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Old 06-17-2005, 05:19 AM
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um,excuse me?? are they nuts?? in what WAY are your photos "offensive"?? beautiful,is more like it!! a baby being born is wonderful..everyone in your pictures look mean at the link in your sig. line,is that what you shared?? sure,most people dont birth that way but that doesnt make it wrong. havent the people at your group either given birth or will give birth..yet they have a problem seeing it?? surely it didnt break any rules,and if it did you needed to be told instead of banned. thats just stupid. i am so sorry they did that to you.. i know everyone HERE knows your birth and your little girl are gorgeous and perfect
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Old 06-17-2005, 04:16 PM
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Forgive me, I didn't read through all of the posts but I wanted to stay that your birth story is absolutely beautiful!! What an adorable little baby. I am sorry that you were banned. I can find nothing offensive about your website or birth story. to you. Perhaps you fit in at this board much more .
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Old 06-17-2005, 06:14 PM
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I consider myself mainstreem with crunchy edges...your web site is beautiful. Shame on them for making you feel it is anything but that. Congratulations on a beautiful happy birth and for the amazing documentation. We should all be so lucky.

Mandy, Jesus loving, homebirthing, cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding, non-vaxing, food growing, homeschooling, hippy mama of 4.
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Old 06-17-2005, 06:22 PM
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I doubt it's your other work- I think it was the way you described the birth. You enjoyed it. You really felt something and explained it and reveled in it, and that is so threatening to so many they find it offensive.

I, however, do not.
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Old 06-17-2005, 06:37 PM
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Thank you for sharing your story and photos! You give me inspiration while thinking about my own strength and ability to homebirth (VBAC) with my next child sometime in the future. And I had a C-section so I never saw my placenta, and I SO wanted to. Seeing yours helped me heal in some way. Thank you again.

Mama to 3 kids. We live in a yurt!
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Old 06-26-2005, 03:27 PM
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Beautiful mom, beautiful babe. Working with your body, birthing just as nature intended.
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Old 06-26-2005, 08:01 PM
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your birth story is inspiring and you are beautiful! you have a lovely, beautiful body and your family is gorgeous. your baby looks like pure light to me.

if anyone was offended looking at those pictures, it is because something in their heart is not in the right place.
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Old 06-26-2005, 08:25 PM
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I also say "Poo" to that other board. I will admit that the placenta photo was a teeny bit shocking to me (still have my very mainstream moments) but it was in no way offensive. I was shocked because I had never seen a photo of someones placenta in the few home birth photos I have seen.

You have a beautiful daughter and an inspiring birth story and don't you let the women from the other site take that away from you.

Kathy-Mom to Blake & Mikaela
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Old 06-26-2005, 08:32 PM
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Hawkfeather, I looked at your birth page a while back, when you first posted your birth story, and I remember thinking, "Look at this beautiful mama and baby. What an amazing story & pictures." I just looked again after reading this post and I am even more impressed. I am sorry that you had such a hurtful experience on your other board, but I hope you stick around here. We welcome you with open arms.

Happy mama of four Wild Things
"And now," cried Max "let the wild rumpus begin!"
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Old 06-26-2005, 08:41 PM
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wonderful birth story and beautiful mama and baby! congratulations!

Mamatreehugger.gif to two girl beans, Feb 2001hearts.gif and Nov 2003coolshine.gif . DH geek.gif, and two crazydog2.gifdog2.gif . Running on biodiesel since 2004!
"All you fascists are bound to lose" — Woody Guthrie
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Old 06-29-2005, 02:34 AM
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Hawkfeather, I've never posted to you but I followed your naming journey with little Inshallah religiously. I even checked several times a day when I thought you were getting close to deciding. shhhhh! : I have read your site several times and it's just so REAL, so beautiful. I love how passionate you are and how strong your convictions are. I love NOT mainstream you are. I might not have been banned from a mainstream site but I"ve never felt comfy there. I was always the oddball out until I found MDC. You really should stick around here and find some like-minded mama's. Honestly this is the only sanity I have and I could never leave MDC. I doubt you would have been happy on that mainstream site anyway because of how narrow-minded those people are and how harsh their judgements can be. Your birth was beautiful and I could see the light and the strength coming from you. You and your baby are beautiful and their is nothing "offensive" about your site. I still mourn the hospital, induced birth I had to have(pprom at 34weeks after a prolonged stay and then dd's NICU stay). My dream is the home water birtth you had. Stay here and be among people who will love and understand you for who you are.!


