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5xmom's Avatar 5xmom 11:27 AM 02-22-2006
Josephine was born in November but due in Feb so she is like a newborn now. We are enjoying the newborn period - lots of cuddling but very little sleep!

aguacates's Avatar aguacates 05:20 PM 02-27-2006
Bumping this thread up! Let's check in! Nora is sleeping on my lap. She has a cold , but seems okay. 6 days seems a little young for a cold, but her big sister really wanted to share it. No fever or anything, but I am watching her like a hawk. Nursing is going well, and she is doing a little better being awake during the day and sleeping at night. It is great having my mom here helping out. Okay, I'll have to type more later. I'd love to hear from everyone!

rachdoll's Avatar rachdoll 12:37 AM 02-28-2006
Lauren is 12 days old, and doing well. She knows that I need more recovery time, so she doesn't want to sleep much unless I am holding her - gotta love that! I am sorta cramping again, I think since we've got my in-laws in town on top of a plumbing fiasco!

We started out tandem nursing, but Aubrey seems to really be weaning herself now - from several times a day just a week ago to suddenly she's nursed 4 times since Friday. Lauren is nursing really well, and any jealously that Aubrey exhibited about sharing her nursies has all but vanished.

Hope everyone is doing well!
krizty's Avatar krizty 01:55 AM 02-28-2006
Courtney is 28 days old now... I feel like she is "old"!! She is just as cute as the day she was born though..

She has learned to love her rattle. She can hold it and sort of rattle it around. Then she puts it in her mouth. It is the cutest thing! She also loves her bathtime. At first we were nervous but she enjoys it so much. Also BF is going great. We're almost pros at it now! I have to go back to work in 2.5 weeks... I am dreading it... I absolutely do not want to go back! I am enjoying her and the quality time we have together way too much to do it... If the military didn't make me go back, I would quit my job in a heartbeat!
Honeybee'smama's Avatar Honeybee'smama 02:47 AM 02-28-2006
Abby-I am sorry to hear that Nora has a cold so early. I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Kritzy-I understand the dreading go back to work, I am already dreading it myself and I still have about 5 weeks to go. Do you have good care lined up?

Asher is 5 days old now. He is so much happier now that my milk has come in! And has it ever! Both yesterday and and today I am so painfully full, I can't wait for my body to even itself out.

He is really such an easy baby (at least compared to Sonja) he sleeps in 3-4 hour stretches during the night after awake time from about 10-12, and sleeps a fair amount of the day as well. The only down side to that is that Sonja is up at about 6, but thankfully she has been happy getting up with dh.

One of the greatest things since Ashers' birth has been to see a change in dd and dh's relationship. She is so much more willing to be with dh now and they are having such a great time. Before she was such a mama's girl.
AnyaK's Avatar AnyaK 09:20 PM 02-28-2006
William is three weeks old today; I can't believe it! He is such a sweet baby. He can get very angry if I don't feed him quickly enough when he is hungry, though! For now, it is pretty cute. He is sleeping well during the night (3-4 hour increments) but during the day we are having challenges. He seems soooo tired, but it is really hard to get him to sleep for very long at a time, until the evening. Then, it's hard to keep him awake long enough to eat! We'll figure it out one of these days...

My husband went back to work yesterday, after taking the past three weeks off. It has been going very well so far for us at home--much better than I had expected. I would not have been ready for him to go back after two weeks, like we had originally planned!

Nursing has been going much better than it did the first week, but it still isn't really second nature. When does it generally get easier? i.e., when do you guys think I would be able to have one hand free to read, pick up a glass of water, etc.? Right now I use one hand to hold his head and one to hold my breast--otherwise, I am afraid he would slip back and tug on/bite my nipple...ouch. Did you guys all enjoy nursing from the start? I think I will get there, and I am definitely determined to breastfeed for 1 year plus, but right now I can't really say I enjoy it that much.

Abby, I hope Nora feels better quickly!
krizty's Avatar krizty 01:22 AM 03-01-2006
Honeybee's Mama- I have care lined up through the base. They are great when they are in the "newborn" room... Once they get to the walking/biting stage they are so horrible. I will definately have to find different care for her when she gets to be at that stage. I think it's probably just the protective mama in us that makes us so critical of who is watching our kids, but I think I would prefer somebody watching her at their home aposed to the day care situation. My friends go there, so it will be great if I ever need somebody else to pick her up for me. Do you have great care arranged yet? The part about going back to work that I am afraid of is that I will not be able to pump enough milk for her to make it through the days. I don't want to FF during the day, but when I pump she gets cranky because there isnt as much milk. I think it was because she was going through her growth spurt and seemed to need food 24/7. Now it shouldnt be as bad. All she does is sleeps.

