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eclipse's Avatar eclipse 08:17 PM 05-28-2006
Jen, I can't believe Noah is pulling up already! I guess Liam was at this age, but Aidan still seems too young for that

Rylee, I want to eat your giant baby's thighs. I hope that doesn't make me a cannibal Aidan is at the same place with food - anything that goes in his mouth gets spit back out with a very offended look on his face. He actually threw up when I tried to feed him mushy bananas! I guess he takes after dh - even the smell of bananas make him want to puke. I've tried table food and mushy food, and neither interests him. Oh well, looking at Haye's thighs, you can tell he's not wasting away on your milk! Aidan's not quite so large, but he's got a bit of healthy chub himself, so I'm not worried!

RyvreWillow's Avatar RyvreWillow 09:19 PM 05-28-2006
Ember has a tooth! Like that means anything, haha, the kid has like no gag reflex and eats everything in sight anyway.

i realized today i haven't written ANYTHING in Ember's baby book, haha, i guess i'll have to search my old posts for her milestones :P
Godiva's Avatar Godiva 09:39 PM 05-28-2006
Cute babies! They make Caia look so tiny! She's only 14lbs but 28in long. Rylee, I showed dh Haye's pics, he couldn't believe that he only gets bm! You have some mighty mama milk there. He must know what he's doing refusing the food, what's he need it for when he's got the best food in the world I wish Caia wasn't so into food, I would have liked to hold off til she was a year, but like all things with Caia, what I want and what she wants are 2 totally different things.

Man am I exhausted! I had an hour and a half long yoga class this morning and I was doing head stands in it. Then we hiked up our property twice in a row! The second time up I carried Caia in arms the whole way because she was crying in the ergo. Man that just sucked, I could feel a tick crawling on my leg so I had to wake up Caia right after she fell asleep so I could get him off. Now she's pissed and yelling at me while she's nursing. Lol even nursing won't make her stop fussing if she's upset, she's learned how to do both at the same time. Aw man, stupid tick, Caia won't go back to sleep. She hates naps.
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 10:01 PM 05-28-2006
we had a fun day, we went to the library and got some movies and cd's from there...had some coffee and lunch and hung out looking at things. oh and i got new underwear! i'm an undies addict.

haye just went down for a nap, he napped a little in the ergo this afternoon but not very much and we were out for quite a few hours. he should sleep for an hour at least.

so funny you mention the baby book, i was looking at haye's today thinking "hmmm. i should write in this sometime."

oh, and my mom kept telling people "can you believe he's JUST on breastmilk?" everyone was shocked actually, and kept asking me if he was eating steak yet. it really pissed me off. EVERY TIME my dad ate he was like "oh look, he wants ice cream! i want to give it to you haye but your mom won't let you have it. blah blah blah" i was very short with him after about the 10th time.
mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 10:26 PM 05-28-2006
bailey, every time I read your posts I think "that's just like Miriam!" my older dd. spirited kids are hilarious but tiring!

J is in the "skinny babies who love solids" club. he is crazy about them. he now eats spinach, green beans, peas, applesauce, bits of chicken, pears, and some other fruits I can't remember. he opens his mouth wide, and if you don't shovel it in he gets MAD! and he is very clear when he's done, he starts talking and then spits it back out. it's so fun having opinionated kiddos at a young age.

hope everybody's weekend is going well. ours is relaxing so far. take care!
emmasmommy's Avatar emmasmommy 01:21 AM 05-29-2006
Annika still has no teeth! I swore I saw a tooth just under the gums a couple of weeks ago, but when she finally let me look today, there was nothing there. Very strange.

Annika loves to eat and will eat anything in sight. I have given up on purreed foods for a bit since she wanted to feed herself and the mess was just too much.

I was going to post a picture of her after eating carrot purree, but my Internet connection is too slow right now, and Photobucket won't load. Anyway after she was done, she went into the bath tub and her high chair went into the shower!!!

Anyway, she is waking up, gotta go!
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 12:59 PM 05-29-2006
haye's right top tooth is coming through pretty soon, you can see a little bit of one side poking through. last night was horrible. ughhhhh. we seriously were up every hour. poor baby. he's laying on the floor right now...okay now he's crying. i'm going to give him tylenol and freeze his gums.
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 02:12 PM 05-29-2006
Finally....I get a chance to post

Let's see...oh, cute babies ladies...there are some sweet little boys on this board...don't get me hankering for a baby boy again

Martina is better but still has a little cough.

