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AnnesMoM's Avatar AnnesMoM 07:50 PM 08-30-2006
I gave dd rice cereal at 6 months a couple times and she got sweet potatoes and squash baby food some, but all in all it was so much more of a pain than just to nurse that she might have eaten baby food twice a week until she was about 11 months and discovered my spicy green beans. DH snuck her some and she's been crazy about them ever since, go figure. This time around, I'm thinking I'll just skip the baby food and just wait until he/she can eat table food.

Have you ever noticed how much sodium are in the baby food meals like spaghetti, etc??? It's crazy!

hottmama's Avatar hottmama 07:56 PM 08-30-2006
We used those child-led solids guidelines, and started giving Luka regular food at 6 mos. He's 8 mos. now and eats a good bit of solids- it only took him about 2 weeks to become an effective self feeder. His first food was sweet potato fries.
His fave foods at the moment are cheerios, raisins, rice cakes, beans, peaches, watermelon, bananas, bread, raw broccoli, etc. And mama milk, of course!
Babyfood seems bizarre to me now. I can't imagine pureeing his food, it seems almost insulting since I know how capable he really is of feeding himself.
Bookworm?'s Avatar Bookworm? 08:37 PM 08-30-2006
So if a baby is able to hold a pear and put it to thier mouth and suck off a bite, they won't choke? I have been offering my almost 7 mo old small pieces of soft fruit but she hasn't mastered the pincer grasp and doesn't get much in her mouth. I can just give her a larger piece and let her bite/suck off a chunk? She has no teeth. I've waited longer with each kid to offer solids and this approach makes a lot of sense, I'm just so anxious about choking.
shell024's Avatar shell024 08:57 PM 08-30-2006
Originally Posted by hottmama
Babyfood seems bizarre to me now. I can't imagine pureeing his food, it seems almost insulting since I know how capable he really is of feeding himself.
Really! I cant imagine adding that extra work in! Its hard enough to get some food in MY tummy some days! Why do more when you dont have to. I try to keep things simple in all aspects of our life It makes a big difference on my sanity.
AnnesMoM's Avatar AnnesMoM 12:27 AM 08-31-2006
Originally Posted by Bookworm?
So if a baby is able to hold a pear and put it to thier mouth and suck off a bite, they won't choke?

I don't know about that. I still have to chop up canteloupe and hard fruits for my 2 year old 'cause if I don't she'll get in too much of a hurry, stuff her mouth too full, and start choking.
shell024's Avatar shell024 03:00 AM 08-31-2006
Yeah I wouldnt necessarily do that. I let ds play with the core of a pear once because he was demanding it, and he choked on a small piece. So I make sure to watch him carefully when he's eating anything. I make sure he gets small bits of things. I dont let him eat crunchy things (especially pretzel-like stuff) because he chokes on the crumbs and they seem to scratch his throat. He gets bits of softer stuff, and he LOVES soup, especially split pea.
sleepies's Avatar sleepies 03:09 AM 08-31-2006
my baby wont eat babyfood anymore.

i think tablefood is ..........scary......

im so afraid he is going to choke all the time.

it freaks me out.

but. i have no choice, he wont let me do babyfood now.

ive enjoyed reading this post
northwoods1995's Avatar northwoods1995 03:37 AM 08-31-2006
With DS I started home made pureed food around 7-8 mos but he had some allergic reactions so I stopped and held off until about a year. By that time he was only eating small bites of food. So he never had much pureed food. He's fine with food now--he's a skinny little guy but he'll try anything. He eats quite a bit but he also has a very fast metabolism and moves all the time.

DD had pureed food for a couple of weeks but she totally prefers real food. She's only 9 mos and sometimes I wonder if I'm giving her too much. She doesn't get much though--just some bites when we are eating. She will not feed herself but she yells for me to feed her when she sees us eating! She LOVES the bites I give her though--I know she wants it.

We NEVER fed either kid baby cereal.
trmpetplaya's Avatar trmpetplaya 05:20 AM 08-31-2006
Dd is almost 10 months and has never had any baby food. We started giving her tiny tastes of what we were eating starting at around 7-8 months and now she's actually able to eat little tiny bite sized bits of most things. She has five teeth in the front (of course) and has figured out how to gum/chew up front till the food is small enough to swallow I never pureed anything or bought anything pureed. She had a bit of applesauce at a friend's house, but that's about it. She loves to teethe on a whole apple (and the dog loves cleaning up the chunks she leaves on the floor!) and that'll keep her busy for hours. Thankfully our rental has apple trees in the backyard so we get free organic apples :

We went out to a Thai restaurant last night and she had what we had, except we cut it up into tiny bits that she put in her mouth, on the floor, and on her clothes She was happy and sat still through the whole hour long meal too!

love and peace.
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 01:29 PM 08-31-2006
For pears, peaches, apples, etc. I just slice them as I would for my 3 yr. old or myself, then peel Luka's slices. Peaches are his favorite! He had 2 teeth before he started solids at 6 mos., but I don't think that really matters much. He sometimes chokes a little bit, but he's never had a problem coughing it up if he bites off too big of a chunk. I remember my oldest doing the same thing when he started table foods much later.
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