AnyaK - You'd be surprised at how fast William learns to hold the breast himself. Start by putting a pillow under him and bringing him to the breast instead of bringing yourself to him... It will free one hand... then eventually you'll see that he can pretty much feed himself and you can use both hands! You can start using your free hand to touch his hair, pick the lint out from behind his ear, clean his ear, or wipe the slobber from his face... Then eventually it will be second nature to move your hand further away. I guess I got frustrated helping Courtney eat because she kept getting lost trying to find my breast, so I started sort of laughing at her as she tried to figure out what she was doing... Of course not when she was REALLY hungry and crying for it... but when she was mid-eating and being goofy. So, now she can find it pretty good for herself.
Honeybee'smama's Avatar Honeybee'smama 02:44 AM 03-01-2006
I do have care lined up-sort of. Dd has care two days a week that is awsome! It is in the mama's home, she provides yummy vegan food, and gives care like I would give, she is actually a Mothering mama too. But the catch is that she has a ds who is a year and says she wants to wait until her baby is less of a baby before she watches Asher (understandable). So until then dh and I have a very confusing split schedual. I don't see dh much at all but it works. It will get us through June when school is out (I substitute teach) and by fall, hopefully, ds can be in daycare 2 days a week and I can work full time.

5xmom: How is Joey doing? I can't believe how long ago November feels! How are you and your family doing?
sarasprings's Avatar sarasprings 03:40 PM 03-01-2006
I thought I'd jump in. I was pretty inactive in the due date club because of a bunch of miscarriages, but now that little Robson is here, I feel a lot better. He was a Valentine's baby, so he was 2 weeks old yesterday. His dr. was impressed with his weight gain (8-7 to 9-3 on Monday), but it's hard to get enough food in him during the day so that he sleeps. I have been having him sleep in a cradle (I feel guilty about this) because DS (he'll be 4 in May) has been pretty demanding and I want to make sure he gets plenty of momma time. Rob does sleep 3 hours during the day, though, when he gets plenty of milk. I'm trying our KKAFP a little each day so that I can sling him more at home soon and when we're out. We're having some latch-on problems that I didn't remember with DS1, but I'm hoping those will be resolved in the next couple of weeks.

We're having major violence issues with DS1 right now and it's draining all of our energy. But, it started last May so I'm hoping this phase is over soon and we can get into a peaceful, loving routine!

It's good to see that everyone seems to be doing well overall.
krizty's Avatar krizty 01:47 AM 03-02-2006
Sarasprings - When can you start to use a sling? I keep hearing everyone say that they do this.. but I've never used one before Carrying the carseat everywhere is getting heavy and annoying. Even though I got the one that latches in to the base in the car, I think I would almost prefer taking her out in a sling. I'm just afraid her head would flop around?
sarasprings's Avatar sarasprings 10:53 AM 03-02-2006
krizty - I'm not a sling expert. We tried one with DS1 and it didn't work (too much fabric, he was small and got lost) and we didn't know enough to try other kinds -- or even that there were other kinds (this was pre-MDC). The only thing we bought for this baby was a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch because it seemed easy enough even for us. It says you can start with a newborn. We tried it yesterday and Robson didn't love it, but we'll try again today. The baby can be in it a bunch of different ways. Here's the website so you can take a peek (they even have an outlet section).

aguacates's Avatar aguacates 06:13 PM 03-02-2006
I've been popping Nora in the sling, It is an unpadded ring sling, and she tolerates it fairly well. Neither of my babies have liked the cradle hold at all, but they do like the heart to heart carry. Nora is so much smaller than Zoe was, that I do feel like she is swimming in there a little bit, but I've been rolling receiving blankets to pack around her, and then cinching it as tight as I can. I also have a new native, and a moby-type wrap. She hates the new native, and I haven't gotten brave enough to try the wrap yet. I think I need someone to actually show me how to do it, because I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the directions I've found on line.

