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sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:23 PM 08-09-2005
Az lives in Mass., and it's her baby that's Miss E. who is smaller, like Ori. Jessi is in St. Louis, Jess is in Co. Mary and Laura had the preemies (to different degrees), Megan and Torin. T is now a bruiser and Megan is sweet and petite (like Miss E.) .

Lisa is in Cleveland (with Drew Carey and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and her house is always under construction - her little (or big) girl has reflux, and used to sleep through the night but doesn't any more... Lisa did the elim. diet to straighten this out... and hopeful that someday she'll get to sleep again.

Andy and Karen have kids who don't sleep a lot, but they nap (usually).

Nicole has Will (who along with Mary/Torin, Andy/Ori, half of Joyce's 2 (David), and Karen/Luka are all the boys in this little group) who had surgery and came through like a CHAMPION! She, Jessi, Jess, and Mary (and maybe I'm forgetting someone?) are all back at work outside the home at least part time now. Heidi lurks and works

Annie had our first full term babe, and our first flower . Heidi had our last, and our last flower !

Pam gets special mention because she's Canadian (no canadian smilie ) has chickens AND has a toddler and a baby !

Jessi is a runner, and runs with weird people who don't smoke but who do hash , stalks diapers and pumps like a maniac (no pumping smilie - now THAT's a tragedy!) .

Karen eats weird fruit, has a TRILLION fish and some chickens AND has two georgous older boys we're all dying to get matched up to our daughters (if for no other reason than to be family with Karen!) - she lives in Hawaii (was there someone on this thread that didn't know that?), as does Annie, who has a preschooler, a toddler AND a baby! .

Ah, and then we have the crafty among us - Ann the knitter (and there are other knitters too - Az and Kathy, ???), Karen the sewer, Kathy the photographer, Jeni the sewer, Nicole the cross-stitcher! Andy makes platypus costumes as her specialty , and Jess keep Colorado magical w/chalk!

There's the mamas of twins (Joyce and Michelle), and mamas who wish they had chickens (Joyce, Az, Andy, Kathy, Lisa, Jessi, Jess, Nicole, Heather and Mary (did I miss someone?). (no chicken smilie, either)

There's the West Coasters (Cat and Tiger and Mary - do we have an Oregon connection?), the midwesterners (or Prairie people as the Canadians say it) (Lisa, Jessi) the Southeners (Heather, Kathy, Nicole, Heidi); the East Coasters (Jeni, Az, Andy, Laura) and the Islanders (Annie and Karen). And, living out of her igloo (don't all canadians live in igloos ), Pam!!!

The nurses (Mary, Annie, was-Joyce), the midwives (Heidi and Karen).

Those amongst us who have new cars (Kathy, Joyce and Mary) and new house stuff (Lisa floors, cabinets and more wha ha ha...SOOO much more!, Heidi (EVERYTHING had to be replaced! ), Az (fridge), Andy (got a new stove!), and someone else had to get something done...

Then there are the two girl families , there's a few of those (Kathy, Jess, Laura, Pam), and the first time moms (Jessi, Heidi, Jeni, Mary, Lisa, Catnip (tho the twins count as being a parent), Tiger ).

And there's the Canadians, the Cans abroad, the married to Cans, and I can't even remember who they all are (Pam, Jeni, Andy, Kathy).

We have parents of older kids (Karen (8 and 12), Andy and Az (both 7), and Catnip (TEENagers )).

And our most precious, hardworking, dedicated, and harrassed amongst us, those with toddlers/preschoolers and babies (we do love you guys!!!) - Pam, Kathy, Heather (who lives in Arizona), Jess, Laura, Annie, Nicole, am I forgetting someone? Mushy brains...sorry!

PETS!!! How could I forget pets! There's the dog people (I'm definately going to forget people, so post and I'll edit in) - Nicole, Andy, Lisa, Mary) and the cat people (Karen, Jeni, Ann - there's more...I need help here) and the both people (Az, Jess and ???), but truly, Az takes the cake with a full menagerie and THEN some!

Megan is NURSING!!! s:

sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:33 PM 08-09-2005
Hey anyone want a soaker? My mom made this when she was starting out experimenting w/different patterns. It's kinda like a soaker short type thing. The dye job didn't come out all that great, it's kinda of a funky blueish type color. I myself dont' get into fitteds and covers, so I'll never use it.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 12:37 PM 08-09-2005
Laura, how big is it? I'm trying to stay with wraps/covers until L is standing.. I just get frustrated pulling soakers up and down.