But I had acute mastitis...started a couple days ago...one minute I was fine and next minute my boob was tender and my temperature shot up through the roof...I was so sick...but it got better pretty quickly and the next day I felt crappy in the morning but by late afternoon I felt pretty good and that night I was fine..boob is still a bit tender but not red anymore and I am 100%. What an immune system? It's like the infection started and my body went into crazy infection fighting mode and fought it off really fast. I was soooooo sick I couldn't hold my head up and 12 hours later I was perfectly better.

so looks like we are on to plan B or G or Y in the house thing. We are looking at a new subdivision going up in the next town from here..which is where I originally wanted to move to but there were no houses. Well beautiful houses are being built and the prices are decent.

And we can get into a 4 bedroom under our budget.

So I am meeting with builders(there are 2 different ones) we have a design with some modification and if all goes well and our house is really sold(June 10 they have to waive the condition) then we will do that. Otherwise we will stay here and add on.

Please cross your fingers and send out "new house vibes" to us. I just need to know where we are living next year. If this works out then losing the house we really really wanted was a good thing! It's such a roller coaster!

So anyway I hope all you ladies are well.

Haye is so huge I can't believe it...I find Martina heavy and she's only a little over 20lbs. She has really slowed down in her growth. Thank goodness for the ERGO!

must run...I am a WAHM now...must work

Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 03:48 PM 05-29-2006
You probably already said, but what kind of work are you doing at home allgirls? I really need to get myself organized and get studying to do freelance photography. Sending you happy house procuring vibes allgirls!

DH is home for memorial day and we are just hanging around, listening to music. We need to do major cleaning, it's in the plans but we'll see how much we'll actually get done. It's been an incredibly lazy weekend.

Well, yesterday Piper only took one 20 minute nap, teething has made her irritable. I'm discovering she can have quite a spunky little attitude. When she isn't getting what she wants, or I'm trying to lay her down and she doesn't want to etc, she will kick her legs, yell a grunty "Eh eh eh", shake her head and give me a mischevious grin. She cracks me up!

Jakob is actually playing by himself in his room, with his blocks. I like it when he keeps himself busy Piper is playing on the floor.

Hope everyone is doing well.
EVC's Avatar EVC 04:10 PM 05-29-2006
Annika still has no teeth!
No teeth here, either. I swear we've been having "false alarms" (fussiness, drooling) since she was two months old. But we've got nuttin'

We've been experimenting with solids but without success. We tried bananas last week and she threw them up We tried sweet potato last bight--she kept it down, but didn't seem too happy about the whole thing. And yet I can't keep her hands off of anything I'm eating. I may just buy her some Cheerios to play with while we're eating. Poor baby.

Allgirls, new house vibes to you! I hope you're feeling better.

Mamabeth, I am loving the mei tei. I was actually kind of intimidated by it at first and couldn't get up the courage to try it. But once I did--wow!--it was so comfy!
emmasmommy's Avatar emmasmommy 04:30 PM 05-29-2006
I'm glad Annika isn't the only toothless one. It's so weird for me since Emma had at least 2 teeth by this age, with more coming in.

Annika loves Cheerios. I gave them to her keep her from grabbing my food, and it really helped. She doesn't have a pincer grasp yet, so most end up on the floor, but she does get some into her mouth too. I also bought puffed rice cereal, and she likes those too. They just disolve in her mouth.

We just got home from Emma's year end party for preschool. So now she is sitting on the couch watching a movie and eating the candy from the goodie bag she got. I don't know what I'm going to do for the summer without her at school two mornings a week. I really liked that break! She goes back to the same school in the fall for 3 days a week. I really like the school, it's a small parent co-op with a wonderful teacher. I am on the board for next year, so that should be fun.
RyvreWillow's Avatar RyvreWillow 11:57 PM 05-29-2006
omg...Ember discovered the fat rolls on her belly today, too damn funny! She bent over and grabbed them with a look on her face like "WTF??? Where did this come from!?"

Honestly, i have never known a baby to be so boob-obsessed. She'll literally see them out of the corner of her eye and turn her head, smacking her lips, if she was hungry before that moment or not. i sit down next to her, and she grabs for them. "Mmm, num" she says. Ugh.
operamommy's Avatar operamommy 12:41 AM 05-30-2006
Love the pictures, mamas. I'll post one of Sam tomorrow when I feel like spending the time uploading some.

I woke up leaking milk again this morning.

Today was wicked hot here. We spent a few hours at the zoo. Sam rode in the stroller (for the first time!) because 90 degrees is actually 120 when you're wearing a baby. We figured it was the best way to keep everyone cool. He spent some time in the mei tei later tonight though walking around the yard with me and swinging too.