Nora still has her cold, and has a cough that sounds really nasty. I took her to see my midwife on Tuesday so she could listen to her lungs to make sure they were clear, and her lungs sound great, so I think the mucous is mostly in her throat, and just sounds really bad. But even though she is sleeping pretty well at night, I've been staying awake to listen to her breathe, because it just makes me so nervous to have a little baby who is sick. She doesn't act sick though, and no fever at all. I just want her to get better now!

Dd1 is definitely having a hard time. She is really great w/Nora, but is doing lots of tantrums, and really really fighting sleep. And pretty much only wants Mama.

That's all for now, Hope everyone else is well,
rachdoll's Avatar rachdoll 09:05 PM 03-02-2006
rachdoll's Avatar rachdoll 09:08 PM 03-02-2006
I hope Nora gets better soon!

I have an unpadded ring sling, too, and Lauren seems to like it. I haven't tried any padding or anything with it yet, she gets fairly cozy being upright, heart to heart. I can't seem to get comfy enough to nurse her in the sling, but since I don't really have a problem with nursing in public, I guess it doesn't matter.

Aubrey's tantrums have increased, too. In both frequency and severity. It sure makes recovery more challenging!

Have any of you begun to think about birth control yet? My midwife asked me today, and I haven't put much thought into it yet. I used the mini pill after Aubrey was born, but am not sure if that's our best option this time around. Probably is, just feel like I should check into things a bit more before I say for sure.
Sleepymama's Avatar Sleepymama 10:13 PM 03-02-2006
Here you all are! Kaia is 12 days old and still a fussy girl. Nursing almost nonstop, which is good because I have a fragile supply and I want to get it established. Unfortunately that means she wants to be held nonstop and by me. Dad isn't good enough. Not sleeping more than an hour or so at night and 2-3 hours during the day, so I'm starting to feel a little crispy around the edges. She is super hyper alert though and goes through a whole range of facial expressions awake and asleep--it's so funny, like she's enacting a shakespearean comedy or something.

DS is having a very hard time, extra whiny and clingy and demanding. Also he sprained his ankle really badly last night horsing around and is now at the peds with DH to make sure it isn't broken. He has been running poor DH into the ground too. I have him home from work for another week and then my mom is going to come up. I'm not sure what I'm going to do all alone with both of them--they're both so demanding! DS has decided to wean though, at long last (he dry nursed for over 2 years). When my milk came in he took one look at it and said "what is THAT stuff???" and said he didn't want to have any nummies. He hasn't asked since. I'm a little perturbed that we stuck it out this long and he doesn't even want to try it, but he doesn't remember there ever being milk (he was about 9-10 months when my milk dried up, long story)

I've been slinging her since about day 3 just to give my arms a break. She prefers my hug a bub (wrap) to the zolo ring sling, but I can't nurse in the hug a bub so hopefully we'll figure the cradle position in the zolo soon. My arms and back and shoulders are killing me!

I'm so sorry Nora has a cold! DS's allergies kicked in this week and I was so worried he had a cold and was going to give it to her. We were washing our hands like maniacs.

As for birth control, well you have to have sex to need it, and somehow I doubt we'll get any child free time for a while considering how these two sleep (or don't sleep...)
guitarmama's Avatar guitarmama 10:26 PM 03-02-2006
sylvia won't sleep anywhere but in my arms, which is why there are no caps in this reply---i'm typing one-handed. i'm going to get sling tomorrow. my sil was going to send me a homemade one, but there whole house has whooping cough, so i asked her not to send it in case the fabric could be infected. i'm getting a maya wrap ring sling. i really hope i like it, otherwise i;ll never get anything done around here.
aguacates's Avatar aguacates 12:07 PM 03-03-2006
re birth control....i've been doing tons of research ande have pretty much decided that there are no good methods out there. I keep thinking about an iud, but the idea of something foreign in my body really freaks me out. I don't do well with hormones, and i'm allergic to spermacide. and the problem with condoms is that they actually need to be used in order to be effective. In the past we've relied on a mixture of condoms and withdrawal, but we were okay with the possibility of another baby even if the timing wasdn't great. After spending the last nine months puking due to an hg pregnancy, I feel like I absolutely cannot get pregnant for at least the next 4-5 years, and then maybe we'll reassess. so....I don't have a clue. For now I think we are using a similar method to Steph, two kids with sleeping issues in our bed

Nora also does the many faces comedy routine. It is so funny, Zoe was such a sleepy baby ( I had to torture her to get her to stay awake long enough to nurse) that having an alert baby is a whole new thing for us.

