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sorry for your soon to be loss mamabeth!

we went to the park today and noah decided to stand up on his own. up until now it has been to a squat for a split second. well this time he made it to the squat and then pushed himself up to a stand!!! holy cow we were all breathless watching him (I was quietly holding my breath hoping he wouldn't fall on his face!) That's the news of the day so far. crazy!

ryleeee i hope haye's face is feeling a bit better! wow
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I'm sorry, mamabeth.

Wow, Noah! I can't believe all the strides our babes are making! Reading about what everyone else's babe is doing makes me eagerly look forward to Sam doing the same. He *has* started sitting up for a minute or two, so I'm excited about that.

Sam has been "off" the last two days. Fussing a lot and not sleeping well. I'm not sure if he's teething or if it's separation anxiety come on - he's been fussing when I put him down on the floor by himself. But I guess it could be that period they go through before a developmental leap instead, since he's learning to sit. Oh, and he wants to crawl so badly! He rolls to get everywhere, but sometimes he gets mad because he just wants to go forward.

ryleeee, I had a lot of pain DTD after my first babe was born. I had an epi plus a 3rd degree tear. To be honest, it was uncomfortable for about 9 months or so - not to scare you! But it did get better, and I had no problems like that after my next babe was born. None at all this time too- if only I actually wanted to DTD! Anyone else having trouble with that? Poor dh, I can't even muster up a pity deed for him. I'd rather pull out my own wisdom teeth.

A happy woman
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Operamommy--a "pity deed"..."pull out your own wisdom teeth..." : Umm, yeh, I can sure relate! Poor DH. It's like, that's the absolute last thing I want to do when I'm nursing all day long. And who asked the question about pain when DTD? I have not had an epis, but in general all things considered, it's always taken about a year before it's comfortable physically to fool around again. And then, we're like, "Gee, we should have been doing more of this! Why did we wait so long?" DUH! Because I had no hormones and was healing, that's why.

Mamabeth---Sorry about your impending loss. Death sure is tough to watch. It really makes me think, too. I always am reminded how short life is, and remember that I want to be remembered for being a good and gentle person, and loving and nurturing to my family. Thanks for the reminder about life being so short. Even though you didn't mean to remind us.

Hugs to all of you who have experienced a loss like that lately. Hugs Rachel!!

Allgirls---I hope the house thing works out!! It sounds exciting but exhausting, kind of. Hope you'll treat us all to a picture of your new house, if you're comfortable sharing that.

Ryleeee--I love your posts too! I know they'll always make me laugh my hind end off, you sure are funny! I love how you are human and realistic and just plain COOL. Plus, you like the library...way cool. In fact, I love all the mammas in this group! Even when I don't have time to do anything but read, it's always 15 minutes well spent and therapeutic! It just makes my days even better. I love the dose of reality and laughs from everyone. I love hearing about how the babies are doing.

Speaking of babies, little Hillary is crawling and standing, and has almost two teeth, and she started EATING! She loves green beans and corn pasta, in fact she'll eat anything I give her or she manages to stuff in her mouth. DH is all anxious, he's saying, "You shouldn't give her that! Start with some mushy food! Isn't that too hard for her to eat? Can't you mash some sweet potatoes or something?" Since when did he become so worried about it? And I'm like, "Well, look, if I don't give her these green beans she's gonna chew my hand off. Maybe you'd like to stick YOUR hand in her mouth and then try explaining why she isn't getting any beans!" OK, so today I thought I'd be a good compliant wife (ha ha, yup that's me! ) and bake some sweet potatoes and mash them up for Hillary. I did make them, but the other three kids ate them before they hit Hillary's tray at all! I had a bit myself. I told Hillary she'd get to taste them in the breastmilk. Tomorrow we're back to green beans and stuff. It's all organic, it's all soft enough for her to eat, and she loves it. She probably eats a grand total of about two spoonfuls of food a day.

Tomorrow is June, everyone. Who's gonna be awake first and start the new thread?

Good night and hugs, everyone!!!
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wow, thanks guys!

i love you all so much.
who knew you could get so attached to a computer screen!

haye's top teeth are almossssttttttt through. i can see them on the corners poking out, i think tonight or tomorrow they will be out. i hope so! man, he's feeling a little under the weather. :

poor baby.

ugh. sometimes i feel like such a bad mom. like i just want to plop him in his exersaucer in front of baby einstein for longer than i should in order to get a break, you know? and sometimes i do. i'm trying to just get out of the house as much as possible, i find that helps, and it wears us both out. we went to the library and the park today and hung out outside, but it was really hot. i think i'm just going to shut my computer off for as long as i can stand it...which probably isn't long. but i made a huge list of things i need to do, and maybe i'll do them. *sigh* i don't know what's wrong with me. just realizing i could be doing so much more than i am. blah blah blah.

anywaysssssss...derek's brother is coming to stay with us tomorrow for a week. he's like...18 or 19 maybe. he's a fun kid. his name is derek too (foster brother). should be interesting.

i bought my dress for my sisters wedding, did i tell you i'm the maid of honour? : perhaps i'll get derek to take a picture of me in it sometime to show you. i think it's pretty.

and uhhh i'm too tired/lazy to re-read the posts.
i can't believe noah and hillary are pulling themselves up. that's crazy to me.
haye's legs are so strong, he can stand for extremely long periods of time holding onto things, he just doesn't really get balance yet.

ugh i can't believe i let him fall off the couch.
so dumb.

maybe tomorrow will be better.

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