterday, we had a very frustrating day. Will capped it off by not sleeping and only being comforted by me. I don't mind mostly, but sometimes, it is so frustrating. I want to be able to have some me time, and I am always attached to Will since DH can't really comfort him.

Okay, sorry for the rant. I think I am doing better today. At least I don't have to work today. I have the day off. DH is going to give me some "me" time this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

NIP - I find that my mother is more uncomfortable with it than I am. I am pretty discrete, only lift my shirt as much as necessary, but that even makes her sqeamish.

Okay, Em wants to watch the Robot Parade song. Better go.

See later.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:13 PM 06-03-2005
Lisa-yeah she gets 2 visits at home each month. Oh and manual pumps suck if I had to deal with a manual I would of given up a long time ago. Thats so cool your dh will wear her, I don't think mine ever would. He makes a great model by the way. Glad Zoe is getting her stitches out.

Kathy- thanks for the recipe! and oh crud as I was reading it I remembered our stove is broke, oh well have to wait till it gets fixed.

good luck with the washer Joyce
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 12:47 PM 06-03-2005
Oh Lisa, that's so cool! You're on there, too! Now I have to order one.
Tell your friend: "natrually" on the front page. Also, in checkout, I get an error message that says "if else" - no other info, and it does not seem to impede the checkout process, just a weird popup.

Paq, yep, Evelyn is a biggie. Not as big or as roly-poly as Violet, but up there. She's maybe 17.5 lb and 25", not tall, but she has her daddy's round rib cage.

Mary, you are a hoot at 3 a.m. You should totally wear the pedometer at work.

that Babs has a DH--adopted
(I'm guessing you mean DC?) She's just jealous, then! wanker.

Yay Andy and Ori! and Lisa and Lauren! Love our happy, well-digesting babes.

NIP: At the end of the hash, in the circle, they call in all the virgins (first-time hashers) and ask each for a "short joke, short song, or a long/voluptuous body part." My first hash, the RA hadn't even finished the question before I said, "Can I flash my tits?" :LOL Everybody said, "Yeah!"
So obviously I have no problem nursing in public. I'm on with the public education campaign reason, too.

Tiger, good luck with your washer.

Nicole, what a crazy teacher. : Good for you for discussing it with the head of the school. They do need to know about it.
Robot parade! Robot parade! Wave the flags that the robots made! (music smilie) Does she watch the mm on the CD or is there a movie for it?

manual pumps - mine is only useful when I'm really engorged. On the trip home last Wed, when she was barely eating, I just held the handle partway down and squiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirt. It's good for travel.

Will post this to make sure I don't lose it. I have some interesting stuff to tell you guys.
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 12:58 PM 06-03-2005
My DH is officially nominated to lead the husband training camp. He is wonderful all around. He takes care of the baby and of me and is sensitive to my feelings without being a pain in any way. Just great!

Then this morning... last night was the first time we had sex in four weeks, since my cyst-removal surgery. That was nice. This morning I notice a herpes blister . I haven't had an outbreak since before we got married, but this sure looks like one. SUCKS because he's almost certain to get it. Of course it was likely that he would catch it from me eventually, but we did want to postpone it as long as possible.
I dragged him out on the deck at breakfast to tell him what I found. He said "Shiuh." (His mouth was full of cereal.) Then when he realized I was talking about a herpes blister and not a problem with my stitches, he was relieved. What a man! He was much more concerned about damaging my stitches than about catching an STD. He is awesome.

Next questions - is Valtrex safe for breastfeeding, and is there any danger for Evelyn because we had a bath together last night? I'm off to Kellymom to find out.

Still to come: stories of Evelyn's first meal of rice cereal and of peas.
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 01:02 PM 06-03-2005
Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Little orphan annie had the right words there! I just can't keep up here. My bread machine is whirring away, making a spelt/rice/potato bread (I'm considering adding the tamari almonds, but maybe next time). YEA!!! Well Brownies sucked as usual, I am SO done w/it. the school asked me to reconsider and I just about jumped down the ladies throat w/a no so fast... is there no end!?! Anyway, one more meeting (party) next week, and then the campout and that's it. I do hope the girls find someplace for next year (my kid is in, but the others...).