Heather, I really hope that the sling works for you and Sylvia. It has been such a lifesaver with both of my babies. Although they both have hated the cradle position, so we never have gotten nursing in it down.

Okay, my other arm is completely asleep. But my ability to type one handed is sure improving .

forest~mama's Avatar forest~mama 05:06 PM 03-03-2006
Hi ladies~

Abby, so sorry to hear that Nora is still sick. I hope she gets better soon, and I hope you can sleep soon. Ava has had a few nights with a really stuffed up nose, and I have a hard time sleeping when she's like that.

I have used my New Native(that MissBliss/Abby gave me). It works pretty good if she is already content when I put her in. We went for a 20min. walk the other day, and she slept the whole time. Today we have to go to Lowe's, and I'm going to try to use it there. I am not sure if I should be taking her out when she is so young, and during flu season, but dh needs my input on some items for remodeling that he is working on while he is home. I may change my mind about going in when we get there, and stay in the truck and nurse! We'll see!!

When people say "nothing prepares you for having a baby", they are right. No matter how much you think you are ready, you aren't. I feel so tied down with nursing, that I can barely even move around my house! I am so happy to be a mother though, that it doesn't really matter. Things will get smoothed out, and this precious newborn time will be over before we know it.
winnie's Avatar winnie 10:22 PM 03-03-2006
Happy to find you all here!

Ben is doing pretty well, although all last night and today he has been super gassy and NOT happy. He hasn't slept for more than half an hour at a time, so neither have I. I was so frustrated last night. He seems to be improving some now though...I wish I could know what it is that suddenly made him gassy.
Today we had a bath together for the first time, and he loved it! So now I know one sure way to make him forget his troubles ...for a little while, anyways.

I have a maya wrap, and have been having some trouble getting him comfortable in there. I really hope to figure it out soon though, my house is such a mess! Right now I have him in a semi-reclined position, but have to keep my hand on his back because otherwise he just turns into a little ball and I don't think he can breathe very well. Still haven't figured out the heart-to-heart position. I'm considering getting a hotsling to use while he is small, but they are so pricey!

Honeybee'smama's Avatar Honeybee'smama 03:44 AM 03-04-2006
I have a hotsling (got a bargain on the TP) that Asher has been in a few times for about 20-30 minutes. He is happy initially but then gets more grumpy after awhile, I think it will just take some getting used to. I also have a wrap that I have yet to use, I must admit I am a little intimidated about it.

re birth control....i've been doing tons of research ande have pretty much decided that there are no good methods out there.
I agree! Between kiddos we ended up using a diaphram not because I liked it, but because I really didn't want any of the other methods out there! We will probably end up doing the same thing again. I wish there was a method that I actually liked and felt good about!

Winnie-Did you eat anything different than usual? Dd was extremely sensitive to dairy, but she did not show signs though until she was about 2 weeks old.
Sleepymama's Avatar Sleepymama 02:09 PM 03-04-2006
honeybee--here are some videos on using a wrap--might help! I love my hug a bub but got it when DS was about 5 months so I'm used to it. It came with a video (which I lent to someone a while ago or I'd send it to you!)



Edited to fix broken link!! This is the hold that I use--
UrbanSimplicity's Avatar UrbanSimplicity 03:48 PM 03-04-2006
Hi All!

My little Clara will be 3 weeks tomorrow and she keeps me quite busy filling her up with milk and love! We feel blessed that she sleeps from midnight till 10 am, waking to feed twice. After the first excruciating week of bfing we are nearly old pros and I barely have to wake to feed her. How did I not know that the day my milk came in would be SSOOOO painful!?! My poor 34A breasts were bigger than the 38C's they'd become during pregnancy....had to walk around nude from the waist up with my hands on my hips since my boobs were in my armpits and up to my collarbones! Ouch!