Sam is wanting to spend lots of time down on the floor lately. I tried to wear him last night while we were cooking dinner and he threw a fit till I put him back down on the floor. He's beginning to sit sometimes for a minute or two, so I'm figuring in the next few weeks we'll have ourselves an actual sitter. He's also decided that he simply *must* have something every time we eat, so tonight he got the tiniest bit of whipped cream off the top of my strawberry shortcake. The strawberries came from our berry patch; we've gotten tons so far and I'm loving it!

allgirls, good luck on house shopping - surely after all this trouble you're going to be rewarded with the *perfect* house!

ryleeee, hope Haye's tooth comes in soon. Teething bites - haha - Sam has a t-shirt from an aquarium that says that above a picture of a shark.

ryvre - yay for Ember's tooth!

emmasmommy, you're reminded me to give Cheerios a try with Sam. He likes to gnaw on something during dinner, but the teething biscuits mean an immediate bath afterward. It's be nice not to have to hose him down every night!
RyvreWillow's Avatar RyvreWillow 01:39 AM 05-30-2006
i have to share some now:



Cosleeping is Love


Laugh Til You Cry! (notice the redness of her face--probably the only thing she inherited from me)

hellyaellen's Avatar hellyaellen 02:17 AM 05-30-2006
i ve got to post some pics of kellen. lovin all the cuteness, keep em coming mamas
hellyaellen's Avatar hellyaellen 02:18 AM 05-30-2006
oh and i love the hair ryleee!!
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 02:01 PM 05-30-2006
too cute! those are great.
whoa! we got new smilies!
i love them!

no teeth yet...well, one is almost through. it's poked out on one side.
i'm eating a mini pizza for breakfast.
oh man.

i think i'll take haye downtown later for coffee and a library visit.
last night he was crabby so i took him for a walk to get a slush and on the way back the wind was blowing through the leaves at our building and he thought it was so funny, so i pulled a branch closer and he played with the leaves, it was really cute

thanks ellen! i like it too.

wish we lived near each other so we could have one huge AP playdate! EVERY DAY!
freestyler's Avatar freestyler 04:14 PM 05-30-2006
A playdate would be awesome awesome awesome.

My kids got so overtired yesterday with a pool party, and now they're being absolutely unbearable. It's all I can do to not yell my arse off, OMG I need a serious infusion of patience today. My little boy is so out of control sometimes. Praying for patience today.

LOVE the pictures of babies.

Allgirls--Good luck with the house situation! I hope you end up exactly where you want to be!

have to run now---time for homeschool park day and we're late.
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 05:35 PM 05-30-2006
i need patience too.
it took me 2 HOURS to make the meatballs and get them in the crockpot.
and then when i was finally forming them and getting them in the pot, haye decided to roll over to the tv that's on a little footstool (we brought it out to watch VHS from our bedroom) and try and pull the tv off!
so i was running to get him with meat all over my hands and grabbed him and got meat all over him...ran him to the bath and got him napping.
i'm going to bed i think. :
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 05:39 PM 05-30-2006
oh, and i had a sex question.

is anybody not really ABLE to have sex at this point?
my episiotomy site is just unbelievably sore when we try, that we usually end up just doing...other things. it's discouraging to me, i thought i would have healed by now. at my 2 week check up my OBGYN told me i looked good and that i was healing nicely, but it still hurts to put pressure down there. my husband is amazing and doesn't make me feel bad at all, but i'm just so sick of not being able to DTD.

RyvreWillow's Avatar RyvreWillow 07:18 PM 05-30-2006
ryleeee, i have some problems in that department too, and also when using the bathroom. i still manage to do both (LOL) but i don't know if it's getting gradually better or if i'm just getting more used to it...a thought to ponder.

i don't know about ever being "normal" again; i had episiotomies with my two previous births, and i noticed even after those i felt mostly normal afterwards, but a little more sensitive (in a mostly-good way), and my husband said there was like an extra ridge there or something (lol, sorry for such detail), not really a negative thing, but certainly different from what was there before. This time around, i had a nasty tear instead of a cut, and though most people say a tear heals better, i disagree (of course, that could be because i had previous scar tissue to contend with, so my experience isn't likely to be the same as yours, or anyone else's.)

i sure hope it'll get better! Yours and mine too But you're not alone at least.
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 07:33 PM 05-30-2006
it's nice to know i'm not alone, i just wish i was better.
haye wants to type

l 00'/
gg 0 mm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lklm,pp j,j
Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 08:42 PM 05-30-2006
Ok finallyyyyy caught up on everyones posts and i knew it, i hear kayleigh on the moniter lol! But hugs to all the beauitful babes. Cant believe we have crawlers, teeth and talkers!!!! Growing up toooooo fast. Its not allowed. Ill update more later.