I am too scared to commit to 1000 mins., 'cause if I can't do it I'll feel like a failure, and I just don't need that. So I'm increasing my walking on my own, and trying to squeeze in the exercise at home, but sometimes I just need a freaking break. I don't want to work out, I want to curl up w/a tea or iced tea or lemonade and read a book for half an hour while the baby actually sleeps :LOL . Today, although I had to nurse him twice in between, he's giving me almost 2 hrs., but I also did the diaper laundry, and two other loads, cleaned the kitchen floor and made the bread for the machine (oh, now THAT was hard! :LOL ). I guess I'm feeling kinda fried. Jerry WASN'T away this week (although to hear me complain you'da thunk it, huh?), but next week. This week he's been pretty gone, tho, not getting home till after six (except yesterday when he had a softball game) and then really needing to veg. out. He's pretty stressed at work these days. So exercise isn't my first priority. Gotta say, tho, that not eating wheat has def. given my body a chance to lose some weight. I'll bet I've lost 5lbs in the past 10 days or so. And milk supply is high!

Laura - WELL DONE to Megan on both the semi-tuck roll w/a twist (gotta love the little athletes!) and the laugh!!! Baby laughter is just as pure as it gets, eh? And I think Lisa's idea of the t-shirt is a GREAT one! I've got a permanent marker here...can I send it?!! :LOL

Joyce - (shiver smilie) - I hate wondering whether I've gone and done some duh thing to a large appliance. I do it once in a while, and it always makes me wanna go sit quietly in the bathroom and not be disturbed (until dh tells me it's ok to come out). I am SO bad at stuff like that. I actually returned a dvd player once, condemned it probably!, because I couldn't get it to work. I didn't have the tv on the right channel. : I suck sometimes. BUT - I did figure out what was wrong, so sometimes I'm bloody BRILLIANT!!! I do hope this one is ok... :

Paq - get some sleep, honey. Take her to the park, bring some comfy quilts, and snooze under a big shade tree. You'll feel better...and so will she!!! (Or will Nana walk her for a while outside while you get a bit of sleep?)

Az - I wanted to comment on the MIL drama - what a drag. I honestly have no advice, but I'm glad to be here to listen. I'm still looking for a strawberry diaper, but no luck. What about getting the fabric and sending it to someone to make a custom? Flannel strawberry material or cotton knit might be easier to find, wouldn't it? what we do for our kids...

Lisa - I'm getting a lot of emails about the nurse-in in nyc, and it's starting to look like it might be BIG. A bunch of mamas are going because they are SICK of being put in the imporssible position "breast is best" but "don't let me see it!". And they are RIGHT! I really do wish I could go...sigh.

Laura - I pm'd you about something - I got an email from here, she's going to the nurse in too. She seems totally legit and a mama herself. Obviously only if it feels right to you...

Ok, time to move laundry and maybe time for one diaper search! Yea!!! Lots of hugs mamas! xxx andy
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 01:29 PM 06-03-2005
Nicole - I second JEssi - you've got to share some of that w/the head of school. It's ok for a teacher to take steps to alleviate some of the craziness the kids put out w/good diet etc., but it only goes so far. Beca's preschool teacher did that a bit too. When I told her that I felt we were making good decisions, and shared some of them w/her, she backed right down and realized that my kid has a high energy level and some learning left to do. And that's where it ended. She's a great teacher, tho., so I'm not sure I woulda gone that route if the teacher was kinda nutty all year long... good luck, mama!

Jessi - ouch! Sucks on the blister. I'm SO glad dh is a nice guy. So where are we going to hold the dh camp? And can mamas and kids go along and sit poolside???
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 01:33 PM 06-03-2005
I'm smelling bread.....
Killick's Avatar Killick 01:47 PM 06-03-2005
Jess - She watches it online at this site:

It is hilarious. She loves it.
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 01:53 PM 06-03-2005
DH camp: as part of their training, they can clear Karen's piece of land while we sit at the beach.
Malama's Avatar Malama 02:47 PM 06-03-2005
gosh, last night Luka woke up crying and upset. He was nursing and then he sounded so congested. and couldn't breathe. I thought he might be getting sick and then I realized he had spit up (when the bed was wet) and that it had come out his nose and that's why he was so congested. it took me 45 minutes to console him after that. zzzzz

OOOH Jessica, I like your dh camp idea!!!
so sorry to hear about your herpes- and how sweet your dh wasn't mad (not that it waws an on purpose thing). I don't have info on that med- did you find out yet? you could call an LLL Leader (who could get the info if she doesn't have it) or you could check Hale's website (to tired to look for it myself)- he wrote meds and mother's milk. can dh take an anti-viral and lessen the possibility he'll get it bad?

