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angel04345's Avatar angel04345 01:18 PM 06-28-2006
Well its finally just about everyone that is one! WOW!!!! We have a bunch of Oldies! What can your baby say? How much does your one year old weigh and what did he or she weigh at birth? Having another? Is your one year old walking? Talking?

Nolan is saying whats that? Quack quack cracker(and he never has them!) Ahwe(or Ali) Cup mom dad broom broom and probably more but I can't remember! BUT the kid can't walk or even stand on his own! Is anyones child excelling equally at both? His weight is 23lbs and was 9lbs20z at birth. No I am NOT having another! I have moments where I can't believe it has flown by but no yearnings for another! But hes the second here so i think that makes a differance! He is developing his own little curious personality! He pulled the baking pan out of the cupboard and proceeded to get in it! Hes been dancing to his fridge farm and LOVES to push cars around and go broom broom!

About enfamil step two. I think that is a personal decision. I have a can that was sent as a sample to me and a coupon that sadly expires on the 30th. If someone who uses them wants to pm me with your address I can try to get them in the mail to you today and I bet you would get it on the day it expires! (a race to get the coupon! LOL) But we are not using them I refuse to pay for it and he still nurses and when hes done nursing cows milk with meals will be fine for him. I've introduced cows milk during dinner. But even not nursing I think its to much money!

OMG finding themselves only worsens! DD will sit on the couch and we will find her and tell her that is private and to go to her room to do that. She will just go OKAY! and run upstairs DH just shakes his head! Nolan is still at the yarding on it stage!

OMG my period is much heavier! I have to change my clothes and my pad and tampon each time! I have to sleep with a towel under me and this is three periods now! Does it get better?

OMG I was told it would be green but I saw that myth busters too!

Well better get going! hope you all are doing great!

charlienotbob's Avatar charlienotbob 10:39 PM 06-28-2006
I'll bite. Seth was 9lb 8oz at birth, now he is 25lbs. Big boy. He's been walking for about 3 months now, and he is starting to talk. He say's "mama" "dada" "baba" "dog" "bye-bye" "papa" and........."sh*t". Yeah, I need to start watching my potty mouth!!!!! Oh, and no, I'm not having another. Not yet at least. I AM getting a new puppy tomorow though if that counts. So I will have my hands full with a husband, 1 yr old, and 3 dogs. In a one bedroom apartment. lol.
bamamom's Avatar bamamom 10:59 PM 06-28-2006
Sigh..we've been telling angel that there was already a new june thread going! We've been calling for her but our voices jsust echo in cyberspace....

Come on over to the new thread!