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Old 06-29-2005, 03:17 AM
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I loved, Loved, LOVED your birth story and the photos. Especially when you were delivering your daughter in the water. That was so beautiful! My husband and I were both impressed by how you sat there so calmly and did that. You looked so peaceful and serene while reaching down and helping her to enter this world.

Beautifully done, Mama!


Reneé, 34 year old mom to Antonin 8/04 and Arianna 9/06  (6 weeks) 5/08. Married to Matt since 6/03 .  
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Old 06-29-2005, 03:22 AM
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DP saw this thread and asked me about it, and when I showed him your birth site, he commented on how peaceful and loving you looked with your precious child.

It really is a beautiful site.
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Old 06-29-2005, 03:37 AM
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Many weeks ago, just after your baby's birth, I absolutely absorbed every inch of your site and then *bookmarked* it on my computer so that I could come back to it over & over for inspiration before the birth of my baby in Nov. Your site (and you!) are awesome. That really, really sucks that the women on the other site have lost you & your wise words. How terrible that they are so close minded.

North Idaho rural living  mama to: 23 yo DD, 16 yo DS, 8 yo DS, 6 yo DS, 4 yr old DS, 2 yo DD, and 1 yo DS. And someone new coming this Christmas!
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Old 06-29-2005, 02:40 PM
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Good grief at those ppl who found that offensive. They probably are the type to bitz at people who breastfeed in public! It was hard for me to see the placenta tho LOL but I did NOT find it offensive..just different because I'm a squeamish type person. I actually found it kinda neat that you explained how it all happened. I know some people would really like that story the way you have written it. Because I'm a squeamish type person, I often skipped parts in books that showed or talked about the birth because I found it scary...but I surely never found it offensive to show or talk about it!

I know it hurts but try to think of it was meant to be for some reason unknown..maybe it'll make you spend more time in a more supportive group?

Take care,

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Old 06-29-2005, 02:53 PM
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I am sorry you had a bad experience with that board, but OH MY GOODNESS! What a beautiful page you have shared with us! you look GLORIOUS there on the pier! And in the water with the baby... I think you are perfect and a beautiful image of birthing and motherhood.

YOU look beautiful, the baby is just... oh just perfect! And well, hang in there... sometimes when something comes to an end, it's for a reason. Sometimes it's nice to be able to share your experiences in a gentle way, with likeminded moms, who you don't have to do any convincing to "prove" that your way is "ok" let alone the best way...

I love your story, I love your pictures, and my 19 week old belly thanks you for the inspiration!
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Old 06-30-2005, 03:17 AM
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My partner & I just viewed your birth site, so wonderful! We had a home birth 2 months ago and to see the photos of your little one brought back the joy of first seeing our baby, thank you!

It seems at times we all feel the negative vibes from thoses out of touch with the natural ways - but we keep on at the fore-front with our faith up high! Keep in touch with gentle and understanding souls!
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Old 06-30-2005, 05:21 PM
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What a beautiful birth story and your daughter is gorgeous!
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Old 07-06-2005, 01:46 PM
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I posted with you on Homebirth board over on that other board; I had a HWB in December. There's a reason we call it I-Pillage... they are as mainstream and commercial as you can get.

I know you got your feelings hurt, but truly, take it as a badge of honor. They're not so concerned with self examination or authenticity.

You left before I was able to congratulate you-- I am glad to see you here!
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Old 07-06-2005, 02:08 PM
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Beautiful site, beautiful mama, beautiful baby-
Ugly people on the other site

Punk, hippy, mama to 4 amazing kiddos, Boy#1 (18), TheGirl (13), Boy#2 (11- PBD) and Boy#3 (6)
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Old 07-06-2005, 03:08 PM
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your pix were so enlightening to me and i thank you for sharing. i dont know about the other board, and im sure you do feel badly about being banned, but its their loss more than yours right now.
im always amazed at how judgmental people can be. i also wonder how many of those people ran to read the BTK's confession, reading all the gourey details? but your site is "offensive". It was beautiful and you are brave to put yourself online for others to see. I don't know that i woudl be so brave.
hang in there,
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Old 07-07-2005, 10:28 AM
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Hawkfeather - I've seen your sight before and didn't take the time to write, but I think it is beautiful. You look amazing and the birth seems like it was awesome. I'm so proud of you for posting those pics, I'm sure it was hard to do. It's exactly the kind of site I searched high and low for when I was pregnant b/c I wanted to see pictures of real women in real labor. It would have been nice to have found anything as nice as yours.

Don't let them get you down - we're a friendly crew around here!

*~* A * Mama to C and A * *~* I blog - PM me for the URL
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