Rachel if the sore throat isnt the problem try a chiro adjust. Ryleee, my epis after my first took over half a year to heal. but this time around no epis and im good to go. so its different every time. ok shes crying byyyyeeee
Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 09:48 PM 05-30-2006
Ryleeee, with Jakob I didn't have an episiotomy but the midwife said it tore in a straight line just as if it had been done surgically. It was in 3 layers, owie! It took quite some time to be able to have sex without pain, I'd say the better part of a year. It would mostly hurt in the beginning of DTD though, and would get better as things progressed We DTD so infrequently that first year, we were almost shy when we did
Godiva's Avatar Godiva 11:45 PM 05-30-2006
Nope, not alone Rylee. I didn't get an epi but I tore all over (dr used a vaccum and literally ripped her out) and he stitched me too tight (on purpose : ). The first time we DTD after the birth it was like loosing my virginity all over. It still hurts, but I manage. It hurts more afterword than anything. I hope having a second child will help stretch me back out since I still feel tighter than before. (yeah and next time, there won't be a dr within 30 miles of me )

I finally got the motivation to clean and declutter the house I packed up all the extra dishes today so we only have 2 of each thing. I'll be so happy not to have a pile of dirty dishes staring at me. I still have a ton of work to do, but I'm proud of my progress. Now I have to work on DH to get him to clean his office. Usually if I go in there and start throwing away stuff he'll panic and say he'll do it himself BUT... I have to get him to actually throw away stuff, not just put it in a neat pile.
lovnbnhome's Avatar lovnbnhome 03:30 AM 05-31-2006
OMG Ryleeee I can always hear the state of your emotions in your posts, it's great. I'm glad Haye is sleeping now...finish the meatballs!! We were going to have meatballs tonight too...but I think it's going to be tomorrow.

Noah has 8 teeth...yes 8. And yes, I do feel them when he nurses Hopefully he'll be like my dd soon and I won't notice them.

I'm a wahm too but it doesn't seem like it. I teach Bradley classes and they are only once a week.

OMG I started this post this morning around 9am and now...it is almost 10:30pm...hope it goes through!

See you in the morning...maybe!:
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 10:58 AM 05-31-2006
good morning ladies...

Ryleee...I never had any problems in that area but my last 2 I had no epi and healed so much faster...well that's probably because I never tore much...I was very slow pushing and the midwife did a lot of counter pressure as baby came out. I hope things get better soon. I think I would avoid dr.s though..their solution would probably be more surgery. Maybe arnica or something like that would help with the healing.

Anna...way to go with the decluttering...I did a lot with getting ready for selling but it's slowly cluttering up again.

ok..not much time as usual..martina is pulling up..if I sit on the floor she crawls over(she has never made it to a really good crawl btw, still a combo of real crawl and army...I thought she would be really crawling all the time but she kind of switched gears on me..the rest of my kids left army crawl b ehind once they got a taste of the real deal) and pulls herself up using my body...last night she was trying to pull up in the tub and I notice she is getting really frustrated with her lack of mobility...she wants me to walk her around by her hands all the time now. But she's also sleeping more...I think the effort is wearing her out.

Got to run...mastitis is better...we have 10 days before our house is really and truly sold, plans are at the 2 different builders for pricing so it's wait and see what they come up with. It's nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. I really really hope the buyers sell their house soon...I really want this done finally. I will be nice to know where we are living come September.

Must run...have a happy day

ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 05:38 PM 05-31-2006
man am i ever having a bad mommy day

THUD first haye fell off the couch.
then in the mall when i put him on a chair to swap him in the ergo from front to back, he smacked his face into my library book bag and now has a sad puffy left eye with a little bruise. :
mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 05:55 PM 05-31-2006
oh rylee, that sucks. poor boy! and poor you...didn't we have a thread a while back where we all confessed dropping the kid or having them roll off of something? not that it makes you feel any better, just know it happens to everyone.

we have been MIA because now my grandfather is about to die (sorry for your loss Rachel!) and we went to say goodbye. he was very sweet and knew who I was and everything, and asked about the kids. now he is pretty much not making sense anymore and in some pain, so I wish it would happen soon. But anyway take care mamas and babies and I will be back when I can...we will be gone a lot the next few weeks.
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 06:43 PM 05-31-2006
sorry for your soon to be loss
i'll keep you guys in my prayers.
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