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nubianamy's Avatar nubianamy 10:16 PM 01-25-2006
Getting ready to have my first... and wondering what kind of clothes I should have on hand to wear postpartum. I can't fit into any of my prepregnancy clothes (50 lb gain!!) and I don't own any nightgowns because I sleep naked!

What's the most comfortable thing to wear postpartum? What should I stock up on?


wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 10:33 PM 01-25-2006
I got a bunch of those maternity tank tops (the kind with the built in shelf bra) during my third trimester and I kept wearing them post partum as nursing tops...sadly the belly doesn't vanish overnight and your belly/breast size will probably fluctuate A LOT in the first month or so after the baby arrives. Glamourmom has some specifically designed for nursing, but I found my slightly stretched target brand maternity tanks worked just as well.

I had really amazing hot flashes/night sweats so I wore a lot of dh's soft flannel shirts over the tank tops just so I could regulate my temperature a bit better and not drip on the bed.

And I have to admit I wore my pregnancy stretch pants and pajama bottoms around the house for a couple of months!
Attached Mama's Avatar Attached Mama 10:38 PM 01-25-2006
maternity clothing - sad but true...

Like the PP said, your belly doesn't shrink right away (unless you are like my lucky sister who was back in her old clothing 2 wks postpartum). I also gained 50 lbs! The first 30 came off in 5 months easily with nursing. But now I'm having to work hard at the rest. I just went to the maternity store the other night and got some maternity tops - tried on tons and tons to find ones that didn't look maternity. I needed the extra size in the boobs. Can't find anything to fit C boobs when my frame is so small. Even with the weight, my shoulders etc are tiny. So anyway, don't expect great things and then if you do get skinny real quick you can rejoice!

Blessings with your new baby!
tschifo's Avatar tschifo 11:58 PM 01-25-2006
Three months postpartum I'm still wearing my Old Navy maternity cami's to bed and under shirts during the day. They are so comfy, but just enough support. I wore a lot of black lounge pants (again, Old Navy) or sweats and dressed them up with a t-shirt and scarf around my neck. The scarf hid some leakage spots more than once.
I was under the impression that as soon as the baby popped out I would be back in my heels. Yah, not so much! What was I thinking wearing heels with a baby going down stairs. I'm lucky I didn't break either of our necks.
KarmaJoy's Avatar KarmaJoy 12:08 AM 01-26-2006
It was painfully slow for me to lose the pregnancy weight. At first, the stretchier the better, makes nursing and dressing easier (yoga pants, t-shirts). After about a month I bought 2 pairs of jeans and a few tops that were just a tad snug and have worn them ever since. I'm still struggling with the final 10 pounds that keeps me out of prepregnancy clothes four months post partem.

Good luck to you!
cherubess's Avatar cherubess 12:55 AM 01-26-2006
yes I too wore my maternity clothes for a few months until I gradually bought a number of breastfeeding tops. I figured since I was going to be breastfeeding for a while I may as well get some. I now fit back in some of my tank tops so I wear them as well now. Early on I gave up on the tops which buttoned up as I got sick and tired of unbuttoning and buttoning plus I didn't think it was fair to a hungry baby to wait.

I ended up wearing DH's tshirts to bed because I was soaking the sheets through with the nightsweats late in my pregnancy and early postpartum.
erniebobernie's Avatar erniebobernie 02:28 AM 01-26-2006
i use the tanktops with the built in bra. I use these at night too and stuff a cd in there when leaking. I love my bravado nursing bra. it is super comfortable. Elastic pants seem to be the most comfortable right now. I wore maternity tops the first week or two and then transitioned to my normal tops.
cheeseRjedi's Avatar cheeseRjedi 02:39 AM 01-26-2006
Anything with elastic
Nursing Bras
Loose Shirts (easy to pull up for nursing)

I have some nursing tanks too but the cut seems low and the built in bra sometimes is small so it can look like your boobs are popping out.
zak's Avatar zak 03:04 AM 01-26-2006
I had a pair of black yoga pants - they were so comfy. I wore those and nursing bras. (at home!)
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 03:45 AM 01-26-2006
I wore my maternity jeans and pre-preg shirts for about a week, then went to target and bought a pair of jeans in new temporary size and a nursing tank top (yes, target has nursing tanks!). By 3-4 wks. pp I could fit into a couple pairs of pre-preg jeans, and I too gained 50 lbs. during pregnancy. Now I pretty much wear all my normal clothes except for the smallest jeans (1s), and all my shirts are too short because I wear a 36F instead of a 34B-C. With a nursing tank underneath it works out ok. Also I bought some longer shirts at the mall the other day, there's a lot of clearance sales going on right now.
PrincessCass's Avatar PrincessCass 04:26 AM 01-26-2006
I second the Jammie bottoms and tank tops perfectly comfy babymooning wear. I didn't really leave the house so who am I impressing lol Oh and i had a c sec so comfort was key
tinyti26's Avatar tinyti26 09:52 AM 01-26-2006
Tank tops were a must since I breast fed, but I lived in sweatpants since it was winter weather or I loved the cotton knit workout pants, they had lots of give and were just comfortable to bum around in.

