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ktmama's Avatar ktmama 08:46 PM 03-30-2006
Annabelle has been crawling for a while now and goes from knees to butt to feet to butt, etc...she's also climbing the stairs.

Boobs - Annabelle has started saying "mama" when she's hungry. ADORABLE! I am my breasts. and I'm warning you mamas who think the babe twiddling your nipples is cute. Not so cute for a 12 month old or a toddler. It HURTS! but by then, they don't want to give it up. My dh lets Annabelle touch his nipples and pull his hair and it drives me crazy, cuz she thinks she can do that with me too. When she goes for the nips, I say, "no, Annabelle, that's mama's"!

Adrienne - in terms of swaddling - a few weeks ago Annabelle's sleep really deteriorated with teething and I was desperate to try ANYTHING to get her to sleep better. One thing I tried was unswaddling her and it seemed to work. Now she's happier all splayed out, but that swaddle was a dream for six (I just typed "sex" by mistake ) months or so.

D - we're going to the beach (FL) in a month for my sis's wedding. I'm pale, but I think I'll try the two piece. I dare anyone to say anything to a nursing mama about her "love handles"!

Kaitnbugsmom's Avatar Kaitnbugsmom 08:49 PM 03-30-2006
Em just crawled about four inches the 'right' way I am shocked. She's able to push up from leaning over when sitting, but I"ve not yet seen her sit up from lying down on her back or from crouching on her tummy {she doesn't lay flat on her tummy for some reason...}
henhao's Avatar henhao 10:19 PM 03-30-2006
Katie -- I hear you. I def do NOT let the baby twiddle my nipples, and it already hurts when she does it. Thank goodness for this board! It was here I learned I'd better stop that from the start. One mama said her son -- at age 2 or 3 -- twiddles her nipples in order to relax and will want to do that anywhere.
ktmama's Avatar ktmama 10:30 PM 03-30-2006
Deb, I have a friend IRL who is pg and her two year old is still twiddling her nips and she's in a great amount of pain.
elight23's Avatar elight23 10:58 PM 03-30-2006
ds has also been doing the nipple pinching, clawing, head butting - fascination thang. I personally don't think its too cute - it hurts! I read in an issue of Mothering about this lady's baby would get excited about having two choices and go from on to the other to nurse. Now that's cute!

I also have an interest in anthro, sociology, history ect. Ds's full name is Malek Octavius Archodominion. Octavius - named after the great Roman emperor and having been born in the 8th month (oct). Dh is even a bigger history buff, and Rome is his specialty. Malek - I thought I made it up. We thought we wre having a girl because of his super fast heart beat (OWT) until the 32nd week. I got the feeling I was having a boy so we scambled for a name and decided on this two weeks after he was born. Anyway, we later found out it means king or/and sovereign in Sanskrit and there was a Phoenician Sun God named the same - pretty cool. The last name we made up when we got married. Also Latin, for 'ruler of the highest places' or some such.

Ds sat up yesterday on his own from his back via abs - but it was out of desperation and i dont expect him to do it again soon. I left him with grandma while I went out for my birthday. Normally he's been fine with her since he sees her so often, but last night when I returned and went to sooth him bc he was crying he nearly flew through the air to get to me. My mom and I were both amazed. He's tried to sit up via abs for at least a good month, maybe two, but he can't get all the way up - yet.
quelindo's Avatar quelindo 11:54 PM 03-30-2006
Elizabeth, wow Malek has a lot of hair, just like Henry does. It makes them look so much older than they are -- such grown-up little boys!

Henry just bit me for the first time while finishing a nursing session today. He has two teeth on the bottom only...not looking forward to when he has top teeth too! I said, "Ouch!" and he looked at me like, "What's your problem?"

Yeah, I never understood it when new moms said they didn't mind the nipple-twiddling. It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

Henry's "real" crawling, pulling himself up, kind of sitting himself up, and seems to understand what I'm saying some of the time (i.e., Do you want more? Where's Daddy? Are you hungry?)

His sleep is about the same -- he goes down FAIRLY easily but he has to sleep with me or on me and he wakes up every few hours all night long. Generally I can pat him or nurse him back to sleep, but I'll be happy when he's only nursing a few times a night. And lately when he moans and thrashes in his sleep he's only soothed when I lay him across my chest -- which is sweet, but I'm afraid I might be encouraging a bad habit.

I love, love, love taking him places. He seems to like the car and going out. We went to Target today and later I took him for a walk in the mei tai (it was in the 60's today!). He's my little buddy.
EStreetMama's Avatar EStreetMama 01:12 AM 03-31-2006
By the way, my little (UNFORTUNATELY) bottle-fed baby also likes the nipples, and does those little tiny wicked pinches. That goes in the grabbing hair and glasses category which is the only time we use "no." He actually tried to use my bangs to pull up to standing yesterday. Geesh...