This is kinda cool http://www.liveplasma.com/ - like friendster for music, it links the bands and artists together in a big bad map so you can find things like them.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:42 PM 08-09-2005
it's 16 inches in the waists stretches to about 20
length toop to bottom 11 icnhes
and rise is 18 inches
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:43 PM 08-09-2005
um aren't you suppose to be cleaning, miss Lisa?
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 12:44 PM 08-09-2005
Uh yah That's why I'm here. Who wants to clean? :LOL

Dipes in the washer, dishes soaking in the tub. Trying to figure out where all the crap in the hallway is going to live - we only have one closet, it's full, and my dresser is packed, and I have 3 baskets or more of laundry to put away. We have 2 hanging racks in the laundry room too, both full. Aaah!
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:48 PM 08-09-2005
well at least you got started.
Actually I got some things done.

Oh I got another Elmo's fan in my midst. I was nursing Megan, she was clam and all set, then Elmos world came on and bang she quickly turned to the tv and started smiling, so we had to take a elmo break :LOL
pixiexto's Avatar pixiexto 12:52 PM 08-09-2005
Hey, I found you! You two having a party this morning, huh?

I'm not being terribly productive, but that's more because Miss T's having kind of an off morning. Super touchy.

Brynn just woke up half an hour ago, so she got a great sleep last night!

Bah, I'm out of words this morning! Time for breakfast, maybe?
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 12:54 PM 08-09-2005
party :LOL
more like desperately avoiding housework
oops think Megan needs to eat, gotta go
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 01:11 PM 08-09-2005
Lauren is chewing on a snappi. She was snacking on the wet bag, so I suppose this is a bit better... but really, a snappi? Bad mama!

Need to get some teething toys out for her. She's gnawing like mad.
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 01:13 PM 08-09-2005
Hello you chatty mamas. Some of you need to get off the computer and organize your real life. It is nice that the babes are old enough that we get a few minutes here and there to worry about that stuff.
Lisa, I highly recommend Martha Stewart's plastic closets from K-Mart. They're like $30 and they're like a hanging bar with a translucent plastic cover that zips. We have two in the attic. Warning: you need two people to put one together.

Miss Evelyn is having a tongue day. She woke up sticking her tongue out at us. She pottied while sticking her tongue in and out. For a while I thought she wouldn't eat because she was too busy sticking her tongue out at my boob. I had to use my nipple to push her tongue in, and then she munched.

Ooh, my pretty dyed soaker is almost dry. I can't wait to put it on her and photograph it. I can't tell whether it's still damp or there's just that much lanolin on it. It seems over-lanolized. oops.
MontMama's Avatar MontMama 01:18 PM 08-09-2005
Jessi, how did you lanolize it? With lanolin soap or something else? Just got a couple soakers from my mama this weekend. These are her first and so she didn't want to use 100% wool (I've decided she's just afraid of it), so not sure if I should go a-lanolizin', myself . . .
rubysmomjess's Avatar rubysmomjess 01:20 PM 08-09-2005
Good morning Girls!

So I made it in to work by 9 this am...whew!
Dropped R at preschool (not Toddler room) for the second day. No tears today. Dh and I are thinking of getting a nanny instead of daycare. It would be nice to do cloth all the time and I think R could use the one-on-one attention...and there's enough nannies in the neighborhood already that I wouldn't worry about the girls being lonely. Plus it would allow me to work from home more if I had help. We'll see...just started looking.

be back in a bit!
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 01:21 PM 08-09-2005
Jessi, are they freestanding or the kind you have to hook on something? We don't have an attic either.

But we have 2 of them freestanding in the basement (w/o covers tho) - one for current season clothing that gets worn a lot - out of dryer and onto hangar it goes, the iron is there too.. the other is for all the winter coats and rain gear and such.

Fussy baby. I really hope it's the teeth and not reflux pain.
Proudmom's Avatar Proudmom 02:01 PM 08-09-2005
I desperately must clena. Our coach is currently holding all the clean clothes. It is getting difficult to find clean undies : DH did the laundry and doesn't understand that a huge pile of clothes to fold is not tons of help.

DH is taking Eamon down to the little neighborhood park to see tadpoles. must clean...
jessitron's Avatar jessitron 02:08 PM 08-09-2005
Lisa - they're freestanding.

Joyce - I squirted lanolin (like the kind you get for putting on your nipples) into water and soaked the cover in it. You can do this to your soakers. Dunno how well they'll work since they aren't wool, but you should try it.

