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Hi Mama,
Didn't read all the posts so sorry if this is repeat info.
Heres are what we've had luck with for our DD who is teething:

* Boirion Homeopathics : "CAMILIA" for teething Liquid drops THEY WORK MUCH BETTER THEN HYLANDS!
* Clean washcloths soaked in Chamomile tea cooled ORGANIC of course! THIS WORKS GREAT!!!!!
* Hylands teething gel (not sure if it works & don't like that it has parabens in it)
* We just tried "gumomille oil" I put it on DD She FREAKED WITHIN 2 MINS and her mouth turned really red... It WORKS BUT USE A VERY SMALL AMT. LIKE ONE DROP! Try it 1st- I wish I had !
Poor DD screamed for a while after I put it on, I felt so bad!

I will NOT use any tylenol or Orajel.

DD isn't suffering when I keep up with the Chamomile washcloths and Boirion Homeopathics!
Best of luck! :
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To the OP - honestly, I don't think there's really anything that helps much with the pain.

And, consider that when we adults have a chronic, ongoing pain (which is how I see teething - more of a chronic pain that's going to go on for a while), you can reduce it for a while after you give medicine, but you can't really eliminate it for too long because it's continuous.

I tried everything when DS was a baby, and really nothing seemed to help him at all. Orajel only works for a very short time... tylenol didn't seem to help... ibuprofen didn't seem to help... hylands didn't help at all... etc.

So, I guess I share your point of view... he's going to be in pain no matter what you do. You might be able to reduce it for short periods of time, but there's not too much that's going to help most likely.

But, my DS was teething pretty much continuously for around a year. I think many other babies just cut one tooth at a time and that's it for a while, so I might feel differently in that situation.

Hope the teething pain passes soon!
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*thinking* the teething fever isn't from infection, per se, so i guess however you are able to ease your babe's discomfort, go for it. we use ibuprofen, tylenol doesn't work for Willow. i use it only at night, when i can't be actively comforting her every moment, and she's able to rest. i also use Hyland's teething tablets. the frozen washcloth never works for her, and none of the teething toys interest her at all. she likes to chew on two things: anything wooden she can fit in her mouth, and the edge of a blanket that has thick, soft rolled piping all around it. i have a set of wooden stacking rings, i let her chew on the big (non-chokable) ones and i watch to see if she's able to get any paint/chips off, so far so good (it's Melissa & Doug brand).

just keep trying whatever you feel comfortable with, and go with whatever works and also, keep in mind it will change from tooth to tooth, what works for an incisor may not work for a molar.

ETA: i forgot to mention, i also look away from her mouth and the pain, and look to her whole body to see what distracts and comforts her at the same time. like a nice whole-body massage with lavender lotion or oil, or some really intense reflexology massage on hands and feet. i've noticed that if Willow is freaking out from teething pain, and i massage the center of the palm of her hand, her whole body goes limp while i'm doing it. so some days, i'm massaging the babe half the day! *lol* but i guess it takes her mind off the pain and eases her whole body. she likes playing in the bath, also.

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Originally Posted by Avena
* Boirion Homeopathics : "CAMILIA" for teething Liquid drops THEY WORK MUCH BETTER THEN HYLANDS!
Ds is on his way to start teething, where would I get some of these teething drops? There aren't too many places around that carry a variety of natural products
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I usually use the Hylands tabs and gel. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. It really depends on how hard those little teeth are pushing on ds' gums. I leave Orajel as a last resort when I see he's in pain. They now make them in swabs so it's easier to pinpoint the spot that hurts, and that's what we've used (sister's leftovers) for our last resort. In my family with my cousins, brother, sister & myself, my grandmother used a spot of whiskey. I don't think I would ever resort to that, but it's one of those old world things. Ds is REALLY going strong with the teething right now, so I'm not sure what I'll do when I really see him in pain. Most likely will get the Orajel swabs again.

