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sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 04:46 PM 08-19-2005
Az lives in Mass., and it's her baby that's Miss E. who is smaller, like Ori. Jessi is in St. Louis, Jess is in Co. Mary and Laura had the preemies (to different degrees), Megan and Torin. T is now a bruiser and Megan is sweet and petite (like Miss E.) .

Lisa is in Cleveland (with Drew Carey and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and her house is always under construction - her little (or big) girl has reflux, and used to sleep through the night but doesn't any more... Lisa did the elim. diet to straighten this out... and hopeful that someday she'll get to sleep again.

Andy and Karen have kids who don't sleep a lot, but they nap (usually).

Nicole has Will (who along with Mary/Torin, Andy/Ori, half of Joyce's 2 (David), and Karen/Luka are all the boys in this little group) who had surgery and came through like a CHAMPION! She, Jessi, Jess, and Mary (and maybe I'm forgetting someone?) are all back at work outside the home at least part time now. Heidi lurks and works

Annie had our first full term babe, and our first flower . Heidi had our last, and our last flower !

Pam gets special mention because she's Canadian (no canadian smilie ) has chickens AND has a toddler and a baby !

Jessi is a runner, and runs with weird people who don't smoke but who do hash , stalks diapers and pumps like a maniac (no pumping smilie - now THAT's a tragedy!) .

Karen eats weird fruit, has a TRILLION fish and some chickens AND has two georgous older boys we're all dying to get matched up to our daughters (if for no other reason than to be family with Karen!) - she lives in Hawaii (was there someone on this thread that didn't know that?), as does Annie, who has a preschooler, a toddler AND a baby! .

Ah, and then we have the crafty among us - Ann the knitter (and there are other knitters too - Az and Kathy, ???), Karen the sewer, Kathy the photographer, Jeni the sewer, Nicole the cross-stitcher! Andy makes platypus costumes as her specialty , and Jess keep Colorado magical w/chalk!

There's the mamas of twins (Joyce and Michelle), and mamas who wish they had chickens (Joyce, Az, Andy, Kathy, Lisa, Jessi, Jess, Nicole, Heather and Mary (did I miss someone?). (no chicken smilie, either)

There's the West Coasters (Cat and Tiger and Mary - do we have an Oregon connection?), the midwesterners (or Prairie people as the Canadians say it) (Lisa, Jessi) the Southeners (Heather, Kathy, Nicole, Heidi); the East Coasters (Jeni, Az, Andy, Laura) and the Islanders (Annie and Karen). And, living out of her igloo (don't all canadians live in igloos ), Pam!!!

The nurses (Mary, Annie, was-Joyce), the midwives (Heidi and Karen).

Those amongst us who have new cars (Kathy, Joyce and Mary) and new house stuff (Lisa floors, cabinets and more wha ha ha...SOOO much more!, Heidi (EVERYTHING had to be replaced! ), Az (fridge), Andy (got a new stove!), and someone else had to get something done...

Then there are the two girl families , there's a few of those (Kathy, Jess, Laura, Pam), and the first time moms (Jessi, Heidi, Jeni, Mary, Lisa, Catnip (tho the twins count as being a parent), Tiger ).

And there's the Canadians, the Cans abroad, the married to Cans, and I can't even remember who they all are (Pam, Jeni, Andy, Kathy).

We have parents of older kids (Karen (8 and 12), Andy and Az (both 7), and Catnip (TEENagers )).

And our most precious, hardworking, dedicated, and harrassed amongst us, those with toddlers/preschoolers and babies (we do love you guys!!!) - Pam, Kathy, Heather (who lives in Arizona), Jess, Laura, Annie, Nicole, am I forgetting someone? Mushy brains...sorry!

PETS!!! How could I forget pets! There's the dog people (I'm definately going to forget people, so post and I'll edit in) - Nicole, Andy, Lisa, Mary) and the cat people (Karen, Jeni, Ann - there's more...I need help here) and the both people (Az, Jess and ???), but truly, Az takes the cake with a full menagerie and THEN some!

Megan is NURSING!!! s:

sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 04:52 PM 08-19-2005
hey Pam, did you get my postcard?

oh yeah Jeni and Nicole, sent out packages on Tuesday for you both
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 04:54 PM 08-19-2005
Laura, I hereby change your name to SUE.

I posted after the thread change:

Oooh Karen, good point. I'll work on making it a decent pic

And poo - yellow poo - right now Lauren is ALL smooth yellow. I think it's a perfectly ok variant on bf poo. No curds, no chunks, nothing but yellow, like a melted milkshake consistency. I think it just means the babe is efficiently using up all the nutrients, and the curds are the bits baby can't digest.

Jessi - we could probably do 2 shirts, heck, we could let everyone do their own I think

Michelle, what were the colors? I think I can edit that too. Duno though Gotta look at the quality of the graphic first.

I was ALL OVER the website I found the graphic, and I think I know who made it, but I can't find the actual graphic. If we aren't selling for profit, can't we use it?