Barney - I like him : My sister used to watch Barney growing up and we like the songs. I have a stuffed Barney, which is cute. Nana bought Evelyn a stuffed Barney that sings "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a rain that would be. Standing outside with my mouth open wide: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah" (you have to lean your head all the way back and open your mouth and make a ridiculous ah-ah-ah sound here)
MontMama's Avatar MontMama 02:19 PM 08-09-2005
Working and came across this:
"Additionally, we might make plain to the folks at Sweetwater, Freer, and other places that we would attend and spend money at a festival that did not damage habitat and kill snakes. The town of Fitzgerald, Georgia used to have a rattlesnake roundup, but has now replaced it with a wild chicken festival. Small towns that have become dependent on revenue from events like roundups need to see that there are other workable alternatives."

Wild chicken festival?!??? Apparently it's a workable alternative??? Heard of wild chicken fests, Miss 'Bama?
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 02:22 PM 08-09-2005
I could use a soaker, but I'll have to measure her when she wakes up. Nap! Ahhhhhh...

There's a subforumm of Mindful Home Management for organizing your house. I keep meaning to poke around there, but I'm too busy sifting through piles of baby clothes and diapers. :LOL
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 02:43 PM 08-09-2005
let me know Jeni.
Dang I should go to that forum, i need major help w/organization.

How about a mini challenge for anyone interested. Freecycle one thing that you just really don't need anymore here. I already offered up something. Actually I got a weight loss yoga tape still if anyone wants, so thats 2 things from me. Anyone up for it?
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 03:10 PM 08-09-2005
It would fit; her waist is 17 inches and she's due for a poo. :LOL Is it going to work for Lauren, Lisa? You had first dibs.

Woohoo, I've got ONE UNDERDRESS done! And I've got one that's already ready to go, and 2 or three more that need minor work so I can nurse. I think I might actually get there in time.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 03:30 PM 08-09-2005
Jeni, enjoy. Maybe that's like my freecycle thing for the day
I have a garbage bag (like big lawn size bag) ready for goodwill. I just keep forgetting to put it in the car. Maybe I should go through the hallway laundry too and get rid of that. But most of it is my sweaters, and I love sweaters in the winter.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 03:36 PM 08-09-2005
Ok i'll send it out to you Jeni

Oh I got someone picking up a bouncer chair and some old preemie diaps I found. Sweet! then someone is coming tomorrow to get our playgym. Yay more crap out the door, oops I meant good quality stuff, hehe
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 03:37 PM 08-09-2005
Jeni, real food: http://www.northcountrybrewing.com/menu.htm or fast food?
pixiexto's Avatar pixiexto 03:40 PM 08-09-2005
Grrrrr.... something just happened and I lost the post I just typed!

Ok, the gist of it.

Well, it's coffee break time for me (should be lunch, I guess....) after a pretty productive morning!

I played with TEss for a while, we brushed our poor o' hairy dog, then did a bit of tidying before heading out for a walk. Brynn stayed home with Daddy, and I carried Tess in the ergo on my back ~ yup, still comfy!

I think this afternoon we're heading out for some errands and maybe stop off at the library so that Tess can get her very own library card ~ you have to be 3 here, so you can imagine what an exciting thing this will be for her!

Jeni, yay for you! I'd love to see pics of your projects when you're all done. Mama, by the way, you sound *SO* good lately!

Hey, just thought of something... to motivate ourselves to clean/get busy with projects, maybe before & after pics would help. :LOL Or, I find the 1000 minute workout goal pretty motivating, maybe we need to keep track of our project minutes!

Jessi, I love the raindrops song! I think that was one of Tessa's very first favorites ~ I can still remember how her teeny voice would sound singing along

How do y'all store clothes, more long term? (those without attics or basements??) WE will likely NEVER need our winter stuff here... heck, we didn't even use our sweaters last year! How best to store? Any neat ideas? Right now they're in cardboard boxes ~ tops of closets, etc. I don't know.... probably no other ideas, but just thought I'd check for any brainstorms.

Oh, Joyce, never have seen a wild chicken festival! Then again, we've only been here a year now.... give us time, give us time..... Knowing me, I'd free them chickens! :LOL
pixiexto's Avatar pixiexto 03:42 PM 08-09-2005
Goals for the day -

1. sort through cardboard box of pre-preggo clothes in the bedroom. What fits? What almost fits and I want to wear again? What is ready for the thrift store?