mamalisa's Avatar mamalisa 02:31 PM 01-26-2006
Pj pants or yoga pants with matching tanks. I bought a few pairs of mens two piece jammies, with the tops that button. That way when we had company I could open up from the bottom and keep somewhat covered.
Lizzo's Avatar Lizzo 02:38 PM 01-26-2006
Originally Posted by wombatclay
I got a bunch of those maternity tank tops (the kind with the built in shelf bra) during my third trimester and I kept wearing them post partum as nursing tops...sadly the belly doesn't vanish overnight and your belly/breast size will probably fluctuate A LOT in the first month or so after the baby arrives. Glamourmom has some specifically designed for nursing, but I found my slightly stretched target brand maternity tanks worked just as well.
Oh yes!!!! I bought SOOO many maternity tanks and I still wear them! They're amazing! Glamour Mom is awesome too! I'm not a bra person, but like a little spupport! Plus, you can whip a boob out in lightening speed!
I think the comfier the better! If you like being naked- be naked! But big comfy pants, granny panties and the tank tops work really well!!!
newbymom05's Avatar newbymom05 03:06 PM 01-26-2006
Another vote for maternity wear, at least for the first couple of weeks. Around the house pj bottoms/sweatpants/yoga pants and a tee shirt. I went to Target and bought a bunch of white Hane's men's shirts because ds spit up A LOT during the 1st couple of months. Until I did that I was changing shirts several times a day--once I switched to white I looked clean. Doesn't that sound so gross? But for me, once the baby was here it was all about comfort and ease, not laundry or appearance!
gabysmom617's Avatar gabysmom617 04:18 PM 01-26-2006
My advice??

Yeah, get something that's comfortable and maternity or maternity-like and easy to slip on/slip off, nurse in..

BUT make sure it looks GOOD.

Not, as in, "supermodel' or anything, but make sure it is something that you think you look good in, a nice color that compliments your skin color, and that you look at yourself in the mirror and smile and that you feel good in.

Even if it's just pajama bottoms with your favorite cartoon character on it and a matching tshirt top.

I say that because I was ssssoooooooo down in the dumps the first few days postpartum. I just didn't care about anything. (I have a touch of postpartum) Most ladies get the baby blues. It always gives me a boost to put something on that made me feel like I looked good, and it kind of boosted my spirits up.

Give babe to dad for a few moments and put some earrings on (if that's your thing). Do your hair in a quick and nice style. It will do wonders to boost your postpartum spirits.

As a bonus, you look presentable in case company drops by to see the baby.

Oh, one more thing. You will need a good supportive nursing bra about at least 2 cup sizes larger for when your milk comes in. Get 2, you will be leaking milk all over the place.

Get breast pads, cause otherwise, you will be leaking all through your shirts.
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 04:21 PM 01-26-2006
I just wore sweats and tops. I was soooooo glad to be able to fit into non maternity clothes.
Bookworm's Avatar Bookworm 06:36 PM 01-26-2006
At home I was never, ever out of nursing gowns with pj bottoms. Really, that's still the case. Underneath, I wore a "sleep bra" for nursing, a really soft knit bra that just pushes over to the side but will hold breastpads for leaking. It provides no support or pressure, it just holds your nursing pads while keeping you comfy. Sure do wish I'd had that before I soaked the front of my gowns for three weeks!

For leaving the house, I'd have on hand your favorite second trimester pants, a few new non-maternity shirts in a couple of sizes larger than you wore pre-pregnancy. (This is not for the belly, this is for the boobs, and you'll need them for a while - four months and counting, here.) AND, most importantly, a really snazzy new pair of shoes and maybe a handbag, so you feel somewhat pretty again! During my third trimester, I bought myself a pair of shoes and a jacket I was excited about and didn't allow myself to wear them until after the baby was born, so they were still new and exciting!

Congrats and good luck!
nubianamy's Avatar nubianamy 07:24 PM 01-26-2006
Originally Posted by gabysmom617
You will need a good supportive nursing bra about at least 2 cup sizes larger for when your milk comes in. Get 2, you will be leaking milk all over the place.
Should I get 2 cup sizes larger than I am NOW or 2 sizes larger than I was before getting pregnant?

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions! I have a good sense of what I need now:
- yoga pants or pajama bottoms
- nursing tanks
- white tops (to hide spit-up)
- nursing bras
- a few things to "dress up" in and feel good about myself

Anything else?
LoveMyLil'B's Avatar LoveMyLil'B 08:01 PM 01-26-2006
I like wearing the matching workout pants and zip up hoodie outfits. You can get them everywhere. The pants have an elastic waistband, the jacket worn over a t-shirt helps to cover my sides and back when I'm nursing. It gets cold having your shirt up all the time! Plus they come in such bright colors so they make you feel good!
gabysmom617's Avatar gabysmom617 08:57 PM 01-26-2006
You should get (at least) two cup sizes larger than you are *now*.

Every woman (or at least, the vast majority) look like dolly parton wanna-be's when their milk first comes in. I went from like a D to like a DDD. And it takes a few weeks to get back down to a size more closer (though not necessarily the same) to where you were prebaby.

You never know how large you will be, so you have to pretty much guesstimate...

If you go to a maternity store, or some sort of lingerie store that has nursing bras, they should be able to help you figure out what size to get for those first few days after your baby.

Now, some women prefer to go braless during those "bowling ball" days. But with me, my breasts were so heavy, much like two giant beached whales that where crushing under their own weight for lacking support of the water, such were my breasts. I needed a good bra on. You also may find yourself doing more frequent bra shopping than those prebaby days, as your size is doing a lot of fluctuating.

I assume this is your first? This is my first too, so I'm not quite sure, but I have heard from other moms that your breasts get much more engorged when your milk comes in the first time for your first child. Whomever is fitting you for a bra, and helping you prepare for your postpartum days should be aware of that.

Hope everything goes well!