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Hi there - This is the first time i've posted after any of my 3 kids are born...usually i haunt the boards like crazy when pregnant then completely forget about them We just introduced solids to our 6 month old right around when she turned 6 months, and she eats ravenously, and i want to make sure we aren't overfeeding her. yesterday she had brown rice cereal 4 different times, probably 1/4 cup prepared, and probably the equivalent of 2 jars of baby food (sweet potatoes at one feeding, bananas at one, applesauce at another). Is this too much? She seems fine, but i don't want to overdo it, and my other 2 never ate so enthusiastically so soon. She loves drinking water too, it just all seems really soon to me, but perhaps this is because she's our last so i'm wanting to keep her a newborn forever Any input is appreciated! Best to all of you. Peace
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That sounds like a LOT for that age- about equal to what my 17 mo old would eat in quantity. First- always nurse first. Second- allow her to self-feed instead of feeding her (she'll get a lot less that way- but that's the amount she can actually handle)

good luck!

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My 6-month old eats the 2TBSP of food twice a day and we nurse in between those feedings on-demand.
Those have been the general guidelines for me when feeding my son.
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I would cut the feedings down, if you're wondering if it's too much...then maybe it is? I think you could gradually give more as she gets older...I think that the food at this point in her life is just to give her a variety, a taste...not to sustain her completely. Self-feeding is good but not all kids will do it and lots of parents want to do it for their baby *especially* if this is your last baby.
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My 7th month old eats food every 2-3 days or so. Usually a few bites of avacado. Or some of my mashed potatoes. Tonight he had some of my pumkin. It just all depends on his interest and if I am eating baby friendly food or not.

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Originally Posted by lovnbnhome
Self-feeding is good but not all kids will do it.
So true! My 10.5 month old has never self-fed. I've even tried to "teach" her to self-feed by bringing her hand that has a cheerio (or similar) in it to her mouth and help her pop it in, but it doesn't interest her. But she's also not one to mouth toys or even to pop weird things in her mouth that she finds on the floor, so it's just her personality. Just not an oral kid.

But back to the original topic - she eats no more than 2 tbsps of food per day, usually about 1-1.5 tbsps of fruit/veggie (she's still into the pureed stuff - no lumps please ) and maybe a few cheerios or some such. She didn't get really interested in eating until she was over 9 months old. I started when she was 6 months, and she'd eat a bite or two every few days, and honestly, I didn't offer more than 2-3 times per week.
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I would try nursing before you feed so that you are making sure that main nutrition is milk. Babies don't tend to overeat! Then just read his cues if hes wanting more let him it would be a shame to make food an issue at this age! If your nursing first maybe DC wouldn't be quite so enthusiastic!
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wow that is kinda a lot. my 6 month old hasn't had any solids yet but I used to nanny for a baby who also loved solid food. if you are still bf it is important that most of her nutrition still comes from that, it is still the perfect nutrition for an infant, solids aren't really important for a while longer. plus, the more solid food she eats, the less breastmilk and therefore less antibodies. if you are using formula, it still should be the primary source of nutrition because babies need lots of protein which isn't found a lot in fruit and veggies (though you could feed her mushed up scrambled eggs). Mixing formula or breastmilk into the food is good too. good luck and I agree w/ nursing first!

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I quoted this from Ruth Yaron's book "Super Baby Food". 2-6 food servings a day. A serving is 1-2 TBSP for fruit/veggies or 1/4 c. cereal.
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I also have a baby who just loves solid food. I know and agree that the main nutrition should come from breastmilk and that food should just be about exploration but to be honest with my son he just really really wanted that food! He seemed to be actually hungry for it and just gobbled it down opening his mouth like a hungry bird.

I was still breastfeeding on demand but we had so so many feeding problems and I sometimes wonder whether my milk supply just wasn't quite enough for him and he'd always been a bit hungry. I've never been able to express much milk. He was still on a high calorie formula supplement at 6 months which seemed to cause him problems so I decided he rather got extra from solids so I could ditch the supplement.

Anyway, I'm going off track a bit - but what I'm really trying to say is that I know how it feels to have a baby who eats and eats and then to worry whether they have enough milk. Nursing first is a good idea but I found it made no real difference to my son's appetite. He was on 2 meals a day within days. Now at 10 months he always has 3 meals a day.

As for self feeding, I like the idea but I know it wouldn't work for my baby. His manual dexterity isn't fantastic, he has very small hands and can find it hard to manipulate things. He gives me very clear signals when he's had enough food - he literally pushes the spoon away and looks fed up, so I don't worry I give him more than he wants. Recently he's gone off finger foods almost completely, he just drops it and looks uninterested, but he's always enthusiastic when he sees his bowl of food so I don't think not eating finger foods is necessarily an indication of not wanting food at all. I can't help feeling that babies need assistance with most things, so why not feeding?

I was interested in the post about protein. How much protein does a baby need? Ds hates egg but I do give him lentils and sometimes meat but I'm not sure he gets a whole lot of protein...
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That sounds like a lot to me. Does your baby eat it eagerly?

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my 6 month ld eat about the same as the original post. And my mom has always told me to feed her till she turns away or stops eating. and she wont self feed herself either, but opens ehr mouth to eat.
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