2. lift weights

3. go buy coffee (c'mon... I gotta be me! :LOL)
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 04:06 PM 08-09-2005
Kathy, here's how clothing lives in one closet/one dresser at my house: dresser has the "stuff" - socks, undies, pjs, etc. And then our closet (which is 4' deep by the way) has 3 racks - a long one for dresses and 2 short ones stacked up that hold shirt length stuff. All of our nice/dressy stuff is in there full time. And the off season stuff lives there too. Then in the laundry room there are 2 floor racks - one with all our winter/summer/rain coats and a bag of hats/gloves stuffed in there for good measure, and the other has 2 sides to it, dh gets his wardrobe there, and on my side is my "usual" stuff - a sweather hanging thing (you know like the shoe pockets) that has tshirts and tops right now, a few pairs of shorts and capris and the one skirt that fits are hanging. The ironing board is there, so we've just adapted to dressing there.

Maternity stuff lives in rubbermaid tubs with lids stacked in the basement. Lauren's stuff that is too big lives in double garbage bags on top of the maternity boxes. Stuff that is too small is in her room in a box right now, but needs to be washed and put into a rubbermaid container too.

All our sweaters are in the hall. They need rubbermaid but I haven't had a chance to either get rid of stuff stored in ones we have or buy new ones. And I have a hot pink wool sweater that I've been looking at all week, the debate rages on... diaper cover or sweater.. diaper cover or sweater.. it's BEAUTIFULLY soft and fuzzy. I think I might sacrifice it to the washing machine when I go down to change the dipes again. I'll miss it, but it'll be worth it.

Ok so on my list of stuff today was: diapers, dishes, clothing (laundry), clothing (hallway baskets), plaster the last little hole in the dining room wall before hte insulation guys come tomorrow, and call to make hair, dentist, and pedi appts. for everyone.

I've done diapers. They are in the dryer. Dishes are in the bathtub. So they are 1/2 done. Going to plaster that hole now, because the insulation guy will be here at 9am and I need it to dry before he gets here. Going to skip laundry and hallway, and finish the dishes before going to moms. Dad called, he says he misses Lauren, and he's glad to carry her around and bounce her all afternoon/evening if she's cranky. I daddy!
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 04:20 PM 08-09-2005
We are all keeping busy today it seems.

Did diap wash, plus 1 other load. unloaded dishwater, loaded it. Starting organizing the toys in the playroom. Now I am cleaning out the living room, oiy what a mess! need to do ironing, then clean up the kitchen counter and table.

Hey Andy hasn't checked in today, has she?

haven't seen Sheri in a bit, but we know she's been busy. Hope they get that house!
A shout out to Mary, hope you can pop in soon and say hi.
catnip's Avatar catnip 04:23 PM 08-09-2005
Hi folks!
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 04:44 PM 08-09-2005
Annie, you up yet?

Andy, where ARE YOU?

Hi Michelle, how was your meetup with Karen?

Ok, 1/2 dishes done, wall patched. Other 1/2 dishes now soaking in dishpan in bathtub. Dipes done, cashmere sweater in hot washer now. Going to be able to make a cover and longies, so long as it doesn't shrink to Lauren size

There is a non-dairy ice cream social this weekend at the HFS. I'm going to go! This is the place that makes oatscream and has rice and soy creams too.

Called hair appt. nobody answered. Going to calld dentist now. And pedi. Need to make a well-baby visit.
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 04:48 PM 08-09-2005
Hi Mamas! Sheesh! Takes forever to read up ya'll are chatting furiously! Get thee to the Target and buy rubbermaids, Lisa.

Kathy - all our stuff goes into rubberaids. I have clear for the too smalls and grey or green for the too bigs. Tape on top tells me size and gender. All neatly stacked in the attic (but would fit in the closet, for sure, we just happen to HAVE an attic, therefore use it LOL).

AhA! about the commercials. I did click on them but nothing came up, so I figured it was just REGULAR ole log rolling (ah, my old friend, the log rollers). Actuall, I have log rolled. It's really hard

Jerry said he's watched lots of bull riding, but never by a pregnant woman. He thought that might be more interesting :LOL

Big blah on the ethics commission stuff. Legal income disclosure that he's put off and now we've got to pay a fine AND make disclosure. What a drag. He's SO bad at this kind of stuff.

Ug, fussy baby...

Jerry took the day off (actually the week) and took his niece and Beca to Lake George today. It's so miserably hot and humid I'm hiding inside and NOT doing anything (though I did clean up the kitchen and was even thinking of washing out the fridge during nap time). They won't be back till long after dinner. Kind of nice, just the two of us, but a bit boring, I must say. Other than that, no goals. Oh, maybe I'll do one of my new tapes???

I've got the yoga weight loss dvd Laura, thanks!

Jeni - if you don't like the soaker from Laura, pass it this way

Ok, total melt down...caio!
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