Andy- go check out the 1000 minute thing- MANY pepole last month got nowhere NEAR 1000- some only in the 200 range or even less. somehow though, it feels motivational. don't be intimidated!
on your wheat-free ness. I have not taken the plunge, eventhough yesterday I was thinking I need to do something because my baby's face is slightly bumpy maybe I should start today???

oh, I think it was not enough sleep because my brain is not allowing me to figure out what I was gonna say and respond to each of you personally. it just might have to be a coffe day for me.

oh, one thing I was gonna say to Joyce, on the NIP thing;. My friends who have twins mostly nurse them individually in public. one says she figures people would just be horrified and gape at her if she nursed both her toddlers at the same time. but actualy at the beach the other day my twinmom with 9 month olds nursed them both- but then she was half naked anyways. oh whatever. i'm not making sense!

we're supposed to go to the beach.
catnip's Avatar catnip 03:11 PM 06-03-2005
: Sorry folks. Back down in So Cal after my Auntie had a cerebral anurism (sp?). She's doing well, can walk, talk and knows everyone, and has survived a week post operative. 2 more weeks and she will be out of the woods. Sucked when she was in ICU, as I had to leave Kaia 7 floors down with no way to call me back just to see her. Needless to say I didn't stay long. Don't know when I will be back home.
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 03:15 PM 06-03-2005
Oh Michelle, so sorry about your auntie! What a good neice you are to go see her. Glad she is doing well. That sounds scary.

Karen, go to the beach.
Poor Luka! Good job soothing him.
Kellymom didn't list Valtrex specifically, but the antivirals they did list were okay, so I guess it'll be fine. Yes, DH could take them to lessen the impact of an initial outbreak. I'm wondering whether he should start them now. My initial outbreak started within a few days, but it can take longer, iirc. I have enough for him to take them for two weeks, in low dosage.
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 03:25 PM 06-03-2005
Morning all!-

I don't really have anything to say except hi! On the nip - I really don't care so much. I try to not have my whole chest exposed, but well, its happened quite a few times. The biggest problem I have is that I'm always forgetting to pull my shirt back down all the way, and leave part of my ninis hanging out. That's just embarrasing in and of itself. Has nothing to do with nursing.

Alot of the moms here use these nursing aprons. nothing special, just a peice of hawaiian fabric, with a stap to go around your neck. I have no interest in one, but i could see how they would be useful at the beach when you have to unpeel half your bathing suit to nurse, or when you are nursing more than one child and have no coverage. Whatever makes a mama feel comfortable!

Laura, I'm like Paq. Whenever I see a mama with a nursing brand bottle I just assume its breastmilk. Honestly, though, I usually don't pay attention to that kind of stuff - and I don't like to make assumptions about people, so I just let that kind of thing go.

Nicole - If any teacher is willing to sit there and write a five page paper on the behavior of a perfectly functioning 2YO, well, they obviously have an untreated case of OCD, or they shouldn't be working with small children. Some people just don't get it. I would darenot make any lifelong judgements/predictions based on the actions of MY 2yo. Basically, sounds like she's wonky. Seems like you can already see that, though. Good luck with the meeting.

The 1000 min thing sounds neat. I'm going to go check it out now. Bye!
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 03:32 PM 06-03-2005
Michelle! Glad to see you back. So sorry about your Auntie. Many hugs to you and lots of healing vibes to her.

Karen - do you have sun there? Its pouring here. Go to the beach!!

Jessi - good luck! Some people can go years without an outbreak, maybe he'll get lucky.

So, I will be the first to sign up my dh for the training camp. Naw, hes ok mostly - just needs some help in the sensitivity section. I'm assuming this camp has a sensitivity 101, yes??? Oh, and a de-sporting intensive. Please?
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 03:35 PM 06-03-2005
Nicole, looney is right, 5 pages and family therapy?!!? :LOL

Jessi, you ordered one? What color?

Andy, send me a loaf of bread. Oh shoot! That soaker is just sitting in the basement waiting to be mailed. Gotta remember!

