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nubianamy's Avatar nubianamy 11:54 AM 09-03-2006
I used Swaddlers on a week-long trip we took this summer, and liked them a lot. I'm using them at night time now, until they're gone, because dd leaks through everything cloth. I'm hoping once the Swaddlers are gone we can move back to cloth.

Oh, and I also bought a packet of the gDiapers and am trying them, but they cost a lot more. I wouldn't use them for every diaper change.

cjcolorado's Avatar cjcolorado 12:04 PM 09-03-2006
I think it's sort of funny that we have to feel we need a disclaimer here on MDC for why one uses sposies...sort of like an AA meeting! Anyway, before our boys fit into their Kissaluvs, we used Pampers Swaddlers (having tried several brands) and found them to be the softest, closest fit, and most absorbent--though they do smell. However, on the odd occasion when we use sposies now that they're a bit bigger, I sincerely pray they don't poop, because it *always* blows out the back. Ick.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 02:41 PM 09-03-2006
I would go for prefolds and snappis adn covers, even if you have a community shared machine

Ds has open bleeding sores and very sensitive skin when he was born. So until I fully switched to cloth at 2 months, he was in a lot of pain. I started off with a shared machine. it is doeable. Or, a service will usually be as expemnsive or less, than disposables. I would look up a diaper service if you don't/can't wash your own. Owning your own diapers will be better, unless your current machine has issues or you have to pay ALOT for wash/dry .
KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 02:52 PM 09-03-2006
Oh, a diaper service, that's a great idea, mama. You should try that. Believe me, you're in for almost as much poopy laundry with sposies as with cloth dipes!!!

Also, We have a washer/dryer combo that is ventless and can be hooked up to the sink for apartments. They are pricey, but we found one at a scratch and dent place. It also has a sanitary cycle that's great for dipes!
kate.first.babe's Avatar kate.first.babe 02:57 PM 09-03-2006
Big fan of Seventh Generation, but didn't discover them untill a littler later. Do they come in tiny sizes?
gingerstar's Avatar gingerstar 07:28 PM 09-03-2006
I agree about the pamper smell!
Also, after 3 DD I have realized that sposies are somehow shaped differently for different brands - Huggies worked better for one baby, but my youngest always blew them out; when I switched to swaddlers, it stopped happening! Also, don't rely too much on the weight ranges - they are like the sizes on clothes (never right for my DDs!) just be aware that when they have a blowout you might need to buy the bigger size.
I agree w/ PP about having to explain why we can't CD!
I just think we are all trying to do our best by these precious babes, and to each her own.
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