To you all discussing Birth Control---I highly recommend the Family Awareness Method (FAM)---read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." Can't remember author's name off hand. A completely safe and completely natural method that is fool-proof so long as you follow it precisely. That being said, I got lazy when using it---had basically slacked off to the rhythym method when I got pregnant. I believe my exact thought the night I got pregnant was "Oh, whatever, we're fine!". But it worked for me for years previous, you just need to be disciplined and incoporate it into your life. It's a wonderfully informative book--I feel it should be mandatory reading for high schoolers!
PGNPORTLAND's Avatar PGNPORTLAND 05:37 PM 03-04-2006
hi everyone and congrats . . . sorry I have been gone but two weeks after sophia rose came home we found out our landlord was selling our building and we had 30 days to get out! I wished horrible curses upon him and completely broke down and then got my shit together and started looking for a place and packing in between nursing and soothing. dh found us a good place where the landlord is willing to trade (dhs) work on the house for first months rent. It is a whole house with a yard which is nice but I am so sad I have to move out of my neighborhood that I love where my nest was feathered for sophia . . but such is life. Our new neighborhood is Parkrose (portland) any portland mammas out around there? I know nothing about the neighborhood and it doesn't look very child friendly to me so far but maybe there are secret parks I don't know about - we are by the high school if anyone has any recommendations.

sophia is 6 weeks and doing great. becoming a real little personality. I love motherhood even more than I thought possible. I too am struggling with the birth control question althought right now it's not an issue! I got a prescrip. for the mini pill but I think I might hate it. I hate all the options. my doc recommended the iud too but it scares me.

well, sophie waking up now. I'll try to write more often. hope you are all well.
aguacates's Avatar aguacates 06:55 PM 03-04-2006
Originally Posted by brooklyn lisa
To you all discussing Birth Control---I highly recommend the Family Awareness Method (FAM)---read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." Can't remember author's name off hand. A completely safe and completely natural method that is fool-proof so long as you follow it precisely. That being said, I got lazy when using it---had basically slacked off to the rhythym method when I got pregnant. I believe my exact thought the night I got pregnant was "Oh, whatever, we're fine!". But it worked for me for years previous, you just need to be disciplined and incoporate it into your life. It's a wonderfully informative book--I feel it should be mandatory reading for high schoolers!
I agree, it is a great book that should be mandatory reading for high schoolers, but, you need to be getting at least two hours of continuous sleep in order for temps to be accurate. And I know that I am definitely not getting that right now between a toddler and a newborn. Also, you still either have to abstain during ovulation, or use some barrier method. And you really don't know when your cycles are going to start up again while breastfeeding.....so while I agree in theory that it is a great method, it doesn't work for a lot of people w/newborns. Oh, and the author is Toni Weschler(sp?).
Sali's Avatar Sali 12:37 AM 03-05-2006
Congratulations everyone!!! I wasn't the most active on the due date forum--I spent most of my time on the diaper making board, feverishly preparing for right now. Omar was a Valentine's baby as well and nursing is coming along nicely for us--though I feel a bit like a cow, I am glad for my new silhouette
We have the ellaroo wrap, and have been using it with the cradle carry and the nb cross wrap carry--he groans and makes creaking noises the entire time, so I don't think he's very comfortable. I ordered a ring sling last week, hopefully that will be easier and more comfy for him.
5xmom's Avatar 5xmom 11:40 AM 03-05-2006
Hi everyone! Joey is doing well - finally gaining some weight (she's up to 7-5). I am using the hotsling and love it - it pulls her in nice and close - really good for church! My DD#2 is having the hardest time. I expected that from my 2y.o. but she's been pretty mellow. My 4 y.o. has always been the emotional, "spirited" child and she's showing me that she's over this baby sister thing! I have a question - does anyone else's babe nurse almost continuously from about 4-8pm? Joey seems to cluster at that time - tough when I'm trying to make dinner, etc.
krizty's Avatar krizty 11:30 PM 03-05-2006
SaraSprings - Thanks for the great information on the slings!! DD is just getting so heavy! I'm not sure how much she weighs right now but she has outgrown 3 outfits and a hat...

DD nurses nonstop from 7 pm - 10 pm. The other day I was almost certain that I had no milk left... I had to *check* to make sure she is actually getting something.

I want her to go to bed at about 10 pm, but No... She wants to play play play! She stays up till about midnight. Last night was the first night that she was sleeping for 3 hours at a time!!! I was so happy. I know some of the other babies were doing this.. I was so jealous. Hopefully this was not a one time deal. The night before she was up every hour on the hour acting like she was starving. So, 3 hours at a time was a blessing.