YES YES! The boys can clear Karen's land and learn about being sensitive while we float in the water and relax with all the babies. Hey, can we have a half naked guy fan us and bring frufru drinks on a platter?

Lauren and I went to pick up an ebay purchase, drove half way across the city, through downtown, to the discount store for produce and gas, then home again. I'm tired.

Going to play with some toys, I love toys. Dh always has toys in the basement that I never get to play with. Today's big adventure, using a webcam and AOL IM to chat.

Malama's Avatar Malama 04:06 PM 06-03-2005
I actually ordered some diapers with all of that hunting- some kissaluvs that are colored. but get this. i entered the discount code they gave us and my total went from $30 to $5 I quickly paid :LOL i'm sure I'll get an email soon correcting the error, but geesh, I couldn't believe my good fortune!

Annie- not raining here but we do have some clouds. we're actually having a super dry year. it's not raining barely at all.... water trucks are way behind on water deliveries, etc.... it's supposedly an el nino

nicole- I didn't get the 5 page thing. 5 pages!!! geesh.

oh, here's dh. we have an "appointment"
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 04:47 PM 06-03-2005
Our rainfall sucks this year too, Karen. I just looked up the averages and it said Hilo gets 138 inches a year, oahu (ko'olaus) 158, but I think Kauai takes the cake with 444 inches at the summit of mount waialeale. Holy crap! I know we haven't even gotten close to that this year. Still, I was thinking Kauai got maybe 70-80 inches, not 400!

I think you'll like the kissaluvs. They are soft and fluffy. I was searching through some of the sites, and it seems like stuff is
1. incredibly overpriced (30 dollars for a diaper???) ((Ok, yeah, I get that its art, but still - 30 dollars?!?!))
2. out of stock
3. or not that great/ website is hard to understand and/or navigate.

I wonder why that is? It can't take that much time to make a diaper. I think this whole "stocking" craze and charging as much as you can is more about the status and recognition. Its gotta be. LHC doesn't do that and I'm sure she makes bank. Seems to me the reasonable way to go would be to keep orders open, at a fair price and people would be flocking to you - its so hard to find cute stuff right now. Ok, enough of my rant.

Lisa- that is awesome that you are interviewing with the national news! You've become such an advocate, its really inspiring.

Laura- wahoo! On the rolling!!!! Yeah!!! Teeth, rolling, laughing :LOL Little Megan is really coming into her own. Its great to see her thriving and beautiful.

We got a full on roll today too. Violet usually does the half roll, but not onto the belly. She'll actually kind of roll-scoot in full clockwise motion around the blanket, keeping her head in one place. But...today she actually rolled. And she was pretty darn proud of herself thank you very much

Kobe seems to be a little better today. Not a ton, but he seems to have made a little progress. Of course, he's all doped up on meds. I can't say how he'd be doing without them : (of course, in this case I think they are warranted)
Malama's Avatar Malama 05:03 PM 06-03-2005
Annie- only 138" listed for Hilo? that's underreporting. the atlas of HI book I have (very reputable) says Hilo is 200"- and yeah, Ko'olaus around 150". I know we're WAY under for the year. it's just dry. my friend who had a baby 4 weeks ago has had to buy water 2x since the birth (with the added diaper laundry).
oh, and that 400" in Kauai- it's at the top of a mountain and it's a swamp.
glad to hear Kobe is better- or at least you think. when are you guys going? and where exactly?
oops, just looked down at my puter keyboard and there's dried breastmilk schpritz. yuck.

Michelle- hope your auntie makes a full recovery! how scary!

yeah, I'm finding the diaper sites kinda lame! so many of them are using the same format- the frames that don't work so well. and then no one has anything in stock! you'd think if they were gonna participate in this hunt and have people visiting they'd stock up. lame.
did you see LHC is offering free shipping? since you like her so much

I'm starving. better go eat quick
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 05:13 PM 06-03-2005
Hey Annie - I'd say so! Poor kiddo. Congrats to Violet!!! Orin has been doing the head scoot thing for a while now too - kind of a nose-plow w/some swimming motion in the limbs. Very cute. We've got the awesome weather here, now. It's inthe 80's, breezy and sunny. aahhhhhhhhhh. So my best bud from a zillion years of life has offered us their time share in mexico (or wherever we want, as a trade) just have to pay the weekly fee ($600). I'm thinking february....