Laura, Andy said yes to the character band aids

Yay Sheri, being productive!

It's HOT here.

Going to drink water and take hot laptop off lap. Dh is gone all weekend for a volunteer event, so I'm going to go to moms and use her kitchen.
Lisa, wife to Ryan , mama to Lauren 18Jan05 and Zoe the wonderpup.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 04:54 PM 08-19-2005
Postcards. CRAP. Must write postcards!

Someone send me to my room to do this.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 04:56 PM 08-19-2005
Well Larry finally listened to me on something. I told him he really should look into refinacing our mortgage, since they raised it 300 bucks more each month for some lame reason. Well he was like "well probably can't be done, blah blah" oh just call and find out silly. As it is, after we pay the mortgage with his monthly pay, leaves us only $400 a month. Well winter is coming up and our gas bill is usually $300, sooooooooooo we are screwed!
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 04:57 PM 08-19-2005
I know you posted during, no biggie I'll forgive ya :LOL

now go to your room MISS LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam_and_Abigail's Avatar Pam_and_Abigail 05:01 PM 08-19-2005
lemme go check... i think so

we let the birds out today. That roo is someting else. It's funny how the original 4 birds are at the top of the chain, even though two are considerably smaller than the the new ones. It's also odd that the old big hen from the orig. crew is often spotted with one of the new polish girls - guess they made quick friends! Also, the social hierarchy may change soon- I heard some squawking in the woods and saw feathers ruffling - it was mr. roo and the big old white hen, and he was on top of her...

I figure once mr. roo gets 'rule' over her, the rest of the old flock will follow, since they are all under her.

We're getting ready for our big bbq sunday. we have a lot of people coming (like half that of our wedding, which was over 100...) and we only have one of those tabletop bbq's! yikes!
Pam_and_Abigail's Avatar Pam_and_Abigail 05:02 PM 08-19-2005
yep we got it! Thanks!
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 05:08 PM 08-19-2005
We got a postcard from Pam!

I'm WRITING RIGHT NOW! As fast as I can.

Just opened the water bill, and every time for the last 3 years, the bill (water and sewer) is $167 every 6 months. Today, it's $390. WTF? And dh is being a dumbass and won't call and ask why. I think there is some big error. Or we're running water down the drain nonstop.
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 05:14 PM 08-19-2005
Laura - wasn't it you who asked about the ipod? Yes, you are the only one. Or maybe that was pam...I should go back and look but I've got 4 screaming kids downstairs (7,6,5 and 4 LOL) and like 12 seconds left of 'free' time. Ori is FINALLY sleeping...loooong sigh. Sorry about miss M. Laura. hope she crashes soon. we certainly have those days too. bad. very bad.

Pam LOL on the rooster and hen! It's sure a good way to get the kids understanding all about the birds and the bees, or the roosters and the hens :LOL

What else - oh, for the $$ it's better to get the 60gb than the 20, and the 40 is right in the middle, price wise. That one I found, the 60 is actually LESS than the 40 - I guess they have a glut right now. BUT I've heard from others (well, ok, my brother :LOL) about the problems with downloading and losing stuff. And his ipod crashed once, which meant reloading everything. Problem is, he's got like only 20gb of free space on his computer, and 40 on his ipod, so he can't possibly keep everything on his computer that is on his ipod. He needs an external drive, like 200gb, but probly not till xmakah.

Never made it to the gym. silly baby fell asleep nursing before we left and I just didn't have the heart to get him up to go be awake at the day care there. Then when I actually TRIED to get him to sleep in his room, he was UP and wouldn't sleep. GRRRRRR.

Ok, best get my act together here. Good luck packing Sheri! YAY that it's REALLY happening!!! Mary (wasn't it?)- what's up with the dog situation? Have you tried a trainer or classes? Sometimes the people at the pound can recommend someone for cheap or even free to keep a dog from getting put down...but then you know best the safety of your household. Very difficult.

caio mamas!

Oh, Ori had that smooth poo forever. no chunks ever. ever.
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 05:16 PM 08-19-2005
or it's two months?
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:17 PM 08-19-2005
oh ok you were talking about Ipod, ok gotcha :LOL

cool that you got it Pam, guess the post office didn't care that it was missing one penny. Guess they aren't that stingy

you done yet Lisa?

yikes 4 screaming kiddos, can you say "I got a headache this BIG"
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 05:19 PM 08-19-2005
Whee, I gave Lauren a bmilk ice cube in the baby mesh feeding teether thingy and she's having a blast. It's HOT and I turned on the a/c.