My doctor recommended the depo shot. The problem I see with birth control is that my sister got pregnant on the pill and depo. So, I have no faith. I did talk to her about depo last night, she said that she thinks she got it a week late.

I really wouldnt mind another baby. It's just that I am so happy to have dd that I am afraid I wouldnt be able to balance 2 babies. I know other mothers do a great job, but 1 has been extremelly time consuming. Because we're in the military, I would love for her to have a sister somewhat her age to be her best friend growing up. She's going to need somebody to complain about how unfair her parents are!!
damyen's mommy's Avatar damyen's mommy 02:14 PM 03-06-2006
Hi! thought I would jump in and say hi to everyone. My baby is a month old! I can't beleive it. When I have more time to post I will post more on this thread. I have a moby wrap that I just got and still am learning to use, I can get it on right but dd hates the cradle hold. Do you think the video's could be used on it. I might give it a try. My dd is over 10lbs now. she weighed 8'5 at birth. Let me tell you she is a little baracuda when it comes to nursing. . I am tandeming, it seems to be working out. My ds is slowing down again. Thank god, he was nursing more than dd for awhile. And he is sleeping through the night again. It was really tough trying to nurse them both or if I was too tired telling him no not till morning, he would shreek. It was bad. But now everything is normalizing and he loves his sissy. He pets her head and gives her kisses. I hope everyone is doing well. I hope Nora is over her illness. And to all the fussy baby's I hope they are doing better. DD is getting extremely fussy and gassy so I am going to try the elimination diet and see if that helps so I can figure out what she doesn't like. My son had reflux and was on zantac from 2-3 months till 6 months. It helped him a lot but I really wish someone had told me to eliminate food. I had no clue. It might of helped the inconsolble crying that he went through for about 6 weeks. So this time out I know and am going to try it. I really can't stand seeing my little baby cry out in pain from gas. Last night was awful. Well I had more time than I thought . But now I have to run.
Sleepymama's Avatar Sleepymama 04:05 PM 03-06-2006
Just wanted to say that BF moms should be wary of any hormonal birth control esp. in the first months because it can really diminish your supply. Some moms aren't affected by hormonal BC as much as others, but I have known women who both lost their supply and got pregnant right away on the mini pill

Kaia is pretty fussy between around 8pm-midnight, sometimes a little later, sometimes a little earlier. That's when she clusters. But that's also when she was most active in the womb too, just when I was going to bed of course!

I am so, so, so glad that DH found another week of vacation becuase he would have gone back to work today and I'm so not ready!!! We have him for another week thank goodness. We are still working out a routine and I have yet to take both kids out of the house by myself. I took K. grocery shopping once last week in her wrap and she was great--slept the whole time. But DS is very clingy in public and I'm worried about the inevitable "carry me" tantrums He weighs 35 lbs and I'm not up to carrying them both yet!!

As for the wrap carriers--my babies have only liked the heart-to-heart position. I've never been able to do a cradle hold with it.
aguacates's Avatar aguacates 05:18 PM 03-06-2006
Krizty, I think that depo can really affect your supply while breastfeeding. I would definitely do a lot of research about it before going that route.

Nora seems to really have a fussy time/need to nurse constantly between 7-10 pm as well. I have overactive letdown (though not as bad as I did w/Zoe), so she gets drowned in milk, gets bubbles in her tummy, gets really pissed, needs to be burped and rocked to calm down, then gets really mad because she is hungry again. I actually find it kind of cute and funny. It is amazing how much more relaxed I am this time around. Or maybe it it the fact that I am spending all my worrying energy worrying about her health. She still has her cold, and her cough sounds pretty nasty, but her lungs are still clear. We also have pertussis in our area, so I keep worrying about that and looking at the symptoms on the cdc website. Although the incubation periods don't match up, so I don't think it is really a possibility, just something else to worry about .

It is hard to believe Nora will be two weeks tomorrow already! Time is really flying now that I'm not pregnant . My mom is leaving tomorrow. It has been really great having her here these last two weeks, but it will also be really nice to just have some family time again before my dad and stepmom arrive this weekend. Also, my mom's constant cleaning and reorganizing is driving dh a little crazy.

Hope everyone is doing well,
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