I'm such a chicken shit, I know. I have a lot of 'reasons' why I don't want to join the walking club, but ok, I'll go have a look. I did 30 min. already today and walked the dog 2x. I'm only counting it if I make an effort to push myself when I walk (and if I break a sweat).

OMG! That bread is so delish! No dairy, no soy, no wheat. Ahhhhh! I have found something wonderful! t can't have too many calories - it's mostly spelt flour (spelt flous is SO good for us it CAN'T have many calories :LOL! It's a little heavy (doughy, but not overly moist)- what do I use to lighten it? Baking soda?

I bought a mesh sling for 25$ before the discount...

Lisa - are you using your evolved mai tai? I can't WAIT to get mine!!! Should be soon now.

Laura - did you have a good walk? We found a box of mason jars and some cool kids toys on our walk. A lady down the street is moving to FLA and is clearing out a ton of stuff, inc. some of those great old fisher price toys (the garage, the houseboat, some pull toys). Yk, we grew up with all these great wooden toys and didn't even KNOW it! Now that's a laugh!

Ok, a few more loads of laundry, some dishes, wash out the bread pan, and then I can put my feet up for 20 seconds before Beca comes home :LOL!

xxx andy
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 05:25 PM 06-03-2005
Hey, can we have a half naked guy fan us and bring frufru drinks on a platter?
Yes, that can be one of the advanced courses. Once the guys get buff and strong from all that chopping, then they can take turns learning to mix and serve froufrou drinks.
The chopping will use up some of that excess testosterone, and that will help with the sports, too.

I'm lucky that my DH doesn't watch much TV. The one exception, for both of us, is animal shows. We can totally veg in front of the tube if it's about real animals. The other day Nova was about bower birds, which build these fancy structures and then decorate them in order to attract a mate. That was fascinating.

Evelyn had rice cereal yesterday. Nana fed her in the afternoon. I am sad because I wasn't there for her first real meal. No pictures either. Evelyn liked it and ate the whole little bowl.

The diaper sites - yes, they all do use the same two or three formats. That is kinda sad. You're right about the empty in-stock sections, too. Still, I think it would be hard to sew diapers while caring for children, much less keep up a good web site at the same time. Hyena cart is a good idea. And prices - well, Luxe stocked this morning, and I missed buying a $35 (plus shipping) fitted diaper by a few seconds. I'm not sad about missing that one. If people will pay that much, then by all means let the money go to the maker of the diaper art, rather than stalkers who then sell on ebay for more than purchase price. There is a big difference in fit, trimness, and attention to details between the hyena dipes and some of the others. Fuzbaby and El Bee, for instance, are amazingly trim and cute and well-made. For readily-available diapers with the same trimness, you could get Harleyz, but they're not particularly cute and not as well-made and leak more. Blah blah blah! I'm earning my subtitle here.

Annie, I looked at the calico baby and it's pretty much the same as the happy farm that you sent me, except for prettier colors. Do you still want it? It would look charming on Violet, and maybe the fit will be different now?
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 05:28 PM 06-03-2005
Lisa - I picked the gray one. I expect DH will use it the most, so a manly color is good.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:45 PM 06-03-2005
Hey I was gonna mention the free ship at LHC too I might just place another order. I just got 15 bucks today for doing surveys, thats almost enough for one diap Yeah some of those diap sites were so lame, lots of them didn't have anything instock and then there were some that had way too much listed. I don't go for the diaps that are way overpriced, thats just plain insane.

Jessi- congrats on Evelyns first bowl of cereal, sorry you missed it but there's plenty more to come for sure

Andy- yup nice walk. Both dd's are napping now. I love those older toys. Hoping to do some yard saling soon and find a few good treasures

Annie- glad Kobe is doing a bit btter and congrats on your roll too. Lot's of rolling going on

Michelle- sorry to hear about your auntie

Well I was brave today and attempted to go to story hour at the library. used my sling, so much better than a stroller for sure Kaitlyn wasn't into it but she did listen from afar. She was off playing with toys and when they clapped she'd clap along and sing along from time to time. Megan really loved watching the other kids play. Think we will make this a habit now. It's amazing how much easier it is to go out with the both of them when Megan can be slinged.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:46 PM 06-03-2005
oh yeah think you all convinced me to join the 1000 club also. I need to get my butt in gear!
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