Good luck
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My husband and I are both 2nd level reiki practicioners and when Dd is experiencing pain or discomfort of any kind, this form of energy healing works quickly & efficiently. With reiki there are no side effects, no drugs, no concern over suspicious and potentially harmful ingredients and it's free to boot, convenient and has a deeply calming effect on Dd in addition to soothing her pain. We have not yet had to rely on medication of any kind, although she has used homeopathic teething gel and bio~88(an organic, vitamin & mineral rich edible substance containing all necessary pre & pro~biotics)in combination with reiki for those really extreme moments.
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another vote for boiron homeopathic camomilia (sp?)
dd would calm down very soon after. ..she used to 'ask' for them

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Everyone else is calling it like they see it, I think I will too.

re: western pain meds. IMO, the rampant use of those things, without any clear idea of all the ways they might affect a child's health in the future, is far crueler than going through the "old fashioned comfort" box and figuring out different ways of helping the teething baby.

Go ahead and google "tylenol and asthma", scroll past the advertisments and press releases, and see what's being found now. Talk to me about how shortly after I switched from advil to tylenol I developed asthma. And wonder if a bit of normal, natural, since-time-immemorial pain now is worth trying to keep baby from asthma.

I just don't think "science" knows a THING about those medications. Giving a kid something to ease pain which might very well (and DOES, in our household, all the time) stop entirely a moment from now, just isn't good.

DS likes to get 8 teeth all at once. He is NOT happy about it. He's been working on the second 8 since March in dribs and drabs. Last week he had a 102 temp each night from the teething, and was perfectly fine in the morning. I used old fashioned comfort methods. Tepid baths, cold washcloths, lots of nursing. That required hubby to be up, too, to take care of me while I took care of DS (he wouldn't go to DH). A bit of a pain for us, but ultimately I believe is better for DS's health and future health.

When we got back from our trip (oh, we were vacationing at my ChildFree brother's house when DS got the fevers) I came here and found many testimonials that the pattern of the temp went right along with teething. Someone mentioned that their doctor theorizes that a high temperature somehow softens the gums, to help the teeth come through easier. So, going on that interesting idea, if we falsely lower the temperature, isn't that making it harder on the child?

Reaching for medication everytime something normal and natural is hurting is NOT doing anyone any good.

Now, right after getting three teeth, my son had a highchair accident and popped out one of his teeth. I *would* have given him pain meds for that. After all, something was, indeed, WRONG with him at that point. Strangely enough, the milk seemed to help him with that, once he wanted something in his mouth.

Homeopathy. I think people really need to know what it is, before saying "it doesn't work for us". It's all about remedies. Looking at the entire symptom pattern and seeing what remedy is called for in that situation. The great thing about homeopathy is that if it's not the right remedy, it doesn't do anything, positive or negative. Hyland's is great, but it's a shotgun approach. Sometimes my son needs one of the aspects of Hyland's, and I'm working on getting the single remedies that make up Hyland's. It's amazing how I can be *right* on the brink of getting DH to go get a bottle of western medicine, will give DS a dose of Boiron chamomile (even the non-easily-dissolved pellets work, by the way), and boom he's fine. Sometimes I know it's inflammation that's causing problems, and since I don't have the single remedy for that, yet, I give him a Hyland's to deal with it. I've even given him a pellet of Arnica and that worked IMMEDIATELY. It was *amazing*.

But sometimes you can't find the right remedy, or everyone is too stressed to really figure out which would be correct. So you nurse, so you get out frozen breastmilk to soothe gums and fill the tummy, you soothe the baby any way you can think of...and, as has been in our case (and in my case when I'm having one of my killer deep bone leg-aches or my husband's horrible migraines for which he used to medicate but now doesn't), eventually the pain starts to fade, and then the pain is a memory and no one is drugged.

So no, I don't think someone using old fashioned remedies to soothe pain is cruel. Not at all.
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