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newbymom05's Avatar newbymom05 10:20 PM 03-23-2006
Ugh, little man has been sooooooooo fussy today! He's 9 mo. and usually a happy little guy, but he woke up a whiny fuss pot and has not stopped. So, could it be teething? Developmental (crawling, pulling up, whatever)? Getting a cold? Please, someone throw me a bone that this will go away before the fussy hold-me-no-not-like-that-I-want-down-no-up-whiiiiiiiiiine drives me nuts!!!!!

damyen's mommy's Avatar damyen's mommy 10:57 PM 03-23-2006
"teething? Developmental (crawling, pulling up, whatever)? Getting a cold?"
Yes to all of the above. I would think teething first, try some Hylands teething tablets, they work like magic with my ds, even when his molars came in.Also maybe a frozen wash cloth, notcompletely frozen, massage his gums with your finger, oh an alittle diluted clove oil rubbed ob the gums will numb them. That is all I know to do. Hang in there momma my ds gets very attached and moody when he hit big development milestones. s
darsmama's Avatar darsmama 11:04 PM 03-23-2006
If you dont have any of the above, some chamomile tea worked wonders for us, maybe in a sippy cup? It is probably teething at 9 months old.
afishwithabike's Avatar afishwithabike 11:27 PM 03-23-2006
All of the above. Unfortunately it will be a bit of trial and error, but often as pp said Chamomile Tea is a good "cure all". You can drip it into the babes mouth with a teaspoon. At least that is what some of my herbal books recommend.
newbymom05's Avatar newbymom05 12:23 AM 03-24-2006
Thanks, wise mamas, I was just looking to vent and I got some great advice! Off to make chamomille tea w/ a Hyland's chaser...