Dumbarse finally called the water co, they have put our account on hold and are sending someone to inspect in a few weeks. Grr, he was so PUT OUT that I asked him to do that. As if it's not enough that I deal with all the bills and more.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:26 PM 08-19-2005
Lisa that definitely sounds messed up. Glad you called. Thats a huge difference.
We get ours 4 times a year and the one a few months ago was twice what it normally is and it said it was just an estimate due to the fact we had a blizzard and they didn't measure the meter, grrrr.. so the next bill was like 10 bucks, it all equaled out. I guess it was good to realized that we are below average on water usuage. Could be cuz I don't have time to shower no more :LOL
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:27 PM 08-19-2005
forgot to say what a cool idea, a breastmilk cube! who woulda thunk?
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 05:33 PM 08-19-2005
Orin loves boobsicles!

Our water is sky high. they keep saying it's cause we wash diapes (huh?)

Finished Lisa?

Megan sleeping yet?
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:34 PM 08-19-2005
nak'ing here so hope a nap will follow!!
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:36 PM 08-19-2005
wohhoo we got nappage!
lets hope it lasts
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 05:39 PM 08-19-2005
Andy, washing dipes adds the water consumption of one adult taking showers, that's it. So that just doesn't make sense.

I'm working on the postcards. But Lauren is insisting on finding EVERY thing to get into right now. She just ate a book from the shelf.. and it wasn't a baby book.
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:45 PM 08-19-2005
hey anyone want to join blingo?
it's a web search thingy. If I win something, you win. If you win I win, as long as you signed up under your friend. Hey why not
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 05:47 PM 08-19-2005
how do they know you wash diaps? i agre doesn't make much sense
mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 05:53 PM 08-19-2005
No good - baby books taste WAY better

YAY Laura! It's still so wonderful to hear you say you're nak'ing!!! And whew! on the nap.

Ok, I'm going to go clean up around here. And maybe think about dinner?

Blue canoe never fit me
Malama's Avatar Malama 05:57 PM 08-19-2005
gotta take the kids somewhere
Luka fell off the bed after his nap time to move things around
sweetpeasmom's Avatar sweetpeasmom 06:07 PM 08-19-2005
hope Luka is ok
oh short nap, she's up
3_opihi's Avatar 3_opihi 06:08 PM 08-19-2005
Hi all -

I'm still here. It's been a baaaaaaaaaaad day. We just got back from the airport. There are no flights off this island, not even to buy, nor Maui either...Actually, there were three seats from Maui to Sacramento, and I'm not going to say...let's just say it would've maxed out my credit card . It sucks. I guess, its because its a holiday weekend here, and the last week of summer...whatever. The next soonest flight I could've gotten was the 25th, but the funeral is on Mon. so we're going to miss it. My mom totally flipped out in the airport - screamed "you heartless b*tch" and jumped out of the car, and ran off. Whatever. I know everybody deals with stuff in their own way, but I really just cannot deal with her right now.

I'm ok though, I told my sisters I would come to pack up the house in a few weeks, and honestly, I think I'd rather do it that way. I don't really want to deal with my aunt and her kids, who never even visited my grandparents, but are now rushing in and taking over everything. So, I'll go by myself, and say goodbye alone. That's how I think my grandma would've wanted it. Maybe that's why its working out this way. My sister said she thought she was waiting for me, and in her morphine induced haze, when she thought I was already there, she was comforted - and could go. That's really comforting to me...I guess, in the midst of all this, I can take solace int hat her last words to me were, "I'm sure glad you're here." She passed away a few hours after that.

I'm sorry to unload this on you all. I'm sorta having a hard time here. My family is being their usual lame-o selfs, and the person whose shoulder I've always had to cry on is gone...
Killick's Avatar Killick 06:19 PM 08-19-2005
Annie - I wish I could come there and give you my shoulder. I'm glad that you were able to give her some comfort in her last hours, even though you weren't really there. At least it was you she was thinking about in her last moments.

I figure that the person/people you love the most in the whole world is who/what you will think about when you die. That is as long as it is a peaceful death, not a traumatic one.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Killick's Avatar Killick 06:20 PM 08-19-2005
Laura and Andy - I think you have me mixed up somewhere in your conversation. I was the one who mentioned character band-aids. That's where the confusion came in. :LOL
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 06:21 PM 08-19-2005
Aw, Annie, Hugs to you, and to your mom too since she is needing some. I wish we could all pack ourselves into a box so you could cry on every shoulder.

Let me know if you can't see that. I know the back isn't right, but I got tired of typing.

Going to write more cards.
LEAW's Avatar LEAW 06:54 PM 08-19-2005
Bah nevermind, it wants my user/pwd because I didn't make it a public shirt. I don't want to go putting the baby/mama/bday/state list in a public place w/o everyone being ok with that.

L sleeping, I'm writing cards. Furiously writing cards.
Malama's Avatar Malama 08:12 PM 08-19-2005
aw Annie what a bummer. you can cry here. we're alll here for you in our virtual sort if ways. it sounds like your grandma felt you there with her. think of how lucky you've been to have such a strong bond with her.

Laura- Luka is fine. now I can say that ALL of my kids have fallen off the bed. i will not put it on the floor tho. i need my space from the dust and bugs and stuff.
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