Owen is crawling backwards. It frustrates the heck out of him. He whines while he does it and I'm not sure whether to rescue him or not. Annabelle is very talented!! I'm impressed. Owen has not even thought about the stairs, which is good since we don't have our gates up yet.
skana's Avatar skana 04:03 PM 03-31-2006
To Elizabeth and New Mama: like Malek and Henry (both adorable, by the way), my Tova also has a great head of hair. My son was the same way, whereas my neice and nephew were both baldies (and also adorable). Check out DD at
ktmama's Avatar ktmama 04:12 PM 03-31-2006
All gor babies, mamas!

We're running a hair farm here too.
skana's Avatar skana 04:39 PM 03-31-2006
Oh my goodness, Kate -- Annabelle is beautiful. We are all so blessed, August mamas (hair or no hair) to have such wonderful babes. It would be lovely to meet them in person.

Tova and I went with a friend and her baby to the library this morning for a Baby's First Books program. Books, toys, songs with other moms and little ones -- very nice.

Tova still has no interest in crawling, since that would involve being on her tummy! She sits up very well, though, and brother and I don't even call her the Leaning Tower of Tova anymore. She's eating a tiny amount of food (banana or oatmeal seem to be the only things she cares for) most days, but mostly just wants Mama Milk, which is fine by me. Her favourite thing right now is for us to fly her around singing "she flies through the air with the greatest of ease ..." It makes her laugh so loudly that it melts our hearts. She has her two bottom teeth but is still having up and down sleeps, so I expect more are coming. Or it could be just developmental. The swaddling helps at times, but I'm not finding the Hylands teething tablets make much difference. Do I remember someone saying they also make a gel?

Anyone playing an April Fool's joke tomorrow? Last year I really got DS -- I opened up the newspaper and said "Oh look, they've voted to have kids attend school year-round, even in the summer." You should have seen the look on his face! He's only been speechless twice in his life -- then, and when we told him we were having a baby!

Happy end of March!
elight23's Avatar elight23 05:00 PM 03-31-2006
About the Hylands teething gel - it has parabens so I wouldn't suggest it.
At the moment nothing but distraction seems to be working for us.
KLK7's Avatar KLK7 05:01 PM 03-31-2006
Everyone's babies are so totally GOR!
I have a few newer pics at:

Lily is now doing the cutest thing. If she wants to nurse, she tries to unbutton or unzip my shirt. It's hilarious.
Kaitnbugsmom's Avatar Kaitnbugsmom 06:30 PM 03-31-2006
my photobucket account was hacked, so I don't feel comfortable linking to it right now, since I can't control what is or isn't posted to it.
EStreetMama's Avatar EStreetMama 06:37 PM 03-31-2006
Extremem baby-pattern baldness here.

Kaitnbugsmama...that completely sucks. Are we allowed to use that word? Well, it stinks.

Will look at the GOR babies later. Need to take my GOR to see his grandma.
K's Mom!'s Avatar K's Mom! 08:20 PM 03-31-2006
I am able to nurse in the Maya Wrap sling (ring sling). I lay him down in front of me with feet hanging out the side and then hold up his head to my breast level then tighten up the rails so that it holds him there. I hope this makes sense. . it's a bit easier to show someone how to do it than telling them.

Yesterday I was grocery shopping while nursing him and had the tail covering my chest a bit and Cheyne had his arm up (likes to fiddle with my necklace while eating) and He pulled his arms backward and pulled the tail down and I flashed the entire meat dept.

Can someone please remind me how to post pics? I have new ones but can't remember how I did it last time. Thanks!
riverundine's Avatar riverundine 08:40 PM 03-31-2006
hey mamas !

we went to the ped to check laurel's 110% head . she's back on the charts: at 95%. she only weighs 16.1 lbs. and she's 27 it was time for a new carseat. thankfully the baby carseat got us through most of the winter, as the bundleme was such a blessing in this weather. we tapped dds savings and got the britax blvd. as the dude at bru said, it's the cadillac of carseats . the fire chief who installed it for us said it's more like the jaguar . something to note...the bru guy said that if you're going to go the side impact protection route, it's best to start them early. once they are sitting up more and are used to seeing out the side window they generally aren't super gung-ho on having those TSIP's blocking their vision.

also, the ped didn't really hassle me about vaxs. she did mention that there is a pertussis outbreak in sac county, but didn't go on about it. i told her i was going to print out my research for her, but then i realized it'd be WAY to much paper, and that i didn't have to prove anything to her, only to me and dh. she agreed. then i asked for the inserts and she printed them off for me so i can go research all the ingredients of Hib, Pneumo..., and Pertussis - the 3 that she recommends. she also recommended a check up at 9 months to test for anemia. they only do it with bfed babies. i'll skip that one, as i make sure i eat lots of foods high in iron, along with C to help with the absorption.

laurel really wants to crawl. she sounds like she's doing what adrienne's babe is doing...crawling backwards and getting annoyed. she REALLY wants to go forward, gets up on all 4s, then gets up on her toes and slides backwards. she does this til she's about 5 feet back and then gets frustrated and starts to bellyache.

ktmama, laurel's got the same old school phone toy. dh's mom saved ALL of his toys and mailed that one out a week or two ago. she took off the cord - sign of the times. i was thinking that in our day it actually looked like a phone. laurel probably just thinks it's a musical instrument .

henhao, i'm jealous of the bikini. i was looking at them in sierra trading post and thinking that i'm glad i wore a bikini before i got pregnant, cuz those days are O-V-E-R. i am stretchmark city . we are going to hawaii in may and i bought such the mom suit . i'm destined to be a dork for ever more. actually, i'm more of a boardshorts chick anyway, i just opted for the skirt and tank on a random whim. even with all the working out i've been doing i still don't see how my skin could ever possibly look normal again. i'm pretty sure i had the biggest belly in all the land. dh used to say that dd wanted the penthouse suite .

hope all of you mamas have a great day! i'm thinking about april fools...loved the little joke on your ds, skana !
riverundine's Avatar riverundine 08:50 PM 03-31-2006
just when you think i have nothing left to say ...

had to mention that i got word back from my ayurveda professor that the formula i have for fibroids is fine during cross your fingers for me that we'll be causing that thing to shrink and disappear in no time!

still no teeth here...and lots of teething.

i may have mentioned this before, so if i did, proceed onward...
i took dd swimming at the gym. i put her in the baby wetsuit and lifejacket and layed her on a kickboard while i kicked a bunch of laps. she zoned out and loved it. i may take her to baby swim class next week.

okay, this time i'm seriously outta here. out
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 08:58 PM 03-31-2006
I got him the wheat and dairy free cookies from Healthy Times
skana's Avatar skana 10:12 PM 03-31-2006
About the Hylands teething gel - it has parabens so I wouldn't suggest it.
At the moment nothing but distraction seems to be working for us.

Elizabeth: sorry for the ignorance, but what are parabens and why are they bad?
quelindo's Avatar quelindo 11:09 PM 03-31-2006
Oh my gosh, what gor babies everyone has! It's so much fun to see them "growing up." Don't you wish we could get them all together in one room?

I've been experimenting with different homeopathic remedies for Henry's teething. His homeopath said that the combo remedies aren't really true to homeopathy -- he uses one remedy and if that one doesn't work, tries another. He gave me three different ones to try based on Henry's symptoms and constitution. I'm also taking an online homeopathy course and am trying to do my own prescribing. It seems like chamomilla or pulsatilla are the best matches for Henry. So far, though, I haven't noticed a night and day difference -- but then I don't know if it's truly Henry's teeth that makes him crabby sometimes, or if it's a growth spurt, or he's overtired, or what.

Speaking of which, time to get the sweet baboo to bed...
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 11:11 PM 03-31-2006
we use the Hyland's tablets and they help so much

he's got his third tooth coming in right now, a top one. Its so close!
henhao's Avatar henhao 02:16 AM 04-01-2006
Hi Bee-yoo-ti-ful Mothers!

Here's the latest:

K's Mom!'s Avatar K's Mom! 02:38 AM 04-01-2006
I think I fell into somesort of internet twilight zone. Have any of you been on the website? Is it a part of mothering??? It is set up almost exactly like Mothering. They talk about AP, didn't read any articles though, other than birth stories and most posted about C-Sec's and Epidural Use and wanted to repeat the same for the next babe they would birth in the future. Is this some sort of polar opposite site of mothering??? Just curious if any of you have seen it and know more about it??
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 04:15 PM 04-01-2006
I had to post another picture
K's Mom!'s Avatar K's Mom! 04:21 PM 04-01-2006
Well, that was a fun joke, it took me awhile to get here!

< does this mean Super Moderator?? Maybe I shouldn't use this in my signature? I'm not a moderator after all. Hmmmm...
chasmyn's Avatar chasmyn 03:37 AM 04-02-2006
For anyone who doesn't know, the April thread is here:
elight23's Avatar elight23 07:56 PM 04-02-2006
oopse - error
RainMath's Avatar RainMath 05:33 PM 04-17-2006
Mathieu is 8 months now
He is ramping, crawling, sitting, even standing up - using the low table.

He is still nursed quite a lot, but eat nicely other types of food - He starts to eat quite correctly with a spoon.

72 cm

9 days before he was 8
chasmyn's Avatar chasmyn 05:42 PM 04-17-2006
Welcome, Rainmath! Come